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September 10th, 2006 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Ah yes, Buckethead, the tall curly-haired, michael myers-esque mask wearing guitar player. He has many albums, as well as many different playing styles. He has released and appeared on a total of over 50 albums! Now here we have the 1994 released Giant Robot. To classify this album I would have to say it is a mix of heavy/experimental metal.

Band (And some guest appearances)

Buckethead (guitar, bass)
Bootsy Collins (vocals, bass)
Iggy Pop
Kristen Grey
Bill Moseley (vocals)
Ted Parsons
Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey (drums)
Maximum Bob


1. Doomride (0:57)
The albums opener starts with a little conversation about "who is buckethead"". After the talking it goes into a fast, repetitive piece. Then into some licks then it ends.
Since it is more of an introduction I will not rate this.

2. Welcome To Buckethead Land (3:42)
One of my favorites starts off with "Welcome To Bucketheadland". Then goes into a series of cool sounding riffs. It then drops into a rhythm and we then again hear "Welcome, welcome, welcome to Bucketheadland" . He then repeats the series, a few times once adding a new higher riff and then goes into a great solo. The solo meshes perfect with the rest of the song.

3. I Come In Peace ( 6:03)
Starts off and you hear a man describing a monster. Then goes in to a slow but awesome sounding riff. Then the distortion kicks and you hear some harmonics, then he plays little solo licks over it. We hear more talking, its a "news update" telling of Tokyo under attack by Buckethead. Then goes into another distorted riff. More talking about what is happening with Buckethead. It then goes into a solo that starts of sounding like an 80's arcade game. Then back to the opening riff, more talking, throw in some screaming then ends by picking up the tempo with a fast metal riff to the end.

4. Buckethead's Toy Store (8:02)
Buckethead's Toy Store is a fan favorite. Starts off with talking basically saying that fun will save the world, and the fun will come in the form of toys sold at Buckethead's Toy Store. The song is filled with a lot of different distorted riffs. It slows down and goes clean towards the end. It then goes distorted with a funky bass solo, and then finally ends with some clean playing.

5. Want Some Slaw" (4:30)
As most of Buckethead's songs this song starts off with "Tell me something Buckethead...do you want some slaw"". It then goes into licks that switch between clean and distorted playing. Then goes into a little break with cool fast playing that is slightly distorted. Then goes into more distorted riffs. Then goes back to what is played at the begining of the song. Then goes into a cool solo that starts off slow then ends blazingly fast. After the solo it goes into some distorted playing and ends with fast drums.

6. Warweb (3:06)
Starts off with some orchestrated strings, with a small boy talking over it for a bit. This song is entirely in the strings section of an orchestra and no other instruments are included. This is perhaps the least expected song from Buckethead but it is still a great song.

7. Aquabot (5.56)
Starts with effects. A surfer-cliche voice talking about aquabot. Then goes into some weird sounding effects, then drums come in, then guitar with all very basic playing. Has a cool break and ends with guitar.

8. Binge And Grab (5:17)
Starts with very catchy playing. It is played with low distortion. The drums come in and you can hear the bass pretty good, and it sounds like it has some kind effect on it. Stays with the same riffs most of the song, but in the middle of the song it has a break with fast riffs. Then back to the original playing with a solo over it. A very good solo, then picks up and plays amazingly fast and then goes back to the begining riff. Then changes riffs twice and ends.

9. Pure Imagination (1:49)
Starts with talking again asking why Buckethead likes to eat chicken. Then goes into distorted voice singning the song from the original Willy Wonka movie.
Its not really a song so I won't rate it.

10. Buckethead's Chamber of Horrors (4:48)
Starts off with a...something talking. Then explodes into a fast heavily distorted riff. And then abrubtly stops with the orchestra strings we heard previously. Then explodes again very fast, very heavy. Then some of Buckethead's signature 80's arcade game playing. This song really is a chamber of horrors. It stops and goes a lot with changes each time it repeats. The orchestrated strings are thrown in. It ends with fast drumming and some effects are thrown in.

That's as far as I'll go with song-by-song. The songs are a bit arduous to explain. First of all, explaining instrumentals in-depth are a tad different, since song structures are different. Buckethead varies albums greatly through each one. This is more post-rock, mixed with metal. Overall the riffs are quite impressive, varying between catchy, shred, and just, well, epic. This album is thoroughly enjoyable on even just a casual level.
In conclusion I would say this is one of the great Buckethead CDs. Has diversity in the style of playing on this CD. It is also good because it doesnt have too many of those little filler songs that can tend to be annoying. Overall I rate this CD 4.5/5

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September 10th 2006


Pretty good for a first review. It seemed like your descriptions were getting smaller and smaller as the review went on so maybe an overall review would have been more appropriate.

September 10th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Thanks but yea I know they got shorter but it was liek that beacause I felt the last couple of tracks themselves were very repetative with very little variation, or the songs weren't really even songs at all.

September 10th 2006


Decent review. More information will make it better though.

I enjoy I Come In Peace. Best voiceover ever. :thumb:

September 10th 2006


I've heard that this guy is great but I've never heard him play, would I like this if I like guys like Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads

September 11th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

You probably would...he has so many CD's and different styles i'm sure you would find at least one CD you like.

December 22nd 2008


not a bad review. i'm pretty sure its a slight autowah on binge and grab, and as for the pure imagination song, its cool just because he does it with a talk box and some other effect(s), which is pretty difficult to get it as clean as he does in that song. great album

August 21st 2010


buckethead explodes your head and destroys your parents

November 29th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0 | Sound Off

This is a tight album for sure

September 16th 2011


Cool album. Got me into Buckethead. Post Office Buddy is a killer collection of classic BH riffs.

March 11th 2017


Album Rating: 3.0

Album is good overall although a little too much humor added

November 4th 2017


Album Rating: 4.5

Fucking love this

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