The Starting Line
With Hopes Of Starting Over EP



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January 14th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Overall this isnt the best Starting Line cd, but it was their first major release so it was really good for that.

Leaving 4/5- This song is also on their full length cd, but this version is a little different. it starts out kind of fast with a good drum and guitar intro. One of my favorite TSL songs, both versions are good but this one is more ruff cut punk sounding.

Saddest Girl Story 4/5- A good song as well, starts out with guitar riffs and comes out with a good example of Kennys voice, and how the whole cd will sound. Very catchy song with good melodies

Threes A Charm 5/5- This is by far the stand out song on the cd. Good bass in the intro, and the lyrics are very catchy ("getting over three leaf clover that i thought was four"). This is one of the best TSL songs to date. A song about losing a girl, similar to most pop punk songs, but if ur a fan of pop punk then this song will rock for you.

Gregs Last Day 4/5- A song about a friend moving away. Good song as well nothing really to make it stand out, but it gets a 4 because i think all the songs on this cd deserve at least a 4. This song was on the Atticus-Dragging The Lake cd as well. Catchy lyrics as well ("when you left home and moved to Ohio, the summer had come to an end") i really like this song as well, its probably the best song after Threes a Charm. If u had a good friend move away this is a song that will mean a lot to you.

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now 4/5- Starts off with a quick drum intro, this is probably the lowest song on the cd. still good however not the best work of TSL. Catchy chorus as usual though. and has great vocals by kenny as most of their songs do.

With Hopes of Starting Over is a very typical pop punk cd. For any fan of pop punk i would say you should def buy this cd, but only after buying Say It Like You Mean It.

Rating: 4/5

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OH, my reviews suck. Guess what pal, get on the top 15 and then argue with me.

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Oh snap, you said it sista.

Anyway, it was alright review. Was that you, beyondtheblueprint?

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oh yes it was, commenting on the laziness of no album artwork and shitty HTML-ing. This guy is exactly what Rudd13 said he was. A hypocrite douchebag.

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Album Rating: 3.0

‘With Hopes of Starting Over’, the debut EP from Philadelphian pop-punkers The Starting Line, is a decent enough beginning to the band’s career. At its best when it is loudly rampaging along at a fast pace, there appears to be some real talent here, especially when it comes to the dual guitar-work & Tom Gryskiewicz’s drumming. The production is predictably raw, meaning it takes a little while to get used to Kenny Vasoli’s whiney vocals, however the biggest mystery here is what made them cover Starship’s 1987 pop hit ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’! Recommended Tracks: Saddest Girl Story & Three’s A Charm.

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