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Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Pearl Jam - Vitalogy

December 16, 1994
Sony/Epic Records
US: 5x Platinum
Billboard peak: #1

No.492 Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums

Track Listing
1. Last Exit
2. Spin The Black Circle
3. Not For You
4. Tremor Christ
5. Nothingman
6. Whipping
7. Pry. To
8. Corduroy
9. Bugs
10. Satan's Bed
11. Better Man
12. Aye Davanita
13. Immortality
14. Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me

Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder - Vocals, guitar and accordian
Jeff Ament - Bass, standup and vocals
Stone Gossard - Guitar, Mellotron and vocals
Mike McCready - Guitar, slide and vocals
Dave Abbruzzese - Drums

"It's a wildly uneven and difficult record, sometimes maddening, sometimes ridiculous, often powerful. Excellent" - Rolling Stone
The first thing you notice on purchasing this album is the very obscure, yet original packaging. Layed out like a novel and sporting a contents page, you feel like you've just bought a book with a free CD. Fortunately, when you put in the disc you realise that this is by no means the case.

Packed with great songs and hooks, this is just an overall stunning album. On hearing songs such as "Spin the Black Circle" and "Nothingman" you can truly feel the same power and emotion as their debut release "Ten". There's no filler here, just great song after great song giving the album strong consistency. "Bugs" shows the bands new found ability to let loose and add a little light hearted edge to the album which wouldn't have been possible with predecesors "Ten" and "Vs". There are a few hidden treasures here with "Not For You" and "Immortality" but I wonder how they would cope as singles without the support of the other tracks"

I would have to say though, the most fascinating thing about Vitalogy is it's tremendous longetivity(I can't stress how prominent this is). Everytime I put the album in it just gets better and better which is something very few albums can achieve. If your new to Pearl Jam I would always recommend "Ten" but I really do feel that this surpasses it as far as consistency and longetivity go. Life changing" Probably not but very few bands could match the sheer power and brilliance of Vitalogy. A breath of fresh air.

Standout tracks
Last Exit
Spin the Black Circle
Not For You
Better Man


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September 3rd 2004


I've left out the track by track style review as I doubt many people read them and as a review of an album, simply saying what's good about each song doesn't give an overall sense of what the album is going to be like.



September 3rd 2004


I never really bothered to listen to Pearl Jam before, since I'm not a big fan of grunge. But I'm gonna try to check them out, thanks!

September 3rd 2004


[QUOTE=Happymeal]I never really bothered to listen to Pearl Jam before, since I'm not a big fan of grunge. But I'm gonna try to check them out, thanks![/QUOTE]

Like AfroMan said, Ten would be a good first album from them. I feel it's the most consistent and it's got quite a few rock radio staples on it that you'll probably recognize.

September 3rd 2004


[QUOTE=Happymeal]I never really bothered to listen to Pearl Jam before, since I'm not a big fan of grunge. But I'm gonna try to check them out, thanks![/QUOTE]

LISTEN NOW. These guys are not just grunge, they're great songwriters. And, see them live. amazing.

September 3rd 2004


Pearl Jam have always been one of my favourites.

September 3rd 2004


[QUOTE=pj4ever]LISTEN NOW. These guys are not just grunge, they're great songwriters. And, see them live. amazing.[/QUOTE]

Heh, they suck live. In the early days, maybe they were good. Now? Terrible.

September 4th 2004


i'm not that into grunge, but i will have to say pearl jam, over nirvanna.

September 4th 2004


The tracks you put are my favorite tracks, though you forgot "Tremor Christ". Of the expiremental songs, "Bugs" is actually good, while the last is horrible. Still, an excellent and diverse album.

September 4th 2004


[QUOTE=EddieVanHalen007]Pearl Jam have always been one of my favourites.[/QUOTE]
yes they are a great grunge band of the 90's

September 4th 2004


[QUOTE=Theo]Heh, they suck live. In the early days, maybe they were good. Now? Terrible.[/QUOTE]
yeah true, they were better in their early days

September 4th 2004


Good review, I've been waiting to see you do this for a while. In a sense, this album got me into Pearl Jam after a teacher I had in seventh grade used Better Man for something or another...but other than that I don't know a whole lot about it.

