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Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Motorpsycho's sixth studio album has a fine selection of hard rock tunes but sadly falls flat towards the end.

Motorpsycho are huge in Norway. Even 30 years since their formation, their albums consistently reach the top 5 in the Norwegian album charts and they have been nominated countless times for a Spellemannprisen, Norway's equivalent of a Grammy, which they've won 3 times throughout their career. This album was released only a couple years after their breakthrough with 1993's Demon Box, which gave them their first Spellemannprisen nomination. However, this album is the one that really gave the band their true breakthrough, finally winning them the award in the Rock category. I can see why, the first 7 tracks are pure gold. However, the album falls down after the grand 'S.T.G', which is one of the best Motorpsycho tracks of all time. The last 3 tracks, 'Manmower', 'Fool's Gold' and 'Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii' are completely unnecessary and I'd even go to the point of saying they bring down the album. I wouldn't mind, but the last two I mentioned are mediocre at best. 'Manmower' is a decent song but would've been better placed earlier in the album. Anyway, enough negativity, let's get into the awesomeness of this album.

This album has plenty of variety, ranging from progressive slow-burners like True Middle to breakneck anthems like Drug Thing. Each individual track has something unique about it, and I would happily tell you about each one but I don't want to bore you, so let's move on. It's consistent originality, even including the last 3 tracks, is what differs this from any other hard rock album from the time. Every song isn't just some boring ditty about love or whatever, each track offers something else to the table and throughout the first 7 tracks I never found myself bored. The music captivated me. Like I mentioned earlier, despite the last 3 tracks being mediocre at best, all 3 of them are completely original. The only problem is that they could've been placed and executed better.

Another great thing about this album is how they also embraced multiple different genres which were on the rise in the underground music scene at the time. As an example, True Middle can easily be identified as a post-rock song, which emerged in the 90's. As another example, the final track 'Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii' is clearly an ambient track, which had a major resurgence in the mid 90's. They got many different elements of what was popular in rock at the time and made it their own. As stated before, their originality is what makes this album so great.

In conclusion, this album is fantastic but falls flat with the last 3 tracks. Despite this, each track offers something original to the album and helps make it unique.

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January 3rd 2022


I've been listening to their last decade stuff a lot and most of their 2000s LPs. I have to dig deeper to the '90s stuff. The songs I've heard so far are great, but don't really know most of those albums. Happy to see Blissard reviewed. Greener, Manmower and S.T.G are the ones I know best and they are strong.

Digging: Papir - 7

January 3rd 2022


Album Rating: 3.5

good album from what i remember

January 4th 2022


Would you look at that, a sudden review of a classic Motorpsycho! Pos'd. I'm lowkey working on one for Angels & Demons actually!

This album is pure unabashed Sonic Youth worship and I do agree about how it peters off at the end, mainly because of how basically perfect the first two thirds are. That said I think Manmower at least is a great song. One thing I love about this record is how emo-y the vocals/lyrics are, 'tis godly sadboi music haha. Also Snah has some truly delicious guitarwork here, especially Drug Thing's solos and Sinful Windborne arrangement in general. Bass work is excellent too of course, see Drug Thing again.
God 90s Motorpsycho is such goldmine,'s Numbess is like the Beach Boys doing noise rock.

Oh have you checked the deluxe boxset? One of the CDs contains an alternative version of this record (the original unreleased version, technically) with a different tracklist that may fix your problem. (I say "may" because the songs that they ended up cutting are clearly not on the same level as the best ones of the final tracklist)

Sorry when I see classic Motorpsycho I hyperventilate

January 4th 2022


Wow, The Matter With Her and Like Always are awesome tracks I've never heard before. Stalemate isn't as good but would still be a great alternative to Fool's Gold or Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii. I imagine Manmower also being much better after The Nerve Tattoo. I'll need to listen to the full alternative version some day. Thank you.

January 5th 2022


Album Rating: 4.5

One of my favorite bands of the 90s

January 6th 2022


Album Rating: 3.5

this has a blend of boring songs and bangers

January 7th 2022


@TheCharmOffensive no problem, sorry for rushing the comment down without considering you may have already heard the boxset haha but glad to be of help. Agreed that version of Stalemate is a bit cheesy, I prefer both the stripped down version from Angels & Daemons and the dirge-y one from When the World Sleeps (which incidentally is another lost album from Blissard's boxset!)

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