Void of Vision
Chronicles II: Heaven



by Matty CONTRIBUTOR (48 Reviews)
November 9th, 2022 | 4 replies

Release Date: 05/06/2022 | Tracklist

Review Summary: I want the space between where it's only you and me

Void of Vision are one of the most exciting, dynamic and fresh acts to make waves this year in the metalcore scene heavily leaning into their industrial/electronic tendencies and doubling down with extremely dirty, raw production techniques. Each track feels like it was authored and recorded in a dimly lit back alley with dead rat carcasses disgorged about with a thick layer of smog shrouding every dark corner. The guitars in particular offer a grungy, static tonal quality that’s both unsettling and completely ruthless regarding heaviness. Additionally, Jack’s vocals almost feel like they were recorded in a metal trash can (in the best way possible) with his raw snarls cutting through the furious mix offering visceral performances that convey true passion, ignorant rage and emotional gravitas.

The songs feel like a collection of black and white images that have been soaked in grease and tar, offering tremendous grooves, dirty riffs and gritty bass tones. The opening track “Berghain” featuring Jacob Charlton of Thornhill, takes ‘stank’ to the next level with an animalistic sexuality pervading the sonic textures of the song. The energy of the track is palpable, the rhythms pulsating with furious pace akin to the German nightclub the song is named after. Jack shouting “Dressed pitch black from head to toe/Black eyes, black nails, black ***ing soul, go!” offers images of black spandex, thick black eyeliner and heavy gothic sentiments which is visually incorporated into the numerous music videos released for the EP. We also are estranged from morality with the lines “Magnetic érotique/A pornographic state of being/I need ungodly frequencies/I need to feel the heat passing through me/Pure ecstasy” defining the pure grimy sexual impulses and themes exhumed throughout the record.

“Dominatrix” sees the band furthering delving into these themes fully absorbing elements of industrial, massive electronic glitches, tense dirty soundscapes and noisy guitars and bass. This is a horny band to say the least, this track in particular offering many lyrical hijinks discussing dominatrix culture and sexual domineering. “Into the Dark” is perhaps the most accessible track on here with both Jack and guitarist James McKendrick offering clean vocal passages, a hooky chorus and a more streamlined song structure to incorporate these elements. The track certainly still contains heavy elements with a stop-and-start breakdown passage, moments of intense guttural screams and pumping riffs. This track offers a bit of repose from the onslaught received on the opening two tracks, with a more nuanced, catchy approach to the bands newer sound.

“Saint Miserable” is a bit more aggressive that its predecessor yet still offering a bit of familiarity with a more typical song structure and nice combination of harsh vocals and cleaner passages. Lyrically, a bit of a departure from the horniness and more focused on toxicity and depression in a relationship. Certainly, a solid track but probably the most run-of-the-mill. The closing track, however, pulls out all the stops presenting a beautiful vocal feature from Hannah Greenwood of Creeper. Her raspy delivery beautifully compliments the harsh tones of the instrumentals whilst simultaneously adding angelic melodies that cut through the ferocity. The song eventually fades with her chorus melody ringing out into the dark ambience and perfectly concludes this visceral, cathartic and sensual listening experience. “Altar” also features one of the most crushing breakdowns of the year to combat the more melodious nature of the song. Truly a spectacle and a very entertaining finale to one of the best short records of the year. Void of Vision plays with numerous influence and genres to create something very original and diabolical whilst still reeling listeners in with massive vocal hooks. I’m looking forward to this group expounding upon what they’ve created here and further flexing their musical muscles.

“Into The Dark”

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Contributing Reviewer
November 9th 2022


Album Rating: 4.5

Been meaning to write about this one for a bit. Better late than never.

Contributing Reviewer
November 10th 2022


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks :D

Contributing Reviewer
November 11th 2022


Album Rating: 4.5

Love horny bands

March 2nd 2023


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