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October 2nd, 2006 | 175 replies

Release Date: 1991 | Tracklist

We can thank the Pixies for a lot of things. They influenced bands such as Nirvana and Radiohead, as well as being one of the first Alt rock bands in America. After releasing three fairly successful studio albums, the Pixies released their final studio album, “Trompe Le Monde”, in 1991. While, in my opinion at least, this is better than its predecessor, “Bossanova”, you can tell when listening to “Tromp Le Monde” that there is tension building up between the four members, eventually causing them to break up in 1993. Even though “Trompe Le Monde” is said to be weaker than the Pixies better known albums, “Surfer Rosa” and “Doolittle”, “Trompe Le Monde” is one of my favorite Pixies albums. In “Trompe Le Monde” they return to the punk sound that was in their early albums, while experimenting with new styles.

The Pixies are-
Black Francis-Vocals, Guitar
Joey Santiago-Guitar
Kim Deal-Vocals, Bass
David Lovering-Drums

The thing that really hooks me to the Pixies has got to be the musicianship overall. Joey does a great job with his guitar work on all songs, usually using effects to the max. On some songs, the guitar line just sounds crazy, for instance, the opening track as well as well as the title track, Trompe Le Monde. The guitar starts the song off, and carries on from their. Some parts of the song, the guitar sounds gnarly, but on other parts, it sounds cold and raspy. Kim Deal’s bass playing contributes as well. She can be up front with her bass playing, making it loud and in your face. On other songs, she’s in the background while Joey takes the lead. Another thing I notice about the Pixies is that Joey’s guitar playing and David’s drum playing mixes really well together. Distance Equals Rate Times Time is a good example of this. But the thing I really like about the Pixies’ musicianship is Black Francis’s vocals. On some songs, they can be just normal, but on other songs, he explodes, yelling and screaming at full volume. His vocals helped make the Pixies one of the most unique bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s Alt era, and also helped distinguish the Pixies from many other bands.

There is a good mix of songs and genres on “Trompe Le Monde”. While the surfer feel still lingers from their previous album “Bossanova”, “Tromp Le Monde” also has that punk sound that was on “Surfer Rosa” and “Doolittle”. The album starts off with the guitar dominated Trompe Le Monde. Trompe Le Monde sets the tone for the album. The next song on the album, Planet of Sound, is one of my favorite Pixies songs. The bass drives the song, while the guitar comes in for the chorus, and occasionally comes in and out during the verses. Everything weaves together nicely, making Planet Of Sound one of the best songs on the album. Alec Eiffel follows, and is probably the most famous song off “Trompe Le Monde”. It’s a perfect example of the guitar and drums blending together evenly, as Joey lies down a nice little guitar part while the drums follow at the same pace. Adding to the mix, there is an odd sounding keyboard part in the middle of the song. The Sad Punk is a perfect example of Black Francis’s yelling. He yells his ass off for the first half of the song, than tones it down towards the end, only to get loud again towards the very end. The song progresses very quickly at the beginning, but then suddenly stops in the middle, at the same spot where Francis gets quieter. There is a nice guitar outro at the end of the song, adding the feeling of mystery to The Sad Punk.

U Mass is a little different than the other tracks on the album. The song was written for the college where the four of them met and started to play at. The guitar starts the song off, as Francis soon joins in. After they play/sing for a little while, Kim joins in. The chorus comes, as Francis sings “It’s educational” over and over. U Mass ends fairly quick, ending one of my favorite songs on the album. Space (I Believe In) is a very interesting song. The guitar part in the beginning of the song is sick, and the lyrics are great. “Jefrey with one f Jeffery took up his place sat on a carpet and with tablas in hand took up the chase Jefrey with one f Jefrey.” The last song on the album, The Navajo Song kind of shows that things may not be working out for the Pixies, as you can here the tension pour out into their playing. Francis almost sounds annoyed as he sings, and the guitar and bass just don’t go together. The Navajo Know is a disappointing ending to “Trompe Le Monde”

