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July 24th, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Those of you into underground rock are probably aware of the band Therapy", a band that have not had much success but has had some airtime in music channels and the like. The band has a hard rock sound with some metal melodies or even some pop melodies thrown in. They delve in metal-type distortion riffs similar to the nu-metal fashion AKA heavy rhythm power chords. But what Therapy" also do is have an edgy punk element to the music. Some of the music is quite fast and edgy and comparable to punk bands or even grunge bands. No matter what the band do, they stick to a melodic sound that is easy to listen to but also strikes a chord.

Andy Cairns is possibly the man behind it all, as the band's guitarist and vocalist, Andy keeps the band going. His voice can be quite raspy at times, it can be like he's almost shouting, he also snarls and whispers some of his vocals, and he has a powerful and loud voice. His guitar work isn't technical at all, in fact it doesn't go out of power chords a lot but he does a pretty good job none the less. As most of his parts are insanely catchy and feature some sort of melody. The guitar also just makes the music flow; after all, he does sing and play at the same time, something I've been having trouble doing for years.

Michael does his bass lines fine, since there is only a guitarist, bassist and drummer in the band, he basically helps the music from sounding very lame and small. The guitars sound very trebly so the bass helps the music from sounding shoddily done. Fyfe is a great drummer and knows his place, he knows that the drums are mainly to keep beat but he's also heard of a fill. My only complaint is that the snare sounds extremely small and is more of a click than a rich snare sound, none the less it isn't something that would bring my rating down. I just feel that the album would be a bit more listenable with a good snare sound.

The first track that caught my attention was the angst-ridden grunge fest Screamager. An extremely simple song mainly driven by Andy's vocals, the power chords in the song are fast and edgy, possibly the track that will make or break if you'll like this or not. The lyrics are pretty cliche but they are still pretty good compared to a lot of bands today. "With a face like this I won't break any hearts and thinking like that I won't make any friends", squawk Cairns as he breaks into the nearly anthemic chorus.

Die Laughing infects your brain with this irresistible pop melody, the verses are simply beautiful. Halfway through the song, the direction is changed for a while containing a lot of grunge elements. Nowhere is a brilliant pop rock song, in the same vein as maybe Jimmy Eat World. It's quite a positive song and is a great listen to me. I recommend this to fans of rock that isn't afraid of simplicity and such, so reader, I leave this message to you all...

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Storm In A Teacup
July 24th 2006


The ending is silly.
On Saturday I went to see a band I know and the second band before them was four twelve-year olds playing Metallica and Pink Floyd covers. Mainly Metallica. But they also threw in a bit of Therapy? It was rad.

July 24th 2006


The ending is silly.
I'm waiting for Jelle to see it cause he's so awesome but I'm more awesome :cool:

July 24th 2006


Actually, Therapy? were pretty huge after this album came out. It was In Utero season and all that. Still, I pretty much disagree with the entire review bar the writing. I think the songwriting is amazing, the lyrics are anything but cliche and the drumming is what drives a lot of the songs.
Mehh, you can have your evil opinions and such. And if I'm right, you're from Ireland, where Therapy? come from?

July 24th 2006


Yessuh, but just you wait until Jelle comes in here and agrees with me.
This is like me writing a Sonic Youth review only for something vague to tear it to pieces :p

Anyway, Mogwai are massive here but I don't know a lot of people out Scotland that listen to them a lot.

July 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Yessuh, but just you wait until Jelle comes in here and agrees with me.

I'm not Jelle, but I'll agree with you anyway.

July 25th 2006


Another featured review? Holy crap.

July 26th 2006


i was hoping there would be some recommended bands from the reviewer. Oh well, nice simple but helpful review.

December 20th 2015


Album Rating: 5.0

BOO... 4/5, I'm going get drunk, come round and fuck you up.

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