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July 30th, 2006 | 6 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

We have gathered here today to witness the funeral of the former Bay-Area thrash-metal band Forbidden and their last album called Green, lets start with a quiet we don't have time for that, let us have a look of what they left instead. From being a typical prototype thrash band from the Bay-Area in San Francisco where other bands emerged such as Testament and Exodus who became legendary in the genre. In Forbidden's early days they played somewhat classic thrash-metal, the pace was intensive, the vocals were similar to Anthrax and was in general a quite decent band. But the band had problems with both economics and lables and they finally reached the end of the line and disbanded, the band left behind four studio albums, one EP and one compilation.

What is this!" From being fast and even put out songs that were considered as minor thash-classics and now they had become the opposite. This album is not like the previous albums at all, the band is more focused on slower paces than before and the sound is wierder. The quite enjoying and skilled vocal work is now lower, harsher and more strained. The vocals are also distorted in a few songs that really hurts your ears when you listen to this, to be honest it sounds like Russ is struggling to not sh*t in his pants when he sings. The instruments are though a little bit better, the guitars are pretty dense but the general heaviness is quite weak, the bass is barely heard but the drumming is the only thing that saves the songs from disaster. The only thing that would be best in this album would be the lyrics, the band focuses on the human itself and the power of money if I remember correct.

The line-up who was the last one to make their last album was done by the vocalist Russ Anderson, the two guitarists Craig Locicero and Tim Calvert, the bassist Matt Camacho and the drummer Steve Jacobs. Three of the members were also members in a hardrock band called Manmade God which is now also disbanded, and the fourth one was a former member in a ''traditional metal'' - band called Nevermore. The band members performances was more less than good here, Russ's vocals were to strained and to forced in this album and it was very annoying to hear at, especially if you knew how he sounded in his early days. The guitars were though quite sturdy and had a good sound, but the riffing was non-catchy in almost every song. The guitar work felt similar to Damageplan in my ears, the guitars was also ruined by various sorts of edited sound effects which made the material very boring. And the bass, what about the bass, it is hardly audiable in this album. It is heard at some moments but it is not enjoyable at all. The drums would by the only instrument that sounds good, the drum patterns has a decent variety but it focuses more on the slower stuff rather than the fast ones. The drums are catchy at some moments but it does not make the band interesting or unique in any way, not in this album though.

Well I guess that there was some things that I liked about this album but they were very very few, almost nothing to be honest. But I will give it a try though, one thing I liked was that the band did have some speed in their material. A few songs had some speed and it made them slightly catchy, the drumming was the second and last thing I enjoyed here. I think that the drumming was the only thing that held up the spirit in the songs because of the thrashy patterns.

Me, Myself and I thought the same things, there was nothing in this album the grabbed our attention. There was maybe one or two songs that sounded ok but the other stuff was totally uninteresting. The vocals were horrible compared to his ''Belladonna''- style which was far more better than this, and when the vocals got into distortion it becamed even worse. The guitar work was boring, non-catchy and there was a poor variety among the riffing sections. The bass was of course not audiable in this band either and it didn't showed up in none of the songs. It maybe was to parallel with the guitars but I don't care becuase it wouldn't sounded better even if it was more audiable.

Now when the main part of the funeral it will be some time to look at their and try to remember them as a band that at least tried to do something different with their music but failed. It was lucky that I found this so I could warn you, this album most be the yet only one thrash album that I really hate now and I really starting to think if I should rate my first Forbidden-review. I will not recommend this album to anyone because of its stupid sound, vocals and totally odd song structures, it felt good to really bash an album and this album was the unfortunate one to get across my rage. I hope this was an helpful review and criticism is always welcome.

+ Well I could agree to the lyrics (though I don't care about them anyway)

- It really sounds like Russ is about to sh*t his pants
- No bass at all
- The song structures are too odd and does not feel similar to thrash at all
- The whole material was basically non-catchy
- With the edited sound effects in the song made it just worse

-- Well I guess I could pick Phat

The overall album rating for this horrid album will be: 1/5

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July 30th 2006


Great review, this sounds horrible.

July 30th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Yea, this was even worse then Defiance. These guys did sound good in their first album but this was plain sh*t.

July 30th 2006


I thought this was a good album. I agree about some of the effects and the vocals do sound like they are leaning towards like commercial singing which I don't like.

I really connected to the music when I heard it. I like the "off-key" guitar riffs.

July 31st 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

I think that these guys were much better in the past. Its so sad to see a band that was good at the beginning become so horrible at the end.

Contributing Reviewer
February 15th 2015


Album Rating: 2.5

It's true that most of this album is somewhat forgettable, but listening to the album once you could gather that the band were heading in a completely different direction to that of their first few albums. That said, this direction just isn't well refined. A few songs are pretty well-written and executed in contrast to the others, such as opener "What is the last Time?" and "Blank" which has a slightly more experimental touch. Otherwise the album is definitely average, but not exactly terrible.

Digging: Hamferd - Támsins likam

August 16th 2015


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

Gene Hoglan dug this album at some point

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