Children of Bodom
Something Wild



by Shadows USER (89 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 350 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

With their debut, Children of Bodom not only set the bar for all following releases, but also unveiled what is probably their most unique release. This album has a very atmospheric and somewhat black metal feel to it as opposed to the aggressive power metal style they mastered later on. Alexi"s voice was at its highest pitch, keyboards were used for atmosphere instead of melody, but still possessed immaculate guitar playing and samples from violent movies as usual.

Children of Bodom, a five-piece power metal band from Espoo, Finland, began in 1993 under the name Inearthed. After many demos and gigs, the band was finally set to release their debut album on a local Belgium record label. But after a demo somehow landed in the hands of Spinefarm Records, they were signed to Spinefarm on a three record deal. Thus begins a Finnish legacy that would make a respectable name for itself in the underground metal scene. The name Children of Bodom comes from an old Finnish murder tale about a small group of young teenagers. Apparently the group had been camping at Lake Bodom until three of them had been brutally murdered. The tale of murder spawned a legend around Finland as well as the inspiration for the band name. Although the members were young at the time of their debut (all were around 18 when this was released) their musicianship stills has a talented, polished feel that adds to one of music's most distinct sounds.

As I"ve already said, this is Bodom"s most atmospheric release, and my personal favorite along side Follow the Reaper. The keyboards, while as abundant as ever, pound out few if any solos. They instead add synth feelings such as those found in In the Shadows, CoB"s oldest Something Wild song (fun fact: the band considers In the Shadows as the worst recorded CoB song ever). The song is almost black metal at times with a steady moving rhythm, torturous screams, and more blastbeats than any of their later work. Red Light in My Eyes, Pt 1 also features some badass synth keyboard work. The second part of Red Light in My Eyes also has some awesome symphonic keyboard wok. If you like power metal and you"re into symphonic music, this album is your very own"thing you"ll like a hell of a lot.

So now that we"ve established this as the most atmospheric Bodom album I"m sure you"re all saying, "Why, Death, if the album is all atmosphere and no melody, why listen to this instead any other Bodom??" Well I say to you, think again. This has some of Bodom"s catchiest, most memorable, and classic songs. Deadnight Warrior, which I am listening to as we speak, is one of my all-time favorite CoB songs. It has cheesy backing keyboards (even this album has them) and one of the catchiest Bodom riffs ever created. It"s a well-known classic among the HateCrew community and is the song that sparked their ever-growing popularity. The band even filmed a video for it"if you"re looking for a good laugh check it out. But of course who could overlook Lake Bodom? Probably their second most popular song behind Deadnight Warrior, this song is somewhat of a glimpse into their later Hatebreeder/Follow the Reaper style with insane shredding creating the base melody for the entire song. Every second is headbangable, aggressive power metal.

One important aspect of Children of Bodom"s signature sound is the neo-classical theme. Red Light in My Eyes Pt 1 and 2 are both built around classical themes. The intro to Red Light in My Eyes Pt 1 was taken from Johan Sebastian Bach"s Two Part Invention #13 in A Minor. Meanwhile, Red Light in My Eyes Pt 2 features an opening riff from Mozart"s Symphony #25 with a keyboard melody taken from Mozart"s Confutatis movement from his Requiem Mass. But overall that song is almost all classically-based. Both parts feature very aggressive lyrics about hate and guitar melodies that never get old (Red Light in My Eyes Pt 1 has an incredible slow ascending lick thqat immediately caught my attention).

Moving towards the more unusual side, The Nail is one of CoB"s only real punk-sounding songs. The intro riff"yeah, it"s punk. It"s alright though " they quickly pile on the keyboards and the downtuned palm muted guitar and it"s amazing business as usual. Touch Like Angel of Death also has the only official lyrics on the entire album. Alexi introduced this song in 2000 in Tuska by saying it"s about the most fucked-up situation a man can get into: When you love and hate someone at the same time, should you fuck her or shoot her? (Info taken from www.Scythes-of-Bodom.com). The main melody of the song sounds like Eric Draven"s rooftop guitar solo. Very cool. The fluid-sounding keyboards make it stand out. And when it"s all said and done, we get a bonus after the entire album. One day in the studio after Alex and Alexander had a bit too much to drink (if you catch my drift) they recorded a two-minute keyboard solo"NOT Janne as you may have guessed. It sounds pretty good considering they were drunk off their asses.

