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January 14th, 2005 | 25 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

This is though by many to be the Seminal 3rd wave skapunk album. It is the first and best Catch 22 album. After this album Thomas (now of Streetlight Manifesto and Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution) left because he was tired of touring and since the bassist and a few other members have left.

But this album is amazing. Fast paced vocals, amazing horn work, and a lot of switching between ska and punk.

1. Dear Sergio

This is a great fast paced ska song with Fun lyrics.
This song has been ruined for me forever. Its good, but Tomas redid it with Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution and added some lyrics that it sorely needed. This version feels short and lacking now. Still a great song, but BOTAR's version is much better.

2. Sick and Sad

Another quick fun song about being sad(but its ska, its always happy). Anyway, starts out with distorted guitar but breaks into a quick ska song with quick lyrics (you will hear that description a lot on this album)

3. Keasbey Nights

Amazing sing along song. "When they come for me ill be sitting on my desk with a gun in my hand and a bullet proof vest. My my my how the time does fly when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night." Other than that its a song about remembering youth.

4. Day in Day Out

Song about independence and a girl I think. Its got a great slowdown part.

5. Walking Away

My personal favorite off of the album, though most prefer either Dear Sergio or Keasby Nights or 9mm. Amazing bass intro and horn work. Its about a date or a relationship that starts off well and falls apart as time goes on.

6. Giving up Giving In

First punk song. Its the i dont have anything but i can rule the world if i want attitude. Its got a great breakdown though. And a great acoustic intro that shows of thomas's guitar skills.

7. On & On & On

A great quick ska song with fun lyrics "you're black I'm white
he's purple but I still don't understand"
What its about" I dont know, probably some personal expirience but its fun as hell to sing along to.

8. Riding the Fourth Wave

Instrumental. Shows off the horn section. Not much more to say. Feels a little out of place on the album to me but meh.

9. This One Goes Out to...

Another song about remembering the past. This time its about what you can learn from past experience. Another quick ska song with fun quick lyrics.

10. Supernothing

Slower than the other ska songs. Could be about being a dork or loser in high school. Could be about something comletely different. Im not really sure.

11. 9mm and a Three Piece Suit

Starts off about the punk posers but then transfers into a story about people robbing a store. Its another sing along. Its a fun quick ska song.

12. Kristina She Don't Know I Exist

I think this is a personal story about a crush of Thomas's because they dont play it anymore because it was personal to him. It has some great solo's before the last verse. Its slower than most of the songs and has some really great lyrics. A great song about a girl.

13. As the Footsteps Die Out Forever

The only song i dont really care for on the album. I thought it was from a later album the first time i heard it. Its about a mother passing away from a sickness and trying to hide it from her children.

14. 12341234

Another anthem song. Great great song. Starts out slow, then speeds up with some sing along "whoa's" and ends the album with the guys thanking people over a great bassline and drumming.

5/5 Its just a great album. Only one song i dont care for and even it is better than a lot of band's bests.

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March 2nd 2004


I thought that this alblum was good. But the new one completely blew me away. I think someone should do a review on Dinosaur sounds. Their new album is almost 10 times greater than the first. I put the cd in my cd player and it has been their since i got it.

Drunk Hobo
March 2nd 2004


Great album

Hey Kith, have you got a link for BOTAR? I wanna check them out (especially Dear Sergio).

March 2nd 2004


Hey great review Kithkin. :thumb:

My friend. as well as a few members on MX have made me like Catch 22 now, and so this album is on my wishlist.

March 2nd 2004


The best ska album I've ever heard. Great job.

Hot Rats
March 7th 2004


It is a great album the only really good one from catch 22.

March 7th 2004


yeah, i agree. love the cd.

May 24th 2004


This is the kind of album that you can leave in your CD player for months and it never gets boring. I love it. Good review.

July 9th 2004


[QUOTE=Drunk Hobo]Great album

Hey Kith, have you got a link for BOTAR? I wanna check them out (especially Dear Sergio).[/QUOTE]

July 10th 2004


One of [U]the best ska albums possibly the best

July 11th 2004


I just downloaded this today, cause I love BOTAR and like Streetlight. When I listen to it I'll let you know what I think.

Also, that BOTAR link won't work anymore. They took the songs down, but I'm offering the album up on Soulseek or AIM if anyone wants it. Alex27782 is my user name on both.

July 11th 2004


no they have sample mp3s there, but its still good stuff. I always buy the tomas kalnoky cds. He is my God!

July 11th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

Perfect 10/10

July 12th 2004


Great album, I've heard most of the songs on it. I've been meaning to buy it since seeing Ska Is Dead in April.

July 12th 2004


Took a listen. I dig it.

It was a 3.9/5 first listen.

guitar, bass, sax
July 12th 2004


Check out the unofficial BOTAR fansite, They have all the songs there for free, as well as some One Cool Guy songs (The half of Streetlight Manifesto that isn't Catch 22). One Cool Guy is pretty decent on their own, too.

February 26th 2005


great review the best 3ed wave ska album. i just heard dinosaur sound and i cryed because how sucky it was in comparason

February 27th 2005


great album, not sure on the review, im not keen on dear sergio, but supernothing and 1234 1234 are awesome songs!

April 16th 2005


there best album they have gone downhill since thomas left

October 28th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Awesome album, one of the best along with Streetlight's. I still don't see how u dont like "As the Footsteps Die out Forever" It's a slow song but still has the fast lyrics and is probably the best slow song by any ska band to date...

January 21st 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

This is one of the best ska punk cd's ever released, and it's only going to get better. Supposedly, Streetlight's rerecorded it and is going to release it this year.

edit: I feel silly for having made this remark now.This Message Edited On 07.30.06

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