Unwritten Law
Here's to the Mourning



by Big Tone USER (9 Reviews)
August 5th, 2006 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Unwritten Law: 1. A code of ethics where everyone follows, however there is no rule written anywhere. 2. The best damn rock band to come from Poway, California

Those C.P.K (Crazy Poway Kids) are at it again with their sixth full length record. After starting the band in 1991, Unwritten Law made their first full length CD “Blue Room” in 1995 under the Red Eye record label. After its relase in November, The band quickly started working on their second LP “Oz Factor” it was released less than 6 months of their first album, but this time they would be signed under Epic Records.

With no real success of their first two albums it was time for their third album on June, 2 1998 . Their self titled album under Interscope Records was the first with a hit, Cailin. On January 29, 2002 came U.L’s (Unwritten Law) biggest commercial success, Elva. Being 69 on the billboard 200 charts for 2002, and having three successful singles “Seein’ Red” which was their biggest hit to date and peaked at number 1 on the modern rock charts. “Up All Night” which peaked at number 14, and “Rest of My Life” which peaked at number 16 Their 5th record was a live album they recorded while touring behind after Elva, it was released under Earth Escapes record label.

Unwritten Law has been through their ups and downs having none of the original members in the group after kicking last remaining original member Wade Youman (drums) out in 2004 for ongoing disputes with front man Scott Russo, over a woman and money. However this album was a mild success for them hitting #72 out of 100 of the best albums of 2005. So put that in your pipe and smoke it nay-sayers After the release of the album Rob Brewer (guitar) was kicked out of the band, for punching out Scott Russo’s front tooth straight out of his mouth while on stage He also chased Russo with a broken vodka bottle and severed off half of his own finger The band continued touring for “Here’s To The Morning” as a four piece and stated “ Rob is irreplaceable, so we will not be accepting applications for new guitarists. We will, however, continue play our hearts out for our fans”

Unwritten Law is - (at least for this album)
Scott Russo - Vocals, guitar
Pat “PK” Kim- Bass
Steve Morris- back up vocals, guitar
Tony Palermo-drums
Rob Brewer- guitar

This album opens up with a techno type feel, with effects on the turn tables definitely grab ones attention to listen to the record and gradually just slide right into the guitar works for my favorite track on the record. With powerful guitar work by Russo, Morris, and Brewer it will have you nodding your head, and then you reach the incredibly catchy chorus “get up(x4) cause I'm bored get up(x4) get up off the floor business as usual 1,2,3 ooh la de da de come party with me get up cause I'm bored (ya)”. In the opening to third track “Celebration” PK rocks it out with tremendous bass. However this song isn’t all that great, nothing to dismiss but certainly not the best. The song still has extremly strong guitar work as much of the album does, what else do you do when you have three guitarists right?

“Because of You” lays off of the power guitars and is one of the softest songs on the album. This song expresses how much love this guy has for a girl, telling her that his dreams came true because of you, and that he wrote this song so she would understand. When the next track switches up you’ll know it The powerful guitars pick up once again and the lyrics aren’t as soft and generous as the previous track. “Lost Control” is a power driven song about losing control.

The most stand out song on the entire album is the only single from the record. “Save Me” has a very powerful impact lyrically speaking. Russo is singing about how he is so far lost and that noone can save him Failing at rehab and relapsing to drug abuse. Even saying he would be rejected from heaven because he had too much fun. “I like the way” opens up with a swingish sound, that sounds like a more modern day Steve Miller Band. The chorus is incredibly catchy and is talking about his B.A. woman (B.A= bad ass) the song dwindles down with Russo whistleing, you tell me that’s not laid back

“Slow Dance” is electric! The band uses full use of three guitarists again on this track. With such provocative lyrics as “come take a chance with me, come take of your pants with me”. Not my favortie track on this album, although it just kinda melds in with the rest of the album. “She Says” opens up with a very soft and delicate riff, which definetly stands out on such a rocking album. The lyrics are about someone who knows they have done wrong, and a failing relationship, where the woman is telling him her lack of feelings for him.

“Rejections Cold” opens with a strong riff and the chorus is pretty strong aswell. The lyrics are pretty lame where Russo just sings about rejections being cold, over and over again. Becoming very repedative with boring lyrics. My least favorite track on the album “F.I.G.H.T” has an off sound I just could not get into. With cheerleaders cheering “F.I.G.H.T” another pretty lame track. “Walrus” is the last track on the album, another of my least favorties, lyrics like “everyone is gay, and everything is fake” Aren’t these gentlemen professionals? The music to the song were alright again kinda laid back, again sounding like a modern Steve Miller Band, but with really horrible lyrics! There is also a bonus track, some of the hardest stuff I have heard from Unwritten Law. Kinda sounds like they are trying to compete against Motorhead.

In conclusion, the album was alittle shaky, certain tracks are very good such as “Get up”, “Because of You”, “Save Me”, and “She Says”. However the record is dragged down and plagued by songs such as “Rejections Cold”, “F.I.G.H.T”, and “Walrus”. The rest of the tracks were alright, nothing to get over joyed about, but definitely not bad enough to dismiss either. The album was just good, not horrible, not great, just good. I was fortunate enough to get this CD on sale when Media Play closed! 10 bucks baby!

Big Effin Tone

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The Sludge
August 5th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Hey Tone, pretty good review. I like the format of a track by track in a formal paragraph way. :thumb:

August 5th 2006


Good review, keep up the good work :thumb:

Ive only heard "Save Me" from this band, and it was decent. I like the singer

August 5th 2006



The Sludge
August 5th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Ugh, I still do like Rejections Cold, you fucker!

Big Tone
August 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Thank you all for the votes people.

This should be default review now.

The Sludge
August 9th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Yeah, this should be default review I think.

June 13th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Someone please make this the default!

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