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July 25th, 2006 | 18 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Its not very often a musical group shares its complete, unrefined story to the world. If thatd be the case, it wouldnt be very often a bands story would be a very great one, to say the least. One that could catch countless listeners frozen in their tracks, yearning to hear just one more word about that background that fulfilled fans wishes to begin with. This simply doesnt happen too frequently to keep track of, and from stories of uprising heroes; whether hearing The Clashs raw story of standing up for what you believe in, or being taught a bit about destiny by Led Zeppelin, theres always space for one more to fit the bill.

Destiny can undoubtedly be presented in unbelievable, often very uncanny forms. Flogging Molly, after releasing three full-length albums and one live album in the last 6 years, uncovers the unexpected product of all their work: their long-awaited full story, priceless in many ways, with footage tracing all the way back to their very first appearances in the now-famous Molly Malones bar and pub in Los Angeles.
Whiskey On A Sunday was released on July 25th, 2006 in North America. It is a package of the feature-length Flogging Molly documentary on DVD, along with a full-length soundtrack to go along with it. Prior to its release, it was said to be the bands best work, and one of the best musical-influenced stories to be told to the public.

The DVD, which contains the full-length documentary and a few, likeable special features, turns out to become more than just the story of the bands background. With no narrator, no direction, and absolutely no excuses, the nearly 2-hour film captures what its like getting on your way to become something else in show business, no matter who tells you different, as well as you make that special connection with ordinary people, whether it be a 5 year-old, or a happily-withering 67-old man. The commentary in the film is carried from band member to band member, all telling about a certain subject, explaining an aspect of the band, or sharing stories about the road, or each other.

While the film has no set direction or rhetorical events, its set with chapters that come in small clumps, each circling around a certain story or event. The organization and dialogue on the film is arranged in such a terrific fashion, it flows very well right in front of your eyes. Following the band at home, on tour, and in the studio, Whiskey On A Sunday is a gentle, yet heart-pounding story set in the past and present of the 7-piece band that made it through all these years as another brave stunt of defiance. It shows what its really like to be on the road constantly, and miss loved ones and home alike, while taking on the stress of waking up somewhere different every morning. Singer Dave King also exposes some of his most sensitive stories of his life, and how many of the songs fans recognize came to be. In text, the feeling you get when the credits start rolling is indescribable. Simply put, its easily a story fans will be remembering in 30 years.

The soundtrack to the film consists of acoustic and live versions of classic Flogging Molly scores, as well as one new song to start it all off. Laura makes the soundtrack bloom immediately, hooking you in to listen to the rest with ease. Its yet another brilliantly-written acoustic lead, turned upside down into a rock ballad about Dave Kings feelings for a woman thats now gone from his life. The fresh acoustic recordings to follow are also excellent, giving off that recognizable Johnny Cash clicking progression as the strumming fills the album with more and more curiosity, and originality, despite the songs had already been presented in the past.

To many fans, the soundtrack will probably strike as dumb and somewhat pointless, but the tones projected from Kings vocal ability on the acoustics are very different from the electric versions, and while the full-on intensity of the electric versions are way better in opinion, these just cant be ignored, as it is undoubtedly very original in its own way. The live tracks on the other hand, present the bands thunderous stage presence in a way thats been unseen before. Tracks like The Likes of You Again are sped up to a more intense speed, drums pounding and Dennis Caseys guitar raging along every track.

This album is the good and evil of both straight-forward folk and punk rock, and it shows, just by listening to purely-epic live version of Black Friday Rule, ranking in at 12 minutes of outrageous solo material from drummer Bob Schwindt, violinist Bridget Regan, and guitarist Dennis Casey. Swagger, a song that previously seemed very poor in substance, sounds brilliant on this album and is another live gem on the soundtrack. Whether these classics are to be slowed down acoustically, or spewed from hell live, this is Flogging Molly like youve never heard it before.

What the Whiskey On A Sunday package achieves is something unheard from any of the bands other work, and from many other groups and bands alike. The connection the film and soundtrack accomplish with the listener is very impressive, and is left to be found out by the fan, or anyone whos simply looking to start up on the band as well. The humble, yet creative presentation of the packaging is rather welcoming, and indicates the gentle intensity, so to speak, that the band has always projected in these long-lasting six years. Such a unique, modern style of music, banjos, fiddles, accordion-armed, has never been seen or heard in a more stylish, near-perfect way.

The DVD: 4.5/5
The Soundtrack: 3.5/5

Flogging Molly:
Dave King
Bridget Regan
Dennis Casey
Bob Schwindt
Robert Schmidt
Matt Hensley
Nathen Maxwell



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July 25th 2006


Excellent review Rudd, looks like Ill have to pick this up

July 26th 2006


Another well done review man. This seems very good.

Digging: Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee

July 26th 2006


I've always enjoyed Flogging Molly, Drunken Lullabies is going to sound kind of weird acoustically but I'm still eager to hear it. Good work on the review, I didn't know that Flogging Molly had seven members.

July 26th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

pretty good review but I would have to disagree with you, when you said the cd content was dumb and pointless.

How could it be DUMB when after someone (fan or not) would see the documentary, they would definately want to sample their work

And the fans really wanted the slower non-punk acoustic versions of their favorite tunes. That cant be POINTLESS because they are getting something new.

I would expect that you know (after watching the documentary) that Flogging Molly trys to appeal to a universal audience and including the slow acoustic songs with the high speed live versions perfectly fit the bill, for everyone to enjoy.This Message Edited On 07.26.06This Message Edited On 07.26.06

July 26th 2006


I'm honored. Never in all my years did I expect to meet their press agent ^^.

July 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Don't start up dumb shit if you've only so much as scanned my review, clite. Be a little more mature about it, even if you're gonna start a stupid pussy rant like that without thoroughly reading the text.

Thanks to all for the feedback. I worked pretty hard on this one.


July 26th 2006


Good review. I keep hearing about this band but I havnt gotten myself to check them out yet. Its on my long list of things to do...

August 2nd 2006


The DVD is really cool.

August 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah great review, your choice of words are excellent, they really get across to the reader your point

August 4th 2006


these guys are funny.

August 12th 2006


I love these guys!! I gotta get this.

The review was fantastic.

September 6th 2006


I've always enjoyed Flogging Molly, Drunken Lullabies is going to sound kind of weird acoustically but I'm still eager to hear it. Good work on the review, I didn't know that Flogging Molly had seven members.

Seven? I thought there were eight members... oh well, at least Slipknot still has more:D

October 21st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

so what your telling me is go get it lol i will damn it

December 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

i thought this cd was decent, the live version of, "What's Left of the Flag for me" is amazing. Haven't seen the dvd yet

December 27th 2006


I'm generally very skeptical of things of this nature and rarely purchase them. The only one I purchased out-right was Thrice's, mainly because I hold them in very high regard as musicians and as people of great integrity.
I actually had this in my hand a couple months ago and almost bought it, but decided it probably wouldn't be worth it. Your review has convinced me otherwise. Nice Job.This Message Edited On 12.27.06

January 7th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I would like to see this DVD as well. I love the alternate versions on this album in general.

January 7th 2011


I got the DVD ;)

January 7th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

Is it worth grabbing?

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