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January 14th, 2005 | 18 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Background Information:
Steve Miller was destined for success. At the age of 5 he was taught by the legendary Les Paul and throughout the 50's Blues became a major influence to Steve. In 1960, when Steve was in college, he started a new band called the Ardells. This group featured now famous Ben Sidran and Boz Scaggs. In 1964 Steve Miller dropped out of school and did session work for Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Howlin' Wolf. By the time the summer of love arrived, The Steve Miller Band was born and already recieved a record deal from Capitol. This band would become a legend in their own time, scoring hit after hit and 13 times-platinum records. Anyway time for the songs.

Take the Money and Run: 5/5
This is a perfect beginner to the album. A great catchy song and one of the bands biggest hits. It's the story of a couple(Billy Joe and Bobby Sue) who are running from the law for shooting a man while robbing him.

Abracadabra: 3/5
Not my favorite track, a little to eighties for me. This song was not featured on the last greatist hits album causing a lot of turmoil. Very catchy synth but not a very strong song.

Rockin' Me: 5/5
No doubt that this has to be Steve Miller's most famous hit. It's very catchy and has great lyrics, "I went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Phillidelphia, Atlanta, L.A." This song was used for a Levis commercial recently.

Swingtown: 5/5
This song has a great guitar opening intro, followed by a lot of "Oh's." It also has a very good switch from verse to chorus. Nothing much else though.

The Joker: 5/5
This would have to be Steve Millers biggest chart hit. Spectacular song with great acoustic playing, catchy bass line, great drumming, and brilliant lyrics.

Livin' in the USA: 3/5
An ok song in my opinion. Opens up with some harmonica and has a sixties psychedelia feel to it. Organ in the background with handclaps but not very good lyrics.

Space Intro: 2/5
This is not really a song, no lyrics, no guitars, no drums. But it is a great synth opening to the next track.

Fly Like An Eagle: 5/5
A great riff opens my favorite Miller song. Wonderful, political lyrics and an amazing synth in the background. One his greatest songs and I'll bet you have heard it before :thumb:

Threshold: 2/5
An odd synth opens this "what is not another song" but an introduction to the next great track.

Jet Airliner: 5/5
Another great riff opens this song about the troubles and depression of touring. Catchy chorus and well written lyrics make this one of my favs.
"You've got to go through hell before you get to heaven"

Space Cowboy: 3/5
Though it was a big hit, it's not one of my favorite tracks. A wierd sounding voice sings an ok chorus.

Jungle Love: 4/5
A famous synth line opens this song. A very jungle like drumming with some ok lyrics. A very catchy chorus keeps you interested.

Serenade: 4/5
It almost sounds like a Bee Gee's song, but it has some great singing and good guitar playing. Almost a dark song and a good song to tab and play along to.

Cry Cry Cry: 3/5
Another later song in the eighties. Has a bluesy motif and some great guitar work. Nothing special here though.

Shubadu Du Ma Ma: 4/5
Some good drum work opens this catchy song with some odd singing. Has some very eccentric but intriguing guitar work.

Wide River: 2/5
An eighties song again. Not a very special song and nothing really sticks out.

Wild Mountain Honey: 4/5
Sounds somewhat Indian in the beggining of this song. A much slower tempo then most of Steve's songs but good nevertheless. The synth almost makes it sound like elevator music, but not in a bad way.

The Stake: 3/5
Another good blues song by the Band. But nothing really sticks out that much.

My Dark Hour: 5/5
In this song Steve duets with Paul McCartney. It's almost a combination of the music from Fly Like an Eagle and Livin' in the USA except in a drone feel.
Paul and Steve sing great together in another highlight of this album.

Who Do You Love: 1/5
My least favorite track on the album. Steve duets with a woman on this song that almost epitomizes the sound of music I am not fond of.

I Wan't to Make the World Turn Around: 2/5
A saxophone opens this somewhat political song. Mediocre lyrics and a cheesy synth dont help the structure of the song, though.

Dance Dance Dance: 4/5
Funny lyrics create this song about dancing. This song is mix of bluegrass and country music with some great acoustic picking. It has some good lyrics and it finishes off this great album.

The Steve Miller Band deserves more credit for their musicianship. They made some of the greatest albums and songs that I dont think are recognized enough. However, this album is a perfect showcase of their talent and songwriting abilities. And I order you buy it and give it a listen.

Final Rating: 4/5


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August 22nd 2004


Good review, perhaps you could review Fly Like An Eagle to contribute to the Rolling Stone 500 list?

August 22nd 2004


I'm sick of those damn lists.

August 22nd 2004


[QUOTE=badmoon349]I'm sick of those damn lists.[/QUOTE]

You have offended the monkey.


August 22nd 2004


[QUOTE=badmoon349]I'm sick of those damn lists.[/QUOTE]
Good for you

August 27th 2004


Come on, anyone have opinions or have at least heard of this band?

Broken Arrow
August 27th 2004


Good band, good album 4/5 :thumb:

August 27th 2004


Opinions? Some of the songs are great like Take The Money And Run and Jet Airliner, but a lot of them get old very fast(particularly Fly Like An Eagle and Rockin' Me).

August 28th 2004


They're still a good listen to me.

How does Fly Like an Eagle get old?!?

August 28th 2004


That video game-like sound really gets on my nerves for some reason.

August 28th 2004


You mean the synth? The song wouldn't be the same without it.

July 4th 2005


I agree the joker is there greatest hit its one of my favorite songs. I might buy this cd. Great review.

April 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I like this cd alot. Psychedelic and shit. Those fucks write some catchy stuff.

April 11th 2006


Steve Miller is great. The Joker is a fun song.

Digging: Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here

April 24th 2006


I was just listening to Serenade. good tune...

April 25th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I Love this album!

April 25th 2006


The Joker is just ridiculously good.

May 1st 2006


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

all these songs were just born to be classics.

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