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Be Your Own Pet



by The Jungler USER (183 Reviews)
August 25th, 2006 | 16 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Be Your Own Pet are a queerly named foursome from Nashville, TN. They are a band that will make you forget about Nashville stereotypes almost instantly; they are not the next big thing on the Grand Ole Opry stage, but more a red hot punk band at your local club. Far from the blubbering, southern republican country legends of Nashville artists past, Be Your Own Pet would seem a bit fish out of water, if you will, beneath Tennessee’s love-lorn full moon. The sound of Be Your Own Pet is pure New York Noise; they are a rarely seen Punk band straight out of the south, looking to make an underground splash. Except maybe one thing, they’ve already made a pretty big splash (being signed to a virtual Indie legend’s label doesn’t really hurt your credibility). If you haven’t witnessed Pet’s spastic live show, or heard one of the band’s singles you might as well, because people are predicting big things from these down-home destroyers

Probably the definition of Teen Age Riot, Be Your Own Pet released their debut on the ominous 6/6/06 with only a small cult following and a bunch of free 7”s. The band plays an earsplitting mix of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s style noise punk and Iggy Pop fueled garage rock. The guitars are distortion strangled and the rhythm section is absolutely ferocious, but one may find that all they pay attention to is Lead Girl, Jemina Pearl’s obnoxiously rebellious lyrics. But with lyrics as sexed up as something like
Originally Posted by Bunk Trunk Skunk
I am an independent mother ***er
And I'm here to take your money
I'm wicked rad and I'm here
To steal away your virginity
I guess it’s hard not to notice them over the fury of a hundred power chords. Jemina would probably be the most interesting woman in rock music today if it weren’t for girls like [Yeah Yeah Yeah] Karen O. and [Dresden Doll] Amanda Palmer coming a few years prior. Still, it’s pretty incredible (and hot) to hear a young girl scream obscenities at the top of her lungs. And her lyrics can be very creative.

But this doesn’t mean the band is at all a back up project to little Ms. Pearl. Unlike groups like No Doubt, the guitar, bass and drums don’t work as a backing track to the vocals, but form their own entity in many ways. Guitarist Jonas Stein puts an interesting spin on the standard punk guitar style, sliding chords up and down the neck like it was no ones business. His style and credibility shows the mark of a guitar newbie, but his fire breathing tone and live confidence say otherwise. His squealing riff throughout album highlight, Wildcat! is as catchy as it is abrasive, making it’s point sonically, but (as dumb as it sounds) making an even bigger impression when it drops out to reveal BYOP’s hardworking rhythm section, with it’s pounding fills and slightly distorted bass rumblings. Surprisingly melodic vocals from Jemina make for an almost incredible display of modern age Noise Rock.

Unfortunately this is where the fallout begins to happen to Be Your Own Pet. After Wildcat! the album’s tracks begin to fall into a somewhat predictable mold of fast guitars and searing vocals. Though Jemina’s takes on Reality TV (Girls on TV) and drug fueled murder (Bog) are nothing short of entertaining, the hooks are all but gone and the music is hardly there to back it up. Jonas’s previously mentioned punk prowess has pretty much dried up by this time, as songs speed on through with fairly standard power chords and tired and true melodies. Fortunately the album picks up in an October, First Account, a less than hardcore ballad-time indie tune. The tasteful guitar strumming contrasts beautifully to drummer Jamin Orral’s pounding rhythm. Though hard to hear at points even bassist, Nathan Vasquez gets an occasional lick into the mess. The final moments of the album give me an impression of a sloppy garaged out Sonic Youth on speed. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve heard much better punk songs in my day. For me the album’s bad songs are sort of sandwiched between the good ones. This makes it so, while the good ones are great, the album seems really boring at times. For a band getting such big press, Be Your Own Pet are a pretty big disappointment. They can write a brilliant song here and there, but maybe they’re just too young for their own good. A fairly disappointing 2.5/5 for me.


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Tom Violence
August 26th 2006


Yeah, they're pretty okay.

Noice review.

August 26th 2006



August 26th 2006


I've only heard Adventure and its wicked, but not really my style.

August 26th 2006


Sounds pretty interesting. Maybe they'll be more impressive on their sophmore release.

August 26th 2006


the girl's voice seems kinda young. like 8 yr old.

August 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

this is really harsh, BYOP are a fantastic post-punk band that you shouldn't really be taking all that seriously, because a massive elment of their music is just to have fun; they're only 19!

Fair play, some of the riffs are samey but that doesn't mean the energy doesn't deteoriate at all. It remains an energetic and eplosive teenage angst fuelled from beginning to end in my opinion.

My only main gripe is that, although I love "Adventure" as a song, it doesn't fit on this album at all.

August 27th 2006


never heard Be Your Own Pet before. The name alone makes me want to give them a listen, and so does hearing that they have a chick vocalist.
Anyways, it was a pretty darn good review. One of the better ones this week. /votes

August 27th 2006


cool review, I heard about these guys and how Sonic Youth like them.

The Jungler
August 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

These guys have a knack for making some of the coolest music videos ever, even though I'm not sure why they made one for Adventure. It's not even close to being the best (or poppiest, for that matter) songs on the album. I'll never understand how bands choose singles

Thanks for the feature, comments and votes guys. Much appreciated.

August 27th 2006


It's TN, buddy. Not TE. And Tennessee has two e's on the end.

I ain't never heard of these fellers.

August 27th 2006


I like the videos I've seen, they're fairly interesting, I like the singers voice.

Excellent review.

The Jungler
January 3rd 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

mmmm, lead singer is so hot

July 19th 2007


ive only heard adventure. its alright, not really my taste tho

July 19th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

hm, Adventure is like the best song on the album, but none of the other songs really sound like it.

Digging: Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

April 2nd 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

i love this band, so energetic and fun.

October 17th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

I used to listen to this album all the time. The singer was boner-inducing. I wanted to be HER bicycle

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