The Jimi Hendrix Experience
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by MrKite USER (20 Reviews)
October 1st, 2006 | 9 replies

Release Date: 1967 | Tracklist

The Jimi Hendrix Experience:
Jimi Hendrix: Guitar, Vocals
Mitch Mitchell: Drums
Noel Redding: Bass

Most people have heard of Jimi Hendrix. A lot of people say he's one of the best guitar players... EVER. That's all opinions really, but I do think he was extremely talented and great at writting songs. Mitch was a very great drummer with a lot of jazz influence. His fills are very nicely done and have a nice loose and relaxed feeling to them. Noel didn't really play bass (he originally played guitar), and is the least talented member of the band. But he's not horrible, he's actually a pretty good bass player just not near as talented as Jimi or Mitch. His fills are very nice and fitting.

This cd holds a lot of well known songs. For example: Purple Haze, Manic Depression, Hey Joe, The Wind Cries Mary, Fire, and Foxey Lady. These, and a few others, are the best on the cd.

The vocals here are very nice. Jimi had a deep voice and it was a pretty nice singing voice. He sings very nicely on The Wind Cries Mary. His vocals are very nice and bluesy. His voice isn't the main focuse on the cd though because it's comprised mostly of guitar solos/riffs. But his voice is very nice and has a lazy feeling.

The instrumentation is deffinitely the main focuse on this cd. It's all great. The blues/rock/psychadelia of the guitar, the jazzy and lazy drums, and the nice bass fills. Jimi was known for his excellent guitar playing. He created some great riffs and solos on this cd. A really nice soft solo can be found in The Wind Cries Mary, which contains some of the best instrumentation on the cd. The riff in this song is also very energetic yet sleepy and dreamy. Fire is a great example of a wonderful rock riff. Very up beat and happy. The solo on here is one the best on the cd, very high and short. It should have been longer if you ask me. Also Red House has a great guitar part. It's got to be my favorite song by this band. It's a great part that basically solos when there is no singing. Hey Joe is another bluesy song. Originally it was by a man by the name of Billy Roberts, and Jimi does it awesome. The guitar is basically one big solo, which isnt weird for Jimi. Now the drums are done extremely well. Especially on Fire. Mitch's fills are simply amazing on it. It's probably one of the best drum parts he's ever done. Also on The Wind Cries Mary he has a lot of very nice soft and jazzy fills. He also has a nice simple energetic part on Highway Chile, but he does a lot of nice fills, with small drum rolls here and there. The bass isn't too amazing compared to the rest of the instrumentation but it's still great. Like in The Wind Cries Mary he does a nice simple bass line with the occasional well fitting fill. And during the solo he goes off and does a great little solo type thing himself. You can also really hear his bass in Highway Chile, and does a nice little walking bass line (or something) which is very appropriate for the song. And in Red House he has a nice blue walking bass line that is really nice and fits with the guitar very well.

This cd can get boring at times though. Like with Thrid Stone From the Sun. It has Jimi and his manager talking backwards and in slo-motion (i think) talking about aliens. Although it's a great track it can be very dull. It's too bad too because nel does a really nice bass line. The only lyrics in it are those slow motion voices. It's an interesting track but it's just kind of broing. And 51st Anniversary, it's a great track but it too can be boring. And it's a shame for Noel because it too has a great bass part. I don't really like Jimi's voice in it either. It seems out of place on the track.

Pros: Order of tracks

Cons: Some great bass riffs are on boring tracks.
Jimi's voice is sometimes out of place.
Solos can be too short.

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October 1st 2006


Another fine review.

John Paul Harrison
October 1st 2006


Wow. I was going to do a similar "take a dump on this album" review, but then I didn't. Because that's how I roll.

Good job, though. You made good points.

October 1st 2006


Nice review, you're starting to take shape.

Two-Headed Boy
October 1st 2006


God this album is soooo bad.

Your review is pretty good however.

October 1st 2006


cool review man.

Zesty Mordant
October 1st 2006


meh, this albums all right. There's some great tracks and some really bland ones.
Great review though.

October 22nd 2006


thanks. i might lower my rating. i recently realized how inconsistent it can be.

October 24th 2006


Really nice review. The album was pretty good, but could've been way better. It definitely got boring in some parts too.

October 24th 2006


yeah i found that too. but i find when its good its really good. thanks, your seem pretty cool/

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