Motionless in White
Scoring the End of the World



by Matty CONTRIBUTOR (48 Reviews)
June 22nd, 2022 | 18 replies

Release Date: 06/10/2022 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Scoring the End of the World a 3.8/5

Scranton, Pennsylvania gothic-metalcore outfit Motionless in White return for their sixth full length studio record and deliver more of their signature fun, heavy-hitting, tongue-in-cheek jams. Their previous effort proved a bit divisive and inconsistent, leaning heavily into more commercial and radio-friendly territory. With this release, MIW have found a steady and peaceful balance between the Breaking Benjamin style radio-styled alternative metal and the super aggressive, pounding and relentless metalcore that propelled their career 10 plus years ago.

The album opener “Meltdown” immediately sets the tone with chunky, syncopated chugs and kick drums with production heavily drenched in synthesizers and voice decoders. This harkens back to the opener for their third studio album Reincarnate and its’ opening track “Death March” with pulse pounding rhythms and aggression. The album immediately shifts into the more radio-friendly, easy-listening and digestible alternative metal portion of the track list with bona fide banger “Sign of Life”, easily one of the most catchy and simple tracks on here. Followed by the eerie and industrial/synthwave tinged “Werewolf” which proves to be one of the most experimental tracks and one of my personal favorites in the grand scheme of the record. With pulsating rhythms, 80’s synthpop stylized drum effects and even a vocal callout to one of the most beloved 80’s songs by one-hit wonder Rockwell, “Somebody’s Watching Me” featuring the one and only Michael Jackson.

From here we get one of the more predictable power-ballad-esque tracks, “Porcelain.” Of the couple slower tracks on the record, this one is easily the best with a powerful chorus, genuine lyrical content and committed instrumentals. Vocalist Chris Motionless delivers some of his most matured and best produced vocal performances during this track. The glow up from his clean vocal style on their first record Creatures to now is astounding and easily one of the standouts on this record. Vocal progression and lyrical maturity prove to be this record’s most potent feature and admirable trait.

Naturally, following one of the slower tracks we get probably one of the heaviest tracks of MIW’s career with “Slaughterhouse” featuring the talented and distinguished vocalist of Knocked Loose, Bryan Garris. This song is relentless, brutal and yet still features a catchy chorus that doesn’t feel forced or out of the place. The slow-down, hardcore-stylized breakdown that takes up the last minute of the track features dissonant panic chords and some of the frenetic and tortured screams that I’ve heard from either Bryan or Chris. A standout track for sure.

Here we get to the common middle-section slump in metalcore records. The Breaking Benjamin copycat song “Masterpiece”, also the second single released for the record, tries to recapture the beauty and passion of their hit single of Disguise, “Another Life” but falters and finds itself lacking the potency. This is one of the few examples of something feeling forced on the record. There’s a short and uninspired breakdown tossed in the center of the song and feels passionless and unnecessary, and the hook of the chorus is bland and unappealing. This song is followed by “Cause of Death” which I also feel is a bit lackluster featuring more of “Sign of Life” style of alternative metal. The chugs and rhythms feel a bit complacent and simplistic compared to the strong points on this record.

The next four track’s feature this records bread and butter. Lots of big soaring choruses, impressive vocal passages and insanely infectious riffs and breakdowns. “Burned at Both Ends II” is not the sequel we asked for, but the sequel we deserve. Easily my favorite track on this record, it features a chorus that varies in its vocal delivery and brings about some of the highest notes that I think Chris has ever hit vocally. “B.F.B.T.G. (Corpse Nation)” features one of the best breakdown callouts on the album.

“Research this mother***er!”

It’s corny, a bit cringey, but honestly this band has never shied away from being a bit different and leaning into their silliness. The lead single “Cyberhex” is reminiscent of the opening track with heavily syncopated chugs and drum kicks, lots of flair for the dramatic and electronic-synth heavy moments.

The final tracks feel a bit weaker in comparison to the previous chunk of the record. “Red, White and Boom” featuring Caleb Shomo and the title track featuring famed composer Mick Gordon, feel a bit lazy musically but still carry that fun, silly vibe that transcends the rest of the album.

Overall, Scoring the End of the World features some very strong performances, lots of fun energetic tracks, and stronger song-writer compared to their previous full length effort. While there are a few duds in the tracklist: “Masterpiece”, “Cause of Death”, and the title track, I feel like this remains one of their most consistent efforts to date and offers a healthy serving of all the styles this band has developed over their 10 plus year career. I recommend this to fans and new-comers alike who are looking for fun, synth-heavy metalcore.

Fave tracks:
“Burned at Both Ends II”
“B.F.B.T.G. (Corpse Nation)”


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June 22nd 2022


Album Rating: 3.0

Better than their last two, disappointing after the very nice quartet of singles that came before the album.

June 22nd 2022


Slaughterhouse is the best track they've had to me since Creatures but this as a whole is just another MiW album. INK might have usurped them at their own game tbh.

June 22nd 2022


Have never listened to this band really before but checked out burnt at both ends II based on your description and thought it was really enjoyable, gunna give the whole album a spin. I don’t see myself returning to it but I think I’m gunna enjoy a listen.

June 23rd 2022


Album Rating: 2.5

iz bad

June 24th 2022


Album Rating: 2.5

Its not as awful as i assumed it would be. Kinda dumb and fun though.

Staff Reviewer
June 24th 2022


Album Rating: 0.5 | Sound Off

Did I listen to a different album to everyone else? This shit was awful

June 24th 2022


band is*

June 27th 2022


Aight I need to at least hear B.F.B.T.G. (Corpse Nation) for the research breakdown lol

June 30th 2022


Album Rating: 2.5

Is this band any good live or at least dumb mindless moshy fun

June 30th 2022


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

“ Is this band any good live or at least dumb mindless moshy fun” well, I saw them live the same week they released Graveyard Shift and it was easily the worst show I’ve ever been to. Sounded so awful, and lacked any energy

June 30th 2022


Album Rating: 2.5

Oh dear well scratch that then

October 13th 2022


Album Rating: 4.0

This took a few spins to click, which is unusual for a MiW album. I'd probably ditch We Become the Night & Red, White & Boom, but the rest is brash, dumb & super catchy fun.

October 22nd 2022


Meltdown's one hell of an opener. The album's really good, fist in the air, have some fun-type metal. Not groundbreaking, but undeniably a good time

March 19th 2023


Album Rating: 4.5

Best MIW album by a mile

March 19th 2023


Album Rating: 2.5

And an example of how to waste a feature of someone as talented as Lindsey Schoolcraft.

March 19th 2023


This band has always had absolutely nothing to offer.

March 19th 2023



March 19th 2023


Album Rating: 2.5

Despite my rating i agree. This band is just average bottom rung core. I only listened to this because i got my friend a signed copy of it as a gift. Its dumb, bit shit, but for what it is reasonbly fun popcorn-core. Would i personally go out of my way to listen/see this band: fuck no,

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