While the Pixies have mostly loud, fast paced songs, they also have some soft stuff. Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons is a great tune. Miscellaneous noises starts the song off, as Kim soon joins in. Francis comes in with some (gasp) mellow vocals. The chorus is the best part of the song, as Joey comes in and adds to the mellow mix, playing a soothing guitar part that mixes well with Kim’s bass part. Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons is a nice break from the quick and witty songs on “Trompe Le Monde” Motorway To Rosewell is another slower song as well as the longest song on “Trompe Le Monde” It starts with a guitar part, but soon crashes into a mellow tune. Francis often repeats the same lyrics over and over. An acoustic guitar part graces us at the beginning, but soon gives into the bass and guitar parts. A piano ends Motorway To Rosewell in an almost a sad way. Even though these are the only two soft, mellower songs on “Trompe Le Monde”, Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons and Motorway To Rosewell adds to an already great album.

Even though some people don’t like it, I do not have one bad thing to say about “Trompe Le Monde”. The musicianship and instrumentation is brilliant, and the songs on here are just great. Even though it does not match up to the likes of “Doolittle”, “Trompe Le Monde” is great and unique in its own way. For that, we can thank the Pixies. I give “Trompe Le Monde” a 4/5.

Recommended Tracks
Planet Of Sound
U Mass
Letter To Memphis
Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons

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October 2nd 2006


nice review! i voted for. and also, when you are doing song names bold it using this method.. (b)bold(/b), except these (, are these [. i never really liked the pixies, but i will listen to them every now and then.

oh and italicise with an i, and underline with a u. just some more for ya.This Message Edited On 10.02.06

October 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Acey you big slut

October 2nd 2006


I'm starting to prefer italicizing songs rather than bolding them.

Your reviews are starting to show a lot of promise. Try to draw away from words like "things". Also, try to not use first person when in the actual reviewing part of the review. That's just me though.

October 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

nice review of a great album. this is a fantastic recording. i like the lushness of it but also its grit. Palace Of The Brine is one of my favorite Pixies tunes. Letter To Memphis is great. Subbacultcha is a kick in the pants. Bird Dream, Alec Eiffel....this album does no wrong!

:smash:This Message Edited On 10.02.06

October 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

you can't go wrong with the pixies

The Jungler
October 2nd 2006


Not bad, not bad. I love the Pixies, this their only "main" release that I don't have.This Message Edited On 10.02.06

October 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Good work, I love this album. There's not one weak moment on it. I'll never understand why this doesn't have the same status that Surfer Rosa or Doolittle has.

Tied with SR as my favorite Pixies release. SR has more sentimental value for me though.

October 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This or Doolittle is my favorite Pixies.

November 15th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Best album to ever get stuck in the "alternative" genre.

June 21st 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

This album is home to 2 of the greatest 1,2,3 punch's I've heard. The first one being

1.Trompe le monde

2.Planet of sound

3.Alec eiffel

and the second

7.Palace of the brine

8.Letter to memphis

9.Bird dream of the olympus mons

The way each song rolls into the next is superb. I can't help but get into a Pixies frenzy when I think of the opening bars of Letter to Memphis.

Motorway to Roswell has an absolutely stunning conclusion. For me, air piano began once I heard it.

Sensational album and as good as Doolittle.

October 11th 2010


The Pixies might have a 2010 release, eh guys

October 11th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

oh my god

October 11th 2010


there's been rumors about a new album since 2004, don't get your hopes up

October 11th 2010


Uh, they're going to be, or already are touring, so it makes perfect sense

October 11th 2010


You made a huge mistake.. Although I do also love Rush. I'm pretty sure that Pixies are my favorite band.

October 11th 2010


alright so this will be different from all the other new album rumors from the past six years that happened during/before/after tours

post a link

October 11th 2010


I'm not looking for a link while using my iPhone. Google it.

On a more related note, who else thinks Alec Eiffel is far and away the best song here?

October 11th 2010


Rockers the Pixies have made a dramatic U-turn and are set to begin work on their first album in 15
years early next year. The band reformed in 2004 for a lucrative world tour after splitting in 1991,
when the relationship between Black Francis and Kim Deal broke down

2006 porch is stoked. motorway to roswell, bird dream of the olympus mons and alec eiffel are my faves

October 11th 2010



October 11th 2010


Porch is REALLY good at finding relevant news

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