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Release Date: 1986 | Tracklist

It took Tom Scholz 6 years to produce Boston's third album, Third Stage. This album was recorded (as always) at Tom's Hideaway Studio. It also utilized the Rockman, an invention of Scholz's that produced the "Boston Sound" without the 100 watt stacks and pedals. I will split the review of this album into a mini-review for each song.

1. (Amanda) In Tom's words, "Amanda was the first." This track was the first written, in 1980 and 1981. It is probably the most popular and recognizable song on the entire album. This is a slower song than most fans of Boston's earlier albums were used to, but it became their biggest hit yet with it's memorable guitar intro and chorus. It is the only Boston song to hit number one on the charts. ((Rating: 5/5))

2. (We're Ready) This song is one that Boston fans are used to. The two almost identical solos in this song and the guitar work in this song is among my favorite in anything by Boston. ((Rating 5/5))

3. (The Launch) This song is an instrumental that leads into the fourth track, "Cool the Engines" and is split into three parts: Countdown, Ignition, and Third Stage Seperation. This song is also full of excellent guitar work, as well as some really cool guitar and organ effects. The song ends with a very cool "Blast off" sound using (According to the album booklet) a Vox Tone-Bender with a faulty transistor. ((Rating 5/5))

4. (Cool The Engines) This song begins directly after "The Launch" and is another great song. This is probably the song that reminds me of Bostons first two albums the most. It's relatively fast-paced, and is just plain fun to listen to! ((Rating 5/5))

5. (My Destination) This song is a variation of "Amanda" played on a Wurlitzer electric piano. It has different lyrics, and one guitar solo. Brad Delp's vocals especially clear on this song. ((Rating 5/5))

6. (A New World) A 36 second prelude to "To Be a Man", the next track. It was written by Jim Masdea, Boston's original drummer who came back for this album. ((Rating 4/5))

7. (To Be a Man) Another slower and gentler song from Boston. Parts of this song have Brad Delp "talk/singing". I would have to say that this is the worst song on this album, but it is still a Boston song, and therefore still near the top of the list. ((Rating 2.5/5))

8. (I Think I Like It) This song expresses that "Changes can open your eyes." A good song with more classic Tom Scholz guitar work. Note: This is the only song on the album where Gary Pihl, Boston's "other" guitarist plays. The rest are just Tom. ((Rating 3.5/5))

9. (Can'tcha Say/Still In Love) This is another song that really shows off Delp's vocal range. As always, it is filled with polished harmonies and wonderful guitar work. "Still In Love" is actually a "Song within a song" that starts to play after the song goes quiet, but "Still In Love" leads right back into the real end of "Can'tcha Say." ((Rating 5/5))

10. (Hollyann) This song reminds me of "More Than a Feeling." The intro is similar sounding, and the rhythm guitar has the same distortion, but the songs are very different in theme. "Hollyann" looks back on when "We were for life and we would never concede it." Again great vocal range from Delp and great guitar riffs from Scholz. ((Rating 5/5))

The great thing about Third Stage is that each song leads into the next, "And together they tell the story of a journey into life's Third Stage."

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August 19th 2006


Welcome to the site. Your track by tracks need to be more descriptive next time, because I can't say I really learned anything from this review. But it's ok, you've got plenty of time to work on it.

October 21st 2010


just like u got time to wok on listening 2 good music yo

October 21st 2010


wheres josh

October 5th 2017


Amanda is such a terrible opening song for an album

November 9th 2017


Album Rating: 2.5

"Hollyann" rules but everything else on here is soooooo blaaaaaand

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