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September 16th, 2006 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

We are Machine Head,
Or some people like to call us
Machine F*cking Head

Well, that seems clear enough to know which band we’re talking about. Machine Head is a metal band, they started with the classic Burn My Eyes, but went downhill per album. Supercharger was the end of Machine Head. Or was it" Although they were kicked from Roadrunner Records, they still tried an album once more. Nobody excepted the results, even Machine Head itself got surprised. Through The Ashes Of Empires was a gem. Although the album didn’t became a second Master of Puppets, it was well received. So Machine Head became more popular... What would be kick@ss to make before the next album is brought out" Yes, a live-DVD with the favourite songs of older albums.

Track list (only songs):

Seasons Wither
Days Turn blue To Gray
The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
Ten Ton Hammer
The Burning Red
In The Presence Of My Enemies
Take My Scars
Descend The Shades Of Night

He is the man! The MAN!!! … DUCE!!!

Machine Head consists of a very balanced group of motherf*ckers, as they call themselves in that way. Rob Flynn is the guitarist and vocalist of the band. His voice has been called whiny, or angsty and is much referred to standard nu-metal. This is however not true. Believe me, live he is always on the right tone, his singing and screaming. His raspy voice is heavy but never mindless angry, and so are his lyrics. His lyrics are angry yet smart, and have very few letdowns (even Supercharger has better lyrics than the average metal band). Then we have the drummer Dave McClain, while not as fast as the first Machine drummer Chris Kontos, Dave is not as sloppy and is also more creative. Then we have the bassist Adam Duce. I think he is a bit underrated. Although he is not as fast as Dickinson or Harrison, he has a fine speed and makes good use of the 4 strings (The intro of Days Turn Blue To Gray is actually a bass guitar). And last but not least, the guitarist Phil Demmel. This is the newest Machine Head F*cker at the moment. Again like Adam Duce, this guy is slightly underrated. His lead riffs are melodic while not taking all the praise, that’s for the solo’s. Although he is fast, he is more into the melodic scene when it comes to solo’s. Check things like In The Presence Of My Enemies, or Descend The Shades Of Night for some really standout solo’s.

As for the concert. A lot of energy, a lot. Rob drives the audience nuts with his calls for circle pits, sing-along moments and other typical metal stuff. Songs like Days Turn Blue To Gray and Block are well received. Almost every fan goes nuts, some go even further…

Wohoho, hey, what’s going on. Beautiful… F*cking beautiful… Hey, I gotta say, You are the first breasts we’ve seen in the entire UK tour. Cause we actually draw in 99% dudes, that why, but thank you very much lady

A Machine Head fan, is a special kind of head case

Not only gives this album you the opportunity to listen to several Machine Head song. It also features some funny scene’s outside. Very funny scene’s, very, very funny. Sometimes you can even compare it to Family Guy, surprised" A very cool scene would be the machine head moron fan.

(moron)I swear on my mothers grave, I have been…(Phil) NO YOU DON’T
(moron) I swear on my mothers grave, I looked everywhere for a f*ckt up, just like Robb’s!!! I cannot f*ckin’ find one!!
(Phil) NO YOU HAVEN’T!! (moron) I f*ckin’ have, I swear on my mother’s grave
(Phil) NO YOU DON’T! (moron) I F*CKING DO!!!!!!!!!!
(Phil) NO YOU DON’T! (moron)………………………I do…………
(moron) I sing wun try to marry you son un do…
(Phil) I don’t understand a word you saying pall…

This may not seem very funny, but when looking at that conversations, try not to laugh. That will be impossible…

Everybody is gonna love Sheep, BAAAAAAAAAHHH[

Yup, the same moron here…

The DVD also has some extra features like the making of some music videos, and the videos themselves. It’s not very special, but enough to be interesting. Especially the making of Days Turn Blue To Gray is interesting. About how they got the tree, the pictures and the so-called “Father” of the clip.

Nice man, Nice

After seeing this DVD, there is one thing I just must do, else my life will feel incomplete. I need to go to a concert from Machine ***ing Head!


-It’s freakin’ Machine Head live!!!
-The massive amount of humour will make everyone smiling
-Many of the Machine Head classics, new or old. (Davidian, Old, but also songs such as Imperium and Seasons Wither)
-The dual solo from Descend The Shades Of Night, unbelievable…
-Bass isn’t drawn out, very special for a guitar-vocal based metal band.


-Ok, so Take My Scars and Ten Ton Hammer are present on this album, but no Blood Of The Zodiac" If they chose 2 “The More Things change…” why not Blood Of The Zodiac"
-^^the same to Exhale The Vile from The Burning Red. Blood, Sweat, Tears isn’t a bad track by any means, but come on.. Exhale The Vile kicks the @ss of BWT so f*king hard.
-Uhm, maybe more extra features" Or is that a bad argument"

All italic sentences are copied from the DVD Elegies.

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September 16th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

After re-read this review I came to the conclusion that this is probably my most @sskissing review thus far. I'm proud of it

September 16th 2006


You don't really have a lot of detail in the main body of the review but your writing was decent.

September 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

It was all I could think of...

But please, tell me what's missing then.This Message Edited On 09.17.06

September 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I don't think they've ever played BOTZ live. Maybe once.

Why not? It's a brilliant song. Or is it just underrated and can't nobody see the beauty in the song?

I talked about the concert, a line or two:D And something about the fans. But what do I have to tell more? The lights? For the songs, you can just go to album reviews.

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