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July 7th, 2024 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Fallenmania, Part 11

They literally have a song called “Fallen”. What more can I say after that?

Honestly, it’s a shame that this album turned out so bland, because on paper, this band’s concept seemed really cool: a band named after a 1940s film noir, with a style they called cinematic metal, inspired by modern rock, 80s rock, symphonic metal, pop and movie soundtracks, led by a singer with a distinctive voice that can’t really be compared to anyone else but can be recognized immediately. Of all the Fallenmaniac bands, they’re the one I had the highest hopes for. They had all the ingredients to be great, and it’s not like there are no good songs on the album, but most of it was pretty boring.

Not awful, just kind of boring. The first track, “Armageddon”, is a good indicator of that: it has a simple mix of heavy riffs and electro, and a sort of catchy “This means war” hook, but it’s very typical of vaguely symphonic metal band from around 2011, and not a particularly interesting example of it. Other tracks use a similar musical accompaniment, same vaguely dramatic lyrics and vocals, to the point of sounding all the same. The one named “Fallen” is only notable for being one of the most melodramatic, with its heavy Going Under riffs and desperate lyrics.

This band doesn’t sound as original as its fancy description makes it sound, which by itself is not a problem. The problem is that the songs sound so alike they quickly blur together. They don’t sound bad in any way, but it’s hard to find any distinctive characteristic that they have compared to each other. For example, “I Dare You” is a little heavier, but has the same melody as many others. When something actually stands out, it’s for the wrong reasons. “Violently Peaceful” has a very heavy Going Under riff, but kind of wastes its potential with a chorus that sounds like all the others. It doesn’t really sound violent or peaceful. “Meant to Last Forever” is such a typical ballad that it almost sounds like another 2011 song, “Amaranthine” by Amaranthe, or like, well, something from a movie. “Kind of Lousy” has lyrics like “I’m kind of lousy, I’m kind of crazy” and “You don’t seem to mind me sing the blues”, and, no, Ocean of Slumber’s “Starlight and Ash” is a great album that mixes blues and some sort of alt/goth metal, this one really pales in comparison.

Of course, I need to mention the good parts of this album. Like I said, the band’s whole concept is cool. As for specific tracks: love songs like “Unbreakable” and “The One” are basically pop songs with guitars as only a background element, but they’re so catchy and upbeat you’ll love them instantly. The last third of the album is where it finally gets interesting. “Resurrection” has a darker, more haunting melody, with more powerful vocals. “Waiting for the 27th (Booh Prologue)” fulfills the promise of “cinematic metal”, sounding like a soundtrack to a much more interesting movie.

But I still wouldn’t call these songs great, I’m just happy they are not as dull as the others. I listened to this album 3 times to really know the difference between each song, and give it a chance to grow on me. That was a terrible decision. Aside from “Cryoshell”, it was the fallenmaniac album I had the hardest time finishing. It did not sound bad by any means, but it was one of the most average albums I’ve ever heard. I’m mostly sad I didn’t enjoy it like I thought I would, sad that it bored me so much. I guess some fallenmaniac albums exceed my low expectations, and some can’t live up to my higher expectations.

However, credit where credit is due. This seems to be the worst received of all The Murder of My Sweet’s albums, but their career continued after that, including their singer’s solo albums and work as a studio songwriter. Even though this album wasn’t for me, this band clearly appeals to many people, and have carved their place in the music industry. Now here’s the question: if they can be taken seriously, can they really be called fallenmaniacs? You decide.

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July 8th 2024


Album Rating: 3.5

I have a weird place for this band, I can't seem to quite defend them as good, but I like at least something on all of their albums.

You are right, she has a very unique voice, which I also don't know if I would define it as good, but it works anyway.

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