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“Post-genre” seems to have become a trend in the underground music world recently, and I’m all for it. Why limit yourself to a certain specific musical style if you can write music with multiple different influences that sounds coherent and unique in the end? Vancouver based quartet Dyatlove have done just that on their self-titled debut EP. The band takes sludge, post-metal, hardcore and shoegaze influences and molds them into their very own thing – an impressive and beautiful record that will leave you wanting more.

Opener “Pass the Heavens” begins with dreamy ambiance, luring the listener in with atmospheric soft snths and guitar strains, and clean vocals. After a few minutes the vocal style changes to raspy growls, the guitars get a little chuggier, the tempo picks up, and then the sludge kicks in with full force. The guitars and drums drown you in heavy walls of sound. Point taken, Dyatlove don’t beat around the bush. “Empty Lungs” continues on that note. The droning guitars and slow heavy drumming set the tone right from the start. No escape. This will destroy you. Juxtaposed: impending vocals, first clean, then getting harsh and despaired. A sludge metal sledgehammer to your face. Comparisons with Cult of Luna are only logical given the all-consuming density of the multi-layered composition and the agony and aggression of the vocals. However, here’s a band that, despite wearing its influences on its sleaves, has its own sonic identity. And they are anything but one-note. The sludge/post-metal basis of the track is spiced up with much more aggressive hardcore influences, resulting in a song that feels monumental and visceral at the same time. Track number 3, “Fragile Fixation,” is a melodic hardcore/shoegaze cut that demonstrates the band’s knack for emotional melodies and atmosphere alike.

But, hey, before you forget the band’s sludgy and heavy side, closer “Old Haunts” comes along, easily my favourite song off the EP. This is a post-metal banger complete with organs, clean interludes, stunning melodies and crushing riffs, all held together by refreshingly adventurous and organic songwriting. The song also highlights the vocalist’s impressive range, and, as if that wasn’t enough already, it hits you with a freaking trumpet solo towards the end. Underrated instrument, if you ask me, and it fits perfectly here. I love it.

Bonus track “Die! Pig! Die!” is a quick and nasty hardcore song that is only available on the cassette edition released through Coup Sur Coup Records but is actually worth the purchase. You’ve got to love the pure aggression the band brings to the table here.

In summary, Dyatlove have created what one could rightfully call a perfect debut EP. It demonstrates the band’s versatility, creativity and technical competence, ranging from long-winded post-metal/sludge tracks through fast-paced hardcore bangers, and serves as a very promising appetizer for hopefully a lot more music to come.

Originally published at www.unstillemagazine.wordpress.com on May 8th, 2020.

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November 17th 2021


Album Rating: 4.0

Decided to share some of my older Unstille Magazine reviews here. This is the last one, originally published in 2020.

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