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July 22nd, 2006 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Good acoustic songs for fans of this band.

In late 2004 Collective Soul released Youth on the independent label EL records. Youth did not include its title track for some reason. So Collective Soul decided to record it and put it onto an EP with a few acoustic recordings of old songs.

Collective Soul:
Ed Roland - Vocals, Guitar
Dean Roland - Rhythm Guitar
Joel Kosche - Lead Guitar
Will Turpin - Bass, Vocals
Shane Evans - Percussion

1. Compliment
A great song from the Dosage album, Compliment has always been performed live throughout the years. One of the few songs Ed didn't write by himself, Dean gets credit here too. The chorus is great and, after a few listens, hard to not sing along to. "And there it goes, my innocence, while gathering, up a compliment." A truly wonderful song. 5/5

2. Youth
One of two original songs, Youth fails to excite. It sounds like a pretty personal song and is one of few on this album that was written to be played with the acoustic guitar. The lyrics are basically about how their life was supposed to be better when they were older, as they thought as children, but it somehow isn't. Some of the lines are beautiful, but musically, it's sort of a bore. A pretty bland song overall. 3.5/5

3. December
December is played well, but not at all like it was on their self-titled album. Keyboards are added here, and make up a pretty good rendition of a classic. Ed sings the chorus much more slowly and in a different way. Will doesn't add vocals here, but that's ok because the keyboard takes his place. This song is good no matter what. 5/5

4. Perfect To Stay
IMO one of the very best off their last album, Perfect To Stay begins with a beautiful riff played on acoustic guitar. Just like Compliment, you'll find it hard to not sing along after listening to this a lot. The chorus is just too catchy. "See I had a line, though it's subject to change, I once had a thought, but then I gave it away, yeah sooner or later I'll be perfect to stay." Absolutely brilliant song. 5/5

5. Under Heaven's Skies
This song relies on its drumming to make it a good song. There are no drums here. The song got a little boring on the studio version due to soft drums, but sounds awesome live. But on here it just gets way too annoying every single time Ed yells out, "You’re beautiful my love," something he does a lot. 3/5

6. She Said
This song naturally has an acoustic feel to it. The lyrics are brilliant and completely genius. They were written about a conversation Ed had with either is mother or grandmother. A slightly sad song, but gets much happier with an awesome guitar solo. 5/5

7. Counting The Days
With the opening riff played with an acoustic guitar instead of a distorted electric guitar, and played very slowly, this song is just straight forward blues. All you have to do is listen to the lyrics. The solo is played perfectly. Just another great song. 4.5/5

8. Satellite
Played perfectly, and basically the same as the album version, this doesn't disappoint. Ed wrote this about the love and devotion he will always have for his young son. Not much else to say, except this has another awesome guitar solo at the end. 4.5/5

After that a short song comes on titled, I think, "Now You've Got Me Drinking." It's basically about what the title says, and is played much faster than the other songs on this EP. It's actually a pretty nice, catchy song.

I'd recommend this to no one, unless you're a big fan of Collective Soul. If you are then you'll absolutely dig this. It is neat to hear songs like "Counting The Days" from a different perspective.


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July 23rd 2006


Good review. This has some of my favorite CS songs, so it would be really cool to check out. She Said and Compliment are amazing.

July 14th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

This EP rules.

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