Lil Yachty
Let's Start Here.



by ValenDreth USER (57 Reviews)
February 2nd, 2023 | 4 replies

Release Date: 01/27/2023 | Tracklist

This. This right here. This is the maturity we've been hoping for since Yacht's first mixtape dropped several musical aeons ago in 2015. It took him a while to get up to speed, of course. He's not Nas. He prefers a slow burn instead of a blown load. Masturbate first, then take the girl out to Red Lobster. You don't want to go out with a loaded weapon. Allow time to refill. As Public Enemy said many aeons ago, "don't bum rush the show."

Let's Start Here. is aptly titled, emblematic of a simplicity and directness that has benefited artists for aeons, from Green Day to Faith Hill. This is, quite simply, the best place to start for Lil Yachty. While those of us in the club scene had many grinds and quite a few more bumps in the club blowing each other like cellos, this is the new Lil Yachty who knows which instruments you blow and which ones you suck. Except on Let's Start Here nothing really sucks or blows, it simply vibes. He's clearly been studying Eminem, Kanye, Drake, Kendrick, Mac Miller, and more. This is the hip-hop you hear on NPR. It's classy, it's sophisticated, but does it groove? The answer is yes.

There is also influence from Tame Impala, Black Midi, King Gizzard, and The Doors, making it quite a musical buffet. This is like how Ryan's and Golden Corral tasted aeons ago. You got the chocolate ice cream, you got the chicken tenders, you got the fried okra. An apt title for this album would be Western Sizzlin, as it's a celebration of western psychedelia which also sizzles with groove.

The first thing the listener notices is the psychedelic vibe. This might be the closest thing to Sgt. Pepper we're gonna get in 2023, and many would say this surpasses what the four moptop headass wife-beating racists farted out aeons ago. Why would anybody want to "meet the Beatles," when Lil Yachty proves in just shy of one hour that we don't even need The Beatles? This is the sound of an artist who - likely upon taking LSD or Delta 8 gummies in the initiation of a rite of passage cultivated aeons ago by the gorillas and the Mayans - realized the path he was taking wasn't much of a path at all. In fact, the nihilism and sexual perversion of the modern club scene is part of what's killing music today. Lil Yachty acts as a modern day Pharaoh Sanders and forges a new way for not just black artists, but white artists, Indian artists, Italian artists, ***ing green artists for all I care! This is a new beginning.

As for the music itself? This is fresh like Subway at 10 AM. Songs like "The Zone" are funky and groovy. "Say Something" is a call to action in response to the police brutality that plagues this nation. For all you making cello quips in 2023, are we not allowed to grow as people? This evokes the political anthems of the 60s, like recently departed David Crosby's "Almost Cut my Hair" or Country Joe & the Fish screaming the F-word at Woodstock. Kick out the jams, as brave men once said. Listening to these psychedelic rock-rap manifestations, one could believe Wayne Kramer and Fred Durst formed a blood pact aeons ago and spiritually recorded Lil Yachty's Let's Start Here.

So, my dear reader, what the hell are you waiting for? START.

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February 3rd 2023


Album Rating: 3.0

This may be your best work yet. Well done.

February 3rd 2023


"This might be the closest thing to Sgt. Pepper we're gonna get in 2023, and many would say this surpasses what the four moptop headass wife-beating racists farted out aeons ago."

Lmfao this is gold

February 4th 2023


excellent review

February 7th 2023


stunned into silence by your prose... great job

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