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January 14th, 2005 | 37 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Pearl Jam - Binaural (Released 5/16/00 on Epic Records)

Pearl Jam is:
Eddie Vedder - Vocals
Stone Gossard - Guitar
Mike McCready - Guitar
Jeff Ament - Bass
Matt Cameron - Drums

The bio will be a continuation of the one I wrote for my Vs. review, so look there for the first half of this bio.

Only a year after releasing Vs., Pearl Jam put out the album Vitalogy. By selling more then 877,000 copies, Pearl Jam also holds the #2 best-selling album spot, while their own Vs. holds #1. Vitalogy went on to debut on the Billboard at #1 and continue to hold that spot for five consecutive weeks. After hosting radio shows and playing shows of their own, Pearl Jam released the album No Code in the summer of '96, which also made a Billboard debut of #1. The band releases their sixth fan club-only Christmas vinyl, and promptly launches another tour. Then again in '98, the band releases the album Yield. Yield debuted on the Billboard at #2, simply because the Titanic soundtrack held the #1 spot (someone kill me please). Despite this, Yield goes on to achieve double-platinum status. After the usual touring, Christmas vinyl, and the debut of the official Pearl Jam fan club website, Pearl Jam celebrates their 10-year annversary by throwing a celecratory concert complete with Eddie telling the story of the bands beginning. But months before that, Binaural was finally released. Don't forget that this album feature's former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron (obviously on drums). This is good news for me, because now I can stop typing.

Get ready, because it's music time.

Breakerfall - 8.5/10
A very nice album starter. Breakerfall is fast-paced, and pretty heavy as far as Pearl Jam is concerned. It has a great feel, and there just seems to be something about the song that would suggest something classic rock. The speed combined with a great Stone gossard shred makes for a very promising way to start a much anticipated album.

God's Dice - 8/10
A nice, cool song. It's still pretty fast moving, but has a much more relaxed feel then Breakerfall. Eddie's singing sounds really nice here. There's really not much I can say here, it's a unique song you'de have to listen to to understand. It's a pretty good song, though.

Evacuation - 6/10
Starts out pretty promising. The music is good, unique, and heavy. The singing in the chorus sounds great with the instruments. But then the dreaded chorus. The chorus has hands down the most annoying singing ever created by mankind. Try not to listen during that part. The rest of the song is pretty good aside from that. Unfortunately, the vocals stand out too much to get past, ultimately dragging it down...

Light Years - 7.5/10
Very light. Very nice. This is the quietest song on the album so far. The lack of heaviness does not affect the music, though. It's good, and sounds almost sad in parts. The clean guitar parts really stand out. The song as a whole is good compared to Evacuation, which you'll probably end up skipping over. Luckily it skips to Light Years.

Nothing As It Seems - 8/10
Starts out with a nice combination of acoustic and distorted electric guitars. When the singing starts, we find that it's even lighter then Light Years. The verses sound great with Eddie's voice and Matt's drumming. It's got an eerie, yet beautiful feel to. Those of you who skipped over Light Years will not skip over this.

Thin Air - 7/10
Another acoustic/electric combination. This has an entirely different feel to it the NAIS. Definitely not as good either (though it does really pick up in parts). Not a big skip-worthy track in my opinion. But if you're looking for the heavier Pearl Jam sound, then continue on, because this and a few before will disappoint you.

Insignificance - 7.5/10
Sounds out deceptively slow and disappointing. Give it time. A minute or two in, it picks up with the same speed and heaviness we saw in Breakerfall. Although I was immediately turned off by the intro, just keep at it and you won't be disappointed (completely).

Of The Girl - 5/10
Again with the lighness and the acoustic. I'm starting to get bored with the softer songs. This song has nothing special except for maybe some catchy acoustic riffs. In comperison with past tracks this song is bland, bland, bland. A definite weak point and track skipper.

Grievance - 7/10
A "saving" song. A breath od fresh air as far as Of The Girl is concerned. This song seems half angry half emotional. It's a unique comination, but the make it work. Pretty good overall, but it would seem as though the first half of the album is much better than the second.

Rival - 6.5
Very interesting and experimental. It starts out with 30 seconds of sounds of snarling dogs. I couldn't make out what they were hoping to accomplish untill the music came in. It seems to be a half rock half blues song, complete with piano backing. Not to great, but stands out for odd reasons.

Sleight Of Hand - 6.5/10
Another strange one. This one didn't have so many strange noises, just odd combinations of instruments. It revolves around the drums to lead, bass for rhythm, and clean guitar for atmosphere. I'm not partial to it, but that's just me.

Soon Forget - 5/10
This song is all Eddie. It's nothing but him sining and playing what sounds like a ukulele. It's a pretty goofy track, and just confused my when I first heard it. It's special in it's own little way. Back away slowly and poke it with a sharp stick.

