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December 21st, 2021 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2021 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Safe as houses, but slightly more exciting.

Where Band-Maid's first few albums focused on progressively more energetic and instrumentally impressive songwriting with the odd slower piece scattered here and there, 2019's Conqueror was apparently conceived as a vehicle for vocalist Saiki to slow things down and put the focus squarely on her singing. Whilst there were definitely some standouts, the way the track list constantly switched between fast rager and heartfelt ballad left the record feeling like some kind of identity crisis where the band really weren't sure what direction they wanted to go in as a collective.

2021's Unseen World seeks to rectify this by laying out twelve high octane hard Rock cuts as an apology to a fanbase that Conqueror so thoroughly divided, which kind of works, but also really kind of doesn't.

As one might expect on a fairly homogenous record, the tracks chosen as singles are by far the strongest. 'Afterlife' might be the catchiest thing the band has ever put out, 'Warning!' is yet another explosive opening track that never lets up (a Band-Maid staple) and 'Manners' is the stomping blues jam that Conqueror's 'The Dragon Cries' swung for and missed, but everything after the opening salvo starts to blur together.

This is a real shame as more experimental tracks like Just Bring It's 'Yolo' are missing altogether, and with no ballads whatsoever there's no respite such as the oasis found in World Domination's one-two punch of 'Daydreaming' and 'Anenome'. By trying to back pedal away from Conqueror as hard as possible and take the safe route Band-Maid actually find themselves releasing a record that's almost equally devoid of spark, just in a completely different way.

Whilst this may sound like a negative take this is still a solid hard rock album with some great ideas and immaculate production. I can absolutely confirm that it's perfect background music for a road trip or gym session, you're just unlikely to be checking your device of choice for the track names of most of the back half of the album as, with one or two exceptions, it all sounds kind of the same.

For a band that's been putting out a record every twelve months like clockwork for the last six years it's impressive they have any ideas left at all, but, and I say this as a fanboy, maybe it's time for Band-Maid to take some time out and spend a little longer on the gestation period of the next release.

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December 21st 2021


Album Rating: 4.0

Just Bring It is their best yes. This is good but they keep writing the same album over and over again. Getting stale, albeit still good music. Good review.

December 21st 2021


Only song I ever cared about from this band was "Thrill". Haven't heard one song that ever matched how good that single was.

December 22nd 2021


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

Good album

January 15th 2022


Album Rating: 4.0

I think this album deserves more love. I love it from the beggining to the end. "Warning", "After life", "Giovanni" and "Black Hole" are its best tracks in my opinion.

January 16th 2022


Album Rating: 4.0

Its really good, but they keep releasing the same album over and over is my issue, albeit still good music. They should be bigger than they currently are though I will say.

January 16th 2022


Weeb time

March 28th 2022



October 6th 2022


Album Rating: 5.0

Unseen World is a great album. I love it that every album sounds different, although many fans would have preferred Band-Maid to stay permanently with the World Domination sound, some even pre-Just Bring It. It seems like with every album they piss off some fans and garner many others. A good sign of a band in constant evolution.

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