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August 19th, 2006 | 19 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Sure, The Pink Spiders might be "fashionable" with their hot pink and black clothes and big pink sunglasses, but what about their music" Does it suffer the same fate as the music of many other "fashionable" bands" The answer is no, their strange apparel seems to be just an extension to their name while not compromising the quality of their music. Now, anybody who has heard the single "Little Razorblade" might just dismiss these guys as another Sugarcult rip-off, but, while bearing some likeness to Sugarcult, the band is much more than just that. The Pink Spiders are:

Matt Friction: Vocals/Guitar
Jon Decious: Bass
Bob Ferrari: Drums.

Now, most people are going to say that "image conscious bands just have to suck, that's all there is to it." Well, then I say to most people, listen to The Pink Spiders.

Musicianship: Guitar: Well, there is only one guitarist listed among the three band members that make The Pink Spiders, so Matt just has to be layering the guitar work, as there seems to be lead and rhythm guitars at several points on the album. "Soft Smoke" is a prime example of this possibility, as the song starts out with a very rock 'n' roll like intro consisting an excellent lead and power chord rhythm backing it up. Another place where this layering occurs is the single "Little Razorblade". Besides the fact that these songs might feel a little empty during a live show, the guitar work is great. Several different guitar effects are used throughout the album, a favorite of mine being the weird little breakdown in "Little Razorblade". Sure, there are plenty of power chord, palm muted verses, but what would punk be without that" The fact that there is some great lead work more than makes up for the typical punk guitar. On a few occasions, Matt even puts out a quick solo, nothing too impressive, but sufficient to keep the album interesting. The most talent showcased by Matt would be the excellent, fast solo in the song "Nobody Baby" and the classic rockish solo of "Easy Way Out". For pop punk, the guitar work is above average and manages to keep the album interesting.
Bass: Well, sadly, the bass is almost never heard. I guess it isn't the biggest letdown ever though, as the bassist isn't that great. I'm not saying that he is without talent, but not a lot of it. The only real time that the bass is even heard is the intro to "Modern Swinger", and it is both slow and boring. Typical for a pop-punk release, the bass is drowned out far too often.
Drums: The drums are basically used for nothing more than keeping a dance-like beat to the songs. Very rarely will Bob do a fill or roll. "Modern Swinger" is pretty much the only song that Bob does something interesting. The booklet for the album calls Bob the "worlds greatest drummer", but he either is holding back a lot or the band has never heard of the drummer for The Agony Scene, because Bob is actually pretty boring behind the set.
Other Stuff: There is a piano featured throughout "Adalae", but it is painfully simple and seems to just be there to change things up a bit. "Adalae" also has a short bit of violin or something as well, which is a surprise, yet this instrument doesn't do much for the song.

Vocals: Matt is a good vocalist, but a very limited range. Now, what makes Matt a good vocalist is the fact that he knows his range and he doesn't push it. His voice can range from smooth and poppy to hoarse and very rockish, which is quite unique among today's music scene. His poppy moments include "Little Razorblade", "Still Three Shy", and the very poppy "Adalae", while his more rock vocals come in on the rebellious "Soft Smoke", "Easy Way Out", Saturday Nite Riot", and "Nobody Baby". His voice fits extremely well with the music. Another great thing about Matt's voice is the fact that he is from Nashville and doesn't have that horrible southern accent.

Lyrics: This is possibly the best thing about The Pink Spiders. They have some good lyrics. Sure, they might be terrible to some, but to others, these are excellent lyrics considering the genre that the band is in. Lyrics can be clever:

"Yeah, My baby's pretty as a car crash
Sexy as the stinger of a hornet in your arm
Just another modern swinger
Screaming "Catch me if you can"
With a cigarette in hand this is love"

"Modern Swinger"

They can be rebellious:

"We'll sleep on subways, we'll spend time in cafes
These pretty girls and these Manhattan apartments
These New York City police are all f***in' liars"

"Soft Smoke"


"Hey hey little razorblade
Girl you're so so serious
You're only pretty when you walk away
And you act oblivious"

"Little Razorblade"

Substance abusing:

"'Cause I heard about the party last night
I heard that there were drugs and fist fights"
"...Now I'm drinking at the blackjack table..."

"Still Three Shy"

And, typically, loving:

"Adalae, your every moment is a masterpiece"


Matt, depending on your lyrical liking, can either be a good or bad lyricist.

