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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Kashmir - Zitilites

Band Members:
Kasper Eistrup, vocal & guitar
Mads Tunebjerg, bass
Asger Techau, drums
Henrik Lindstrand, keyboards & guitar

Kashmir were formed 10 years ago in Kopenhaagen, Denmark. By the release of this, their 4th album, they have reached platinum status in their home country. I have never seen anyone talk about these guys at all on these boards. Zitilites was released in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Holland in the spring 2003. Germany and Austria are releasing August 11th and other European countries will follow later this year. Kashmir were nominated for Best Nordic Act at the MTV Europe Awards on November 6th 2003. The album has also been released in Australia, and I am not sure about US release.

I'm gunna go a track by track for this baby:

01 Rocket Brothers
This track starts out with strangely timed intro followed by a slowly pulsing bassline and drumbeat. The vocals come in rather fast and are very distinctive and gentle. The chorus is an amazingly catchy and upbeat one. An amazing start to the album. 4.2/5

02 Surfing the Warm Industry
This is the only single that I have seen, but the first 3 tracks were all released as singles in Denmark. It got me into the guys crazy quick. An almost MIDI sounding drumbeat, with some flowing acoustic riffs and a crazy synth sound is the intro. The verse is monotone and very suited to the lyrical content. It is about working a desk job: "Get a job in an industry where a smile's not required and the complaints are always the same". The chorus comes in with chimes and really great guitar, followed by a sort of solo type thing. The voice is more emphasized in the second verse and the energy rises until the end of the song. Brilliant again 4.6/5

03 The Aftermath
The verses in this contain just guitar in strange timing and country tinged vocals, but in a spacey style. When the chorus picks up it sounds a little bit like Thom Yorke. Added a different style to the second verse. Beautiful lyrics: "Her eyes are always full of joy/Like a frozen glimpse of butterfly"
A beautiful song. The range of the band is coming into light. 4/5

04 Ruby Over Diamond
My least favourite song on the album, but it is still a really good one. 9/8 timing bassline in the verse, and some really spacey type vocals, and a piano comes in. The chorus is strangely positioned, and well done. A cool little guitar thingy near the middle/end.

05 Melpomene
This song is absolutely perfect. I can't say enough good about it. The intro is strange electronica, and the drums fade in with a light synth, and the verse is beautiful and minimal. It lifts towards the chorus, but very delicately, with an acoustic and a real drumbeat coming in. The lyric "Calling eachother names we never had" is great. The chorus is brilliance, laid back. "Flutter girl, killing me with her sunshine". It takes a strange turn here, with a striving second verse, leading to an amazing instrumental version of the chorus, followed by a burst of emotional vocals and the chorus. My favourite song of last year. 5/5

06 The Push
Starts with ticking sound, and an organ comes in. The verse is minimal with vocals and organ, and a guitar fading in. A song about wanting to have an easier life, I think. The chorus is stop starty, and cool as hell. Back to basics for second verse. After the second chorus it goes into a huge beautiful piano siege. 4.2/5

07 Ramparts
Upbeat from the start, with electric guitar riffing. Thumping drums, and images of war. Not as heavy as I just made it sound :p . The drumbeat makes the chorus, and the higer vocals make it really nice. More upbeat in second verse, and a fantastic ooh ooh part after the second chorus. A beautiful chimed chorus near the end too. 4.4/5

08 Petite Machine
Starts with a drum beat, with a guitar intro solo. Just drums, vocals, and a bassy sound for verses. I love this chorus, it is one of my favourites. It makes you wanna grab your heart. 5/5

09 The New Gold
A very country tinged song, with harmonica leading to the vocals. About how lame everything we do really is. "it will keep us all intact, as long as our eyes are all closed to the coals that we just fled". A fantastic change of style, and pulled off way too well. 4.8/5

10 Big Fresh
An upbeat song, again, but a new style. Vocals are strange sounding. Spooky sounding, and then it picks up and becomes a really happy sounding track. 4.6/5

11 In The Sand
One of my favourite tracks. Piano based, and majestic as heck. The extra syllable in the first line sounds really nice. Drums fully come in, and the song grows. A build/let off chorus, which is really good. 5/5

12 Small Poems of an Old Friend
Aha! I love this song sooo much. Striving guitar to begin and throughout the verse. Its building, letting off, building. A chorus drops the tension, and drums come in. The second verse keeps building. There it goes, what an amazing chorus. The heaviest chorus on the album, and catchy as anything. "Down and down and down you go, stumbling on the lies you told." A Plant sounding wail after the chorus. 5/5

13 Zitilites
The title track is strange. An electronic introduction, which goes for a while, and a laidback drumbeat. Building pianoin the verse, and very very great singing. Chorus sounds Thom Yorke-ish. Very very good. This track is very epic, and changes and morphs its way through. 5/5

14 Bodmin Pill
The final track is an instrumental. Takes a while to get started, and is very beautiful. A great way to end a fantastic album.

This album is in at least my top 3 of last year, and one of my favourite records for ages. I love these guys, and I hope that more people realize their brilliance. I give this album:


Yeah that's right, I did it.

Official site: [url]www.kashmir.dk[/url]


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August 22nd 2004


Nice review, there appears to be alot of electrionic sounds on this album.

I'll try and find it.

January 16th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Very nice review. It's really just spot on what Kashmir must have intended the album to be. Did you check out The Good Life? It's equally great!

September 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

i like this kashmir cd it is one of the best (if you ask me)

i am totally fan of them and if you like them too then hear them and if you buy cd's then if you buy Cruzentil or how you can wride it but you need to knw about kashmir if you wanna hear that cd after my suggestion... but it is one of my favourit cd's... [Kashmir Rocks]

May 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

this album has to be one of my alltime favorites. the songwriting here is superb.

there's not one bad song here. it's a shame that not many people outside Denmark (mainly US) know this brilliant band;

the people here on Sputnik' among others, don't know what they are missing out on!...

August 17th 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

Listen to this Sputnik.

June 15th 2010


Remember when i´d board it when i was fifteen and mostly listened to metal, found most of the songs as the biggest bore in the world. But now i really enjoy Kashmir once in awhile! Some of their material are really stunning, and this record is no exeption.

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