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by Zmev USER (64 Reviews)
October 2nd, 2006 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This Ep will rot your brains more than television. This Ep will rot your teeth more than not brushing them. Despite all this, its better than NYC Ghosts and Flowers.

When putting this 9 minute ep of seeming value and musical worth, the first thing that probably pops in your head or out of your mouth is "what the fuck is this"". Indeed it seems SY have tricked you, by not just straight up calling this one of the SYRs they have fooled you into thinking TV Shit is a cd that has musical value, catchy songs, and is about having good times.

Quite the contrary once it starts off with No II part one. A younger and angrier Thurston Moore takes the stage to deliver the introduction to this EP. "This song was written by the DC Youth Brigade 1981 its called No Part II, goes like this...NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!". As stated this is not an original SY song, it is a cover of Youth Brigade's one second song, "No". Since expanding a one second song to 9 minutes takes some talent, each section will be reviewed separately, no paragraphs on mood or musicianship, because there just about isn't any.

Note: On this EP, SY are helped out by Yamatsuka Eye, leader and founder of Japanese noise rock band, the Boredoms. If you know what the Boredoms sound like this is pretty much it,

No II Part 1

The introduction to madness song, this contains the spoken part mentioned above, plus some loud noise. The noise in the background, representing instruments being played, is actually just the band freaking out completely on their instruments. It sounds sorta like guitars dipped in white noise, but not nearly as enjoyable as it sounds. After a short and merciful 51 seconds, the song ends and transcends to...

No II Part 2

The next song is a little more drawn out and expanded on than the first. It begins with a guitar filled background with some drums, overshadowing one of the members screaming "NOO!!!" into the microphone for about 15 seconds. The song ends, oddly, with a Johnny Cash sample of him singing a song with his wife, Me not being a big Cash fan I cannot identify the song, but the pleasantness of an artist actually trying ends too quickly leading to....

No II Part 3

This track blends into more of the technical structure that creates such flowing noise rock, i can't hide it anymore. This track may be the best noise rock song, but as a song in general, it fails so hard. At this point you can tell the band is laughing at you for buying this, and even harder as you listen to it. There are some highlights though, some snazzy guitar playing blanket a screaming Thurston. Do I even have to tell you what word hes uttering" I thought not. Let's end this pain with....

No II Part 4

Another spoken live introduction, Thurston thanks the fans for coming and then announces the song as a Youth Brigade cover, and this song is basically No II Part 1, just somehow expanded to 3 minutes, and is louder. Featuring more mindless screaming and ear-breaking guitar noise, this track puts the EP to bed, and is usually the last track that is played before the disc is thrown away.

What a trip this CD is. The band brings you back to their roots but with even less construction in their "melodies" and a lot less thought put into the work. Unless you're an avid Sonic Youth fan (re: Eliminator) or unless you like noise rock very much, it might be best not to donate 9 minutes listening to this.

Oh yeah, and props to whoever changed the title to "Tv Poop"

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Two-Headed Boy
October 2nd 2006



Nice review BTW, this must be a pain to review.

October 2nd 2006


Oh my I have this but have no interest in listening to it. Even moreso from the review..

October 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

I dunno bout that, its like one of those things you can listen to once just to be able to say youve listened to it. Not for novelty value though.

Two-Headed Boy
October 2nd 2006


Haha just noticed the recomendations. Nice.

October 2nd 2006


This review made my day, as did the reccomendations. I never knew this side of Sonic Youth before...

October 2nd 2006


maybe you're blind in one eye?

October 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

Or perhaps hes just unfamilar with their earlier catalog.

October 4th 2006


I love the Boredoms and Sonic Youth, so I should probably get this.

February 16th 2007


Nice review, but you put No II (Part 3) twice on the tbt.

February 18th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off


May 3rd 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

Imagine yourself 10 years in the future, where the last 2 ratings (including mine) for the SY/Yamatsuka collab EP are 4.0s. You've just crossed over into

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