Impression: The Pink Spiders have a rather unique sound for today, when every band sounds like Fall Out Boy, The Pink Spiders mix classic punk, rock 'n' roll, powerpop, and pop-punk. This album is full of youthful energy and is extremely catchy. Every song has the capability to stick in your head all day. The songs are very good though, so it's almost a treat to have the same song repeat in your head over and over again. The Pink Spiders aren't for everyone, though. They are at time poppy, then punkish, then rock-like, and then, occasionally, have a very 80's like feel. For any fan of pop punk, I say pick up this album, there is nothing to regret here.

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August 19th 2006


This band sounded promising from the little info I got at HMV I had a listen, and I loved the riff's but the voice did very little for me.

south_of_heaven 11
August 19th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

This band could be easily considered as the downfall of modern society...This Message Edited On 08.19.06

La Revolucion
August 19th 2006


Little Razorblade and Modern Swinger are good, but nothing else really stands out.

The Jungler
August 19th 2006


The single off this, while fairly irritating at times, isn't too bad of song. I think, from what I've heard, this band isn't nearly as original as you said and at some times they get pretty cheesy.

That said, this wasn't too bad of a review. I don't like your format that much though.

The Jungler
August 19th 2006


Upon listening to a few more tracks, I think I would have to agree with Hep. The guitarist isn't very good, sort of bland if you ask me, and the lyricist isn't much better.

They make some pretty fun songs though.

August 19th 2006


My friend loves the Pink Spiders but I don't care for them that much. Sure they make some catchy music but it doesn't have to much substance. That being said I appreciate them for trying to do something slightly unique rather then most pop/punk bands.
Your review wasn't exactly bad I just didn't like the way you set it up. I don't really care for reviews that point out the vocals, guitar, drums etc but I know that there are others that do.

August 19th 2006


This is a pretty damn cheesy band.

August 19th 2006


ugh, gross. This band is so cheesy, they make DragonForce seem downright heartfelt.

August 21st 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

GREAT!!! nice to know that everyone hates this band, i'm now a misfit.

August 28th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Don't be F*cktards it's a good album. Freaggin people who listen to music and bash it because they wanna be trendy make me sick. It's a good Album, Great first single, good poppy track. It is what it is, Punkish Rock N Roll, if you don't make music don't diss it, if you do then give a reason. Don't just say " these dudes suck"

The Jungler
August 28th 2006


I really don't want to be trendy.

That said, what I've heard off this is pretty bad.

Electric City
August 28th 2006


I've only heard Little Razorblade, which is terrible generic crap. These guys just got a huge story in Rolling Stone about how they're the "next big thing" and how Nashville is the nations "new punk scene", citing The Pink Spiders and Be Your Own Pet as it's two examples of how hip Nashville is.

The Jungler
August 28th 2006


I hated how they said Be Your Own Pet took them as an influence. Doesn't really sound like it to me.

October 15th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

personaly, i love some of the music

2 songs

Modern Swinger, it has great lyrics they crack me up its such a 80's fun song i love to dance to it

Soft Smoke, great guitar work, and a great opener it seems more rock than anything on this album

and of course

Back To the middle, if you dance to this song its perfect and great to do the worm to, i love the verse

the reason i favor this cd so much is this band is original you cant disagree all you ppl who listen to death metal and hardcore are never going to like it, but falloutboy, panic, the academy is.. fans need to listen to this cd its fresh.

October 18th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

thanks for agreeing with me, but i must disagree with you, i like hardcore and metal/metalcore and i like this, and i really really HATE panic, falloutboy and the academy is.

November 10th 2006


Ick.This Message Edited On 02.12.07

July 16th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

This album is one of my favorite. Something about it just does it for me. I've never thought it was that cheesy. Anyways, anyone who has listened to just Little Razorblade shouldn't be voting on this album because that single seriously doesn't sound like the rest of it, in my opinion. It's probably one of the weaker and more generic songs on the album.

December 19th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I think these guys are pretty original especially for what's going on right now in pop/punk. They don't sound like Fallout Boy or MCR...they sound like their own band and alot of the lyrics are pretty clever...especially "Modern Swinger". Also, the fact that Rick Ocasek produced this album makes it THAT much amazing. That guy is a genius!

October 14th 2008


I LOVE The Pink Spiders, and I've seen them live a couple and times, and sadly they sounded much much much better after Bob and Jon left, and Bob and Jon also looked extremely miserable.
haha, me and my girlfriend talked to Matt Friction about drugs, we thought it was cool how he also thought pot was extremely overrated. then again he's into coke. but still it was interesting

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