Good review, but just for the record, I always read the track by track. :D

September 22nd 2004


just found this review.

this would be their most experimental cd for sure, however I dont like it as much as Ten, Vs or even Yield as a lot of the songs annoy me and sound careless in their experimentation.
I rarely listen to cd in full, it's too hard to enjoy.
My favourite songs off it are Tremor Christ, Nothingman, Corduroy, Better Man, and Immortality, which are more the standard PJ type songs except for Tremor Christ. I think here they tried too hard to be different and failed. I'd only give it about 6.5-7/10

January 7th 2005


492. Vitalogy, Pearl Jam on the rolling stones chart

Eddie Vedder- vocaks, guitar, accordian
Jeff- bass, standup, vocals
Stone- Guitar, mellotron, vocals
Mike-Guitar Slide, vocals
(featuring jack irons(from red hot chili peppers(best band to walk the earth) and neil young-drums)

This is pearl jams third cd after Ten, and Vs. put out in 1994 it is the first cd with real filler on it and is also the beggining of their demise :upset: with its interesting art and meanings and messages hidden throughout the booklet it serves to prove as a very interesting recording. here are its tracks n what i think of em'

1. last exit-4.5/5 this song is one of my favourites for some reason with a strange intro it soon enough kicks in and goes in a very interesting path with an amazing main chorus
2. spin the black circle- 4.5/5 the hardest song on the record where eddie shows his love for vinyl it has eddies voice is harsher and amazing in this song... if only they did more stuff like this
3.not for you-4/5 this song is next to spin the black in its heavynes (which only comes at the main chorus) its a very catchy toon that shood be stuck in your head for days on end
4. tremor christ-5/5 this is the second biggest single on this cd and its very dark n mellow n depressing but its really cool if you dont like it at first itl grow on you
5,nothing man3.5/5 its a very well done mellow song its in my mind eqivilent to oceans on ten and rearveiwmirror on vs. very meaningful and amazing one of the better ballots
6.whipping-3/5 a very up beet mellow song that will catch your attention if your a first time listner very good drumming
7.pry to 0/5 this is an interesting filler but its filler n doesnt deserve to be here
8.coruroy-6/5 simply amazing it come as heavenly music to all those whoose ears are blessed enough to come upon this marvel this is easiluy an instant fav for most people
8.bugs-1/5 another filler this is wat i think the best filler here with strannge amusing llyrics that end off well
10.santans bed- 3/5 an average song that is well dont but is not anything very special
11.betterman 5.5/5 one of my favs the biggest hit it starts of in a strange direction then pulls a 180 n nails it then it board grinds its way to end up on the most amazing music hit on this cd (its still comonly played today)
12.aye davantia-1/5 more filler just wat i wanted :rolleyes:
13immortality 4.5/5 this is the way this album shood hav ended the last real song on the cd its way better than nothing man and is just "woah!"
14 hey foxymophandlemama, thats me0/5 just no.... dont listen to this

this is my review i rate this cd 4/5 in total (minus the filler) its a must have for any grunger and pj fan

ps. if this review is unadequate just remember its from a young highschool student n its my first review

January 7th 2005


Sorry, but the review's already been done. Threads merged.

June 22nd 2005


What have you guys got against the final track? I like a bit of an art fright now and again.

July 7th 2005


People think Radiohead are the best at creating a paranoid atmosphere... WRONG.

It's entertaining to hear Gossard's immature Satan's Bed, because lately his lyrics have been absolutely perfect (Rival, anyone?).

This is Pearl Jam at the height of their paranoia, and also their last album with Dave drumming, so get it now.

And I love the last track, it has a message and the drumming (by Jack Irons) is awesome.

November 7th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

It's entertaining to hear Gossard's immature Satan's Bed, because lately his lyrics have been absolutely perfect (Rival, anyone?)

No Way off Yield was also penned by Gossard, right? Ridiculous lyrics...

"All the static

in my attic

shoots down my sciatic nerve

To the ocean of my platitudes

Longitudes, latitudes, it's so absurd"

November 19th 2005


one word "amazing"

November 20th 2005


pearl jam are the greatest. this album is one of their best (although all of their music is amazing even the b sides!!!)

Tarantino's Tarantulas
December 28th 2005


I love Not For You! Eddie's singing is great on that track!

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