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January 14th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Hello again it's me.

I'm going to review another great pixies album. This album is called the pixies at the BBC. It is a compilation of songs from albums and B-sides that have been chosen. It is quite an early album which was recorded and destributed in 1998. It has a collection of songs from I think all of their albums and it even contains a great Beetles classic- Wild honey pie. I hope youre not dissapointed.

Track 1. Wild honey pie
A Beetles throw-away which I think that the pixies did justice to. In fact I love it. There would be nothing I would want to change about it. Its very short at only 1 minute 50 but still a great song to listen to. If you are a Beetles fan you should listen to it! 5/5

Track 2. There goes my gun
A brilliant song from the Doolittle album. I love the introduction with the drums and I really love the song as well. I wouldn't say it is an improvement from the origional but still a brilliant song.Kims backing vocals are great and I love the way Charles sings it. 4/5

Track 3. Dead
Another great classic from Doolittle. I love the main guitar riff and the bass is absoulutely superb. Charles' voice is very uniqe in this song. It sounds heavily distorted and that is is why I love it so much. I also really like the drums in the introduction and the lyrics are very astonishing. "You are a heap of craper"- I love it, I dont know what it means but I love it!!! 4.5/5

Track 4. Subbacultcha
A great song from the pixies demo- the Purple tape and Trompe le monde. I think I preffer the one from Trompe le monde but this one is stil quite good. I love the backing vocals. Kim made her sound sort of lower which I think goes very well with Charles' vocals. 4/5

Track 5. Manta ray
A classic Pixies B-side. I like the song but i'm not crazy about it. I like the rhyming coupletes in the lyrics but I think its a bit pointless wrtting about a manta ray. I do like the vocals where Charles goes very high and I do like the drumming. 3.5/5

Track 6. Is she wierd
THis great track is from Bossanova. I like the simplistic beginning. The lyrics are brilliant but I do expect more of the drums. The bassline and guitar riff are good but i love the screaming and the simplistic fade out bit in the ending of the song. 3/5

Track 7. Ana
This beauty is from Bossanova. It is a lovely melow song which you could go to sleep in or relax in. Although it is 50 seconds before Charles comes in with the singing. He's not singing normaly in this song, he has a calm soothfull voice and the song does go a bit louder in the chorus but thats typical of the pixies song structure. 4/5

Track 8. Down to the well
Yet another song from Bossanova. It sounds a bit like 80s glam rock mixed with wierd indie. I especially like the backing vocals with Kim.I dont know what shes saying but I like it. Apart from that I have nothing else to add about this song. 3/5

Track 9. Wave of mutalatio
Yet another song from Doolittle. Great song, I love the drums better in this recording than the one in Doolitle. It is well played by all of them but I thing Joey sounds better in Doolitle. If only I could merge all the good thingsfrom both recordings I could have an altimate recording. But I am very delighted to hear this song. 5/5

Track 10. Letter to memphis
This song was originaly from Trompe le monde. I like the guitar parts better in this recording but Joey could put in a bit more effort. I do quite like this song and Charles' voice is brilliant in this song. 4/5

Track 11. Levetate me
Originaly from Come on pilgrim. I like this recording alot. It's one of my favourite songs from come on pilgrim. I think that charles sings it better on the come on pilgrim recording but this one is still very good. Definately one of my favourite pixies songs. 4.5/5

Track 12. Caribou
Another great song from Come on pilgrim. I absoulutely love this song. A definate favourite of mine. It's a very soothing song vocaly and instrumentaly. I love the guitar riffs especislly Charles' one. I also like the lyrics and the solo is very good. 4.5/5

Track 13. Monkey gone to heaven
This song was from Doolittle originaly. This is probably in my top seven pixies songs. Who else would think up of lyrics of a monkey dying than charles. In this recording he speaks more than he sings and there are some added effects to it. I like the backing vocals by Kim and I really like the solo that Joey does.This is one of the best songs from Doolitle. I strongly recomend you listen to it if you havent done so already. 5/5

Track 14. Hey
This song is probably one of my all time favourite pixies song. Originaly from Doolittle. One of the best guitar riffs and best lyrics have been put in to this song. It seems as though Charles has a bigger part to play in this song than Joey. And the lyrics are typical of Charlses lyrics against all major religions because he often writes about incest and prostitution. I recomend that you give this son a couple of good listens. You will be blown away. 5/5

Track 15. (In heaven) Lady in the radiator song
This a great way to finish off an album even though it is only 1 minute and 45 minutes long. This song was originaly from the pixies demo tape- The purple tape and I think this song is good enough to have been in one of their proper albums but unfortunately it was not to be. :confused: 4/5

I really love listening to this album because even though I have all these songs on different albums the different style recording makes the songs sound more different. On the whole I will give this album a 4.5/5 and strongly recomend that you get it if you are a big pixies fan and you dont already have it.


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August 19th 2004


i really like the Wild Honey Pie cover. i saw them cover it live on their new DVD, and its awesome. its funny to watch how insane Charles gets during that song, and how chilled out Joey is.

August 19th 2004


i'm going to review that DVD because I've got it as well and I have fallen in love with it.
I also like the gouge because I got to see Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.
but the on the on the road bit I didnt really get a good glimpse of Charles and he didnt really say much!

August 19th 2004


[QUOTE=mushroom-cloud]i'm going to review that DVD because I've got it as well and I have fallen in love with it.
I also like the gouge because I got to see Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.
but the on the on the road bit I didnt really get a good glimpse of Charles and he didnt really say much![/QUOTE]
i already reviewed :p

just add your review into my thread though, because youre allowed to do that.

EDIT: i like what Thom had to say about how he imagined the Pixies to look like. it was something along the lines of little 3 foot tall, nasty dwarves.

August 19th 2004


Why would you give this album a 4.5. It's basically just songs from their other albums put on a different one with some slight changes. The production level is way to over produced for me. It takes away from some of the pixies flare. This is a decent album but not a 4.5.


August 20th 2004


god lighten up pixiesfanyo, its like his second review and your getting all exact with him about the production of the album. give him a chance its a good review and I agree that its a good live album from a great band.

whats that aboot?
how did you work that out?
did you use a calculator or something?
nice review egli!

March 5th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

im obseesed with the last song...."in heaven"!!! i heard it on that weird ass david lynch movie, Eraser Head.....and fell in love with it!!! its shows all of the Pixies raw power in a single song and is an amazingly simplistic idea that sounds f'in awesome!!!! i wish i saw them live!!!

anyone else like that song??

September 30th 2007


Pretty much exactly what pixies said.

November 1st 2013


Digging the lady in the radiator cover

Digging: Death of Lovers - The Acrobat

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