The Bleeding Holocaust



by Drunken Viking USER (20 Reviews)
July 26th, 2006 | 18 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Vornagar are a Melodic Death Metal band from Los Gatos, California. Haven't heard of them" I'm not surprised, they haven't done any big tours, and mostly play local shows, so they must not be that good right" WRONG! Vornagar along with Arsis are giving American Melodic Death Metal a good name again. No Gothenburg rip-offs here, just pure Melo Death. This band first came to my attention a few months ago courtesy of fellow Mxer KillaBees_77, at first I didn't think much of them until I heard Hyperion, that song just clicked for me, and since then I have been in love with these guys. I knew their drummer [Marco Pitruzella (ex Vital Remains live drummer)] was good, but it wasn't until my good friend Death Metal Dave informed me that he brooke the record for the most single hits on a bass drum in a minute, with 1167 Marco shattered the previous record of 1030! Now here is a review for Vornagar's first full-length, The Bleeding Holocaust.

The Bleeding Holocaust is one of the better albums to come out of America in the last two years. I know what you're thinking, and yes that is hyperbole. But honestly this album is really quite good. Blending Marco Pintruzella's insanely fast drumming, with the harsh vocals of Carl Pitlick, the bass playing of Matt Rosenberg, and the twin guitar assault from Greg Larrenaga, and Jay Rodriguez, The Bleeding Holocaust is literally a blend of Melody and Death Metal.

The producing on this album is pretty good. It's not over or underproduced. Sadly the bass is almost completely silent, there are a few instances where he is heard, but for the most part Matt's absent. Besides that however, the instruments all sound top notch. The drums cut through the wall of guitars and vocals with ease, and the tone is almost exact to that of his live tone. The bass drums sound incredible. The rest of the drums all go together as well, by that I mean they all sound like real drums, I'm not entirely sure but I'm about 99% sure he uses triggers on his bass drums, but they don't sound fake like some drummers who just pro tool the shit out of everything. The guitars also sound awesome, they have a little bit of fuzz, but all of their notes shine through,

Now like I've said before the instruments are all in top form, even the vocals are good, but sadly Carl fails to distinguish himself from the huge amount of other melodic death vocalists. The drumming like I've said is impeccable. Marco is truly one of the best metal drummers alive today. They add to each and ever song, whether it's blast beats, or just a nicely placed double or triplet.

Another thing is the whole band is all in sync together. They all compliment each other pretty damn well. The drums don't try to be the main focus of the album, nor do the guitars, vocals, or obviously bass. I've talked enough about Marco though, onto the rest of the band. Greg and Jay are both exemplary tremolo pickers. :) I know this sounds easy, but changing frets and strings often it can become tricky. But these guys can do more then that, there are a few part on this album that really caught my attention, for example the solo in When the Mist Hath Fallen, whilst not incredibly technical just really stood out to me as unique.

None of this album seems, bland or dull. I listen to my fair share of Gothenburg, and I can safely say this album doesn't rip off of any of the bands in this genre, or really any other bands from the Death and Melodic Death genres respectively. I guess you could say that Carl sounds just like every other Melodic Death "shrieker" out there, and I'd have to agree. If there was any low point to this album, that'd be it. I like his voice and tone, it's very powerful, but unfortunately it sounds just like all of the other screamers out there, and him screaming in pretty much the same voice throughout with some variation between low growls and mid level shrieks it all sounds a bit samey. Maybe some clean singing on this album would help, though I can't think of where to put them.

The Bleeding Holocaust is really quite interesting. On one hand you have the fast paced hard hitting rhythm section made up of Marco, Matt, Jay and/or Greg, and on the other you have melodies made by Carl, and either Greg or Jay. This band really compensates the two nicely. On most of the sections you will find not only a driving rhythm, but also a nice melodic part over it.

-Great instrumentation

-Only 9 songs long
-Not even 45 minutes in length

Now to wrap this already long review up. Vornagar are a spectacular underground Metal band. They are worth checking out, and you can tell their hearts are in the right places, they don't care about money or being popular just about making good music and having a great time. Their entire album is available for download on their website www.vornagar.com so do yourself a favor and download it. The only reason this album is not recieving a 5/5 rating, is because in order to be a classic you must be able to impact a lot of people with the album, this album is not incredibly popular, and thus can't be enjoyed by thousands.

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July 26th 2006


good review, although a bit fanboyish at times. Again, I dont like death in any forms, so I probably would not enjoy this.

July 26th 2006


this looks awesome

July 26th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I think you overrated the hell out of this album, but still it's pretty good.

July 26th 2006


Ditto on Cocaine's post. This isn't bad at all, but I wouldn't go as far as a 4.5.

Although I do give them a lot of credit as musicians. Their drummer was the touring drummer for Vital Remains for a while, and that's no easy feat.

Poofy 666
July 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I put up some samples because I'm nice like that

July 28th 2006


Decent album. The drums are mixed way too high, and the guitars are hard to hear. The songwriting is pretty good though, there are some really cool parts on here. I would have toned down the fanboyism in the review a bit, but then I don't think this album is as good as you do.

I'm pretty sure the drummer you're talking about at the end of the first paragraph is Tim Yeung, he toured for Vital Remains also and I know he competed in the World's Fastest Drummer competition. Both drummers are phenomenal though, check out Pitruzella (who is only 20 by the way)'s myspace profile and Decrepit Birth's album for some hardcore Yeung.

Drunken Viking
July 28th 2006


I wasn't entirely sure about that part too, I saw a video on Youtube saying he brooke the record, and a friend of his told me did to.

I'm redoing the review to tone down the fanboyism, so I'll repost when I've done that.

Drunken Viking
July 28th 2006


Alright, I edited it!

Drunken Viking
October 4th 2006


I fear these guys might've broken up, my friend told me that Marco and one of the other members moved to Oregan.

March 8th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

You can download it from their website, if thats any help.

April 28th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah it's an awesome album. Vornagar are good.

November 13th 2007


Marco Pitruzzella is GREAT.

November 13th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I remember listening to their myspace crap. And it was crap.

November 13th 2007


No one has put up a braindrill page yet and their debut on metal blade records is coming out soon :/

November 13th 2007


I think I'm going to get this if I can find it.

November 13th 2007


It's hard as hell to find. I think you can download it on their page. The drumming is just outstanding... and is the main attraction i suppose.


November 13th 2007


whoops that link is dead.

http://www.myspace.com/vornagar you can do it from there too as far as i know.

June 22nd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

It's a pretty good album. The riffs is quite good, but it does become a bit tedious after a while. And as good as the drumming is, it's too loud and overpowers the guitars. I'd like to see what direction they go in next.

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