Parting Ways - 6.5/10
Sounds like something I heard as background music for a video game. And once again, with the lightness. All clean with simple drums. There's nothing heavy about, and is really long. After the music stops there's about four minutes of silence untill what sounds like someone typing on a typewriter. Not the greatest song ever, but it's the last so it doesn't matter.

Okay, so it's not Pearl Jam's best. Beut it's not the worst album better, and is essential for a complete Pearl Jam collection. I'de much prefer albums like Ten, Vs., and Vitalogy, but what are you gonna do. The beginning of the album for some reasong seems to be the nucleas of the whole thing. It just seems to me that the band went too light for their own good here.

Recommended tracks:
God's Dice

Overall Rating - 6.5/10 not bad, but disappointing as far as Pearl Jam goes. Enjoy.

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keep on phishin'
August 13th 2004


good review

although its probaly my least favorite pearl jam album.

August 13th 2004


Good review, also my least favorite album. Soon forget is not that bad, I'd give it a 7/10

August 13th 2004


This is not one of Pearl Jam's best, but not my least favorite. My least favorite is probably No Code.

August 14th 2004


This was the last PJ album I got, and it is the reason it was my last. I found it rather boring. The fact that Matt Cameron was on drums didn't do much except entice me...

I like Nothing As It Seems and Sleight Of Hand the most.
Rival, Insignificance and Soon Forget are ok..
Parting Ways is ok too, but it sounds like they were trying to translate Oceans 10 years into the future.
I usually ignore the remaining songs

Anyway, it was a birthday present, so I can't feel annoyed about paying anything for it, but I wasn't impressed at all... This is my least favourite PJ cd, I have heard all albums previous to this, except for No Code.

Anyone want to buy a CD?

August 14th 2004


thats a pretty fair and accurate review

my least listened to pj album

good job :thumb:

August 14th 2004


[QUOTE=Death to Pop-Punk]This is not one of Pearl Jam's best, but not my least favorite. My least favorite is probably No Code.[/QUOTE]

I've not heard this album yet but I really like No Code so im guessing im going to like this as well.

Good Review - keep the Pearl Jam reviews coming........................Except Vitalogy and Riot Act, they're mine :p

August 14th 2004


I should have a review for Yield up pretty soon. I'll be looking forward to both those reviews, since I liked Vitalogy and never heard anything off Riot Act.

If you think you'll like this one then you'de better love the really really soft side of Pearl Jam. Only three songs were heavy the way they usually are.

September 2nd 2004


WHOA, no love for Binaural, one of the most underrated Pearl Jam albums. This is Pearl Jam at their songwriting best, people!! They couldn't write songs half this good during their ten era. Man, yes, the songs are slower, but bands progress with their sound and advanc their sound. They can't write 87 ten era songs, all written at the same tempo. This is a great album, def not their worst.

May 12th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Dang right. I really like this album. I really like Parting Ways, until it gets stupid with 5 minutes of silence. Evacuation, Breakerfall, Grievance, Rival, Thin Air....great album. Back in the day I could have listened to this forever. Now I've moved onto Vitology again....

Two-Headed Boy
December 18th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

great album. One of their best.

February 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

being a huge pearl jam fan I appreciate the change the band went throught on this album. Like previously stated the songs are well written and more mature. I find you do have to be in a certain mood for it but when you listen to it in the mood its a great experience. looking forward to their new album though...

February 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Another great PJ album, very underrated.

March 10th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This album is very good and I like it alot, but after listening it and than Ten you kinda think, what happened to the fast hard rockin songs like evenflow. Though sure breakerfall and God's Dice were rockin songs, but it just seems like they could do so much better. Otherwise really I agree it is another excelent Pearl Jam album.

January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

I just got this. Pearl Jam is definitely one of my favorite bands.

January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I think Riot Act and this are pearl Jams most similar albums, but just because you don't like riot act doesn't necesarily mean you won't like this.

January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

hat would be a good idea :thumb:

January 21st 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

No Code is one of my favorites...but then again all of them have great stuff that I like to listen too.

February 5th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Great album. IMO, it's an immesurable improvement on Yield (which isn't a bad album by and means)

July 27th 2007


I honestly don't find the singing in Evacuation annoying...

I don't understand how you could give Nothing As It Seems anything lower than a 10...honestly, it's the best song on the CD and one of their best of their career...

Basically, while I understand the comments you made for the tracks, I feel the ratings should have been Light Years and Of the Girl, especially. Of the Girl is awesome. It has a steady groove and is just so...trippy. Parting Ways is mezmerizing, Grievance is an excellent rocker...and I love the beginning to Insignificance...kind of like the beginning to Severed Hand...prepping you up for what's to come.

Other than that, good review!This Message Edited On 07.27.07

November 14th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

i dont understand whats so bad about slower-paced songs; if i want something really fast ill listen to a different band. i like pearl jam BEACAUSE they have the sense and maturity to not just repeat even flow.

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