I hope I"ve intrigued you. This album is overlooked way too often for my liking...even by those why love CoB. Fans and un-fans alike check it out.

A mere few recommended songs:
- Deadnight Warrior
- Red Light In My Eyes, Pt 1
- Lake Bodom

- Dark and neoclassical
- Great musicianship
- Unique sound

- May be hard to follow
- Primitive writing

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August 29th 2004


Good review, though this is the one CoB album I don't own (probably won't be getting it either - I've learned I don't really care for them). From what I've heard about this album, though, I think you'll be given hell for rating Lake Bodom so low

And yeah, I read the bio crap.

August 29th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

Cool - you've given new life to my writing the long background stuff.

I'll take whatever hell they give me for Lake Bodom though. It's not a bad song at all, just doesn't seem to stand out for any particular reason like others do.

August 29th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

What the hell? No one knows these guys?

August 29th 2004


I used to love them, but now i find them utterly boring and tasteless.

It was a great review though - i was hoping to review all their albums but youve stopped me now

August 29th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

Sorry about that. I like to review and this is a band I'm just starting to get into.

April 3rd 2005


Sweet, man. Alexi Laiho is a god
Good review, I'm gonna have to check this out

July 3rd 2005


Great review, and I love this album.

July 8th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

Bumped, now that I've given this review a complete makeover.

July 8th 2005


Nice reveiw. I didnt read it all but the first part was good

Mr. Squiggles
July 8th 2005


Cool review, I really like this album. You pretty much nailed it. Good Job.

July 9th 2005


Great review.

I have this album...only problem is my friend completely f**ked the order on the cd, so the only 2 tracks i know are Lake Bodom and Touch Like Angel Of Death.

Touch Like Angel Of Death I adore to death. It has so much energy, and is chock full of great riffs.

August 23rd 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

One of Bodom's best albums, and your rating is correct. There are some tremendous tracks on this album, but it's just too short!

Good review, by the way.

September 25th 2005


one thing bout bodom is their short albums, i made my own custom Bodom & others and I have 11 tracks of bodom on it, but there are so many awesome songs of theirs missing, I say one more album after AYDY? and then do like a 2/3 disc Greatest Hits or like a greatest hits DVD, that would be awesome!

September 25th 2005


I prefer this and Follow The Reaper over their other works.

I'm Charming
October 8th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Something Wild is far better than all their other albums. Red light in my eyes 1 & 2 are my favs. The Nail is also a fav.

Leper Affinity
October 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

This is right up there alongside Follow the Reaper as my favorite CoB.

I'm Charming
October 9th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

I prefer this to follow the reaper.

Every song on this (Something Wild) is outstanding.

There are a couple of songs on follow the reaper I don't like.

Heres my rank of the albums,

1. Something Wild

2. Hatebreeder

3. Follow The Reaper

4. Hate Crew DeathRoll

5. Are you Dead Yet?

6.Children of Bodom (self titled)

7. Trashed Lost Strung out....

Tokyo warhearts is a live cd and its mostly from hatebreed thus I won't rank it.

Leper Affinity
October 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

It's hard for me to distinguish which I like better (between this and FtR). My favorites go like this:

1. Something Wild/Follow the Reaper

2. Hatebreeder

3. Are You Dead Yet?

4. Hate Crew Deathroll

5. Various EP/singles/demos/etc. that I won't bother to list.

I love all of their albums to death, so don't take that list to mean I hate HCDR or anything.

I'm Charming
October 9th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Are you dead yet? is not better than Hate Crew Deathroll.

Hate Crew Deathroll is not their strongest album but, it has several very good songs,

Angels don't kill

Bodom beach terror

needled 24 7

triple corpse hammer blow


While, Are You Dead Yet? has many average tracks but very few that stand out and grab you.

Only standouts are,

Are you dead yet? (title track)

living dead beat

Bastards of Bodom

Leper Affinity
October 9th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

I thought AYDY had more standout songs than HCDR. AYDY was very solid and consistent throughout whereas HCDR had a few 'meh' songs thrown in there.

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