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Devil Without a Cause



by Cravinov26 USER (4 Reviews)
July 19th, 2006 | 97 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

For those of you who don’t know, Kid Rock came into the music scene out of Detroit, Michigan sometime during the year 1990, where he got his first record deal and released his first album, Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast when he was only 19 years old. However, Kid Rock did not become famous until 8 years and 3 albums later. Devil Without A Cause, Kid Rock’s 4th full length record, went platinum 7 times with the hits Bawitdaba, Cowboy, and Only God Knows Why, which anyone who listens to the radio have undoubtedly heard. Kid Rock instantly became a music icon that was loved and hated by all who listened to his ‘white trash’ rapping/ singing mixed with both hard rock and country music.

Devil Without A Cause is second on a timeline of how much Kid Rock has changed in both music and attitude. During Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast, The Polyfuze Method, and Fire It Up!, he was nothing but just one of your ‘another-white-trash-rappers’ who had nothing to say but complain about how ‘f*cked up’ he is or how ‘f*cked up’ everyone else is. Kid Rock obviously didn’t want to stay that guy. When Devil Without A Cause came out in 1998, Kid Rock had a rock band, the Twisted Brown Trucker, behind him, a new set of ideas for his music, and a bigger focus on how much life has changed for him since 1990. After that, Kid Rock made a compilation CD filled with some of his old ‘hits’ before Devil Without A Cause, this album was called The History Of Rock. It wasn’t until his album Cocky, that Kid Rock started to discover his true roots, thus adding more country rock into the mix. With the release of his new self-titled album, Kid Rock, the now well known rap rock artist converted himself to almost pure country-rock!

To me, personally, there is not much difference between Kid Rock’s rapping to that of other rappers like him, including Eminiem (excluding the fact they have different voices in general). However, Kid Rock’s actual singing on the super hit Only God Knows Why shows that the white rapper from Detroit has great potential, which he later uses to a larger extent with his later albums. Kid Rock’s band, the Twisted Brown Trucker, or TBT as he calls it, are all exceptionally talented musicians. A lot of the music on this album is either a mix of hard rock Metallica style guitar riffs, rap beats similar to Gorillaz that have a hint of alternative style in them, or extremely country-based rock.

Bawitdaba is the first track to kick off this album, beginning very suddle before it bursts into Metallica-like riffs mixed with synths and beats music, making it probably the heaviest song on this CD. Kid Rock’s vocals don’t stand out as much on the song as his band’s backup singing during the chorus does. Overall making this a very catchy song. Cowboy is next, beginning with that famous electronic, computer voice saying “Cowboy... Cowboy”. This track is one of the slower paced rap songs in which Kid Rock mixes a lot of country humor and weird sampling. The track is very overrated in the media, for it doesn’t really have anything good to show of Kid Rock. I Am The Bullgod is probably the second heaviest song with, again, very Metallica-like riffs and a very catchy chorus. The guitar styles on the song are very crunchy and rather dull for the most part, as is a lot of the vocals. Most of the other tracks in the middle of the album sound slightly similar in beats and vocals of tracks. These tracks don’t have anything very different about them except some slightly different melodies in the chorus, but they all follow a very similar flow and beat. These include Devil Without A Cause (featuring Kid Rock’s since passed away friend, Joe C.), Roving Gangster (Rollin’), Wasting Time, Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old School), I Got One For Ya’ (featuring artist Robert Bradley), Somebody’s Gotta Feel This, and Where You At Rock?. Fist Of Rage is definitely the third heaviest and most angsty sounding song on the album, containing more Metallica based riffs and speedy rap numbers. Only God Knows Why, of course, is the acoustic, country-rock song on the album, and by far the best song by Kid Rock probably ever. The next two tracks, F*ck Off and Where You At Rock? feed into each other with about 2 minutes of samples from some of the messages left by Kid Rock’s *cough* friends *cough* on his answering machine. F*ck Off is probably the most angriest song and also probably the best rap rock song on the album, (which isn’t saying much), in which Kid Rock is backed up by his good friend Eminiem. The last track, Black Chick, White Guy is an in depth story of some of the sh!t Kid Rock had to deal with when he was younger. The vocals are rather annoying though, and the beat is on a constant repeat that gets extremely annoying after about a minute. This song also contains a slightly heavier remix of I Am The Bullgod, which doesn’t sound much different from the original, only crunchier in guitar distortion. Overall it is a good effort by Kid Rock that people will either love or hate. I used to be a big fan of Kid Rock and this CD, but since then I have grown out of his music and had to rethink my rating on this album.

-- Kid Rock is a very talented vocalist, but only really while singing.
-- The Twisted Brown Trucker band is overall a very talented band
-- Only God Knows Why and Bawitdaba.

-- The middle of the CD is rather weak.
-- A lot of the guitar riffs take too much on Metallica.
-- Some of Kid Rock’s lyrics are very cheesy
-- Kid Rock is not a very good rapper.

rack Listing
1. Bawitdaba (4.5/5)
2. Cowboy (2.5/5)
3. Devil Without A Cause (2/5)
4. I Am The Bullgod (3.5/5)
5. Roving Gangster (Rollin’) (2/5)
6. Wasting Time (3.5/5)
7. Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old School) (2.5/5)
8. I Got One For Ya’ (1.5/5)
9. Somebody’s Gotta Feel This (2/5)
10. Fist Of Rage (3.5/5)
11. Only God Knows Why (5/5)
12. F**k Off (4/5)
13. Where You At Rock? (3/5)
14. Black Chick, White Guy (2.5/5)
*BONUS TRACK* I Am The Bullgod (Remix) (3.5/5)

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July 19th 2006


I reviewed this under my other account name, Cravinov26. Mainly because i have a lot of rock albums taht I want to review taht would not look right on my normal profile. I moved this old review to my new account and edited it a bit, so hopefully it is better. Expect more reviews by me under the name Cravinov26 as well.

July 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

When I was 12, this album was awesome. Now, well, not so much. Good review also.

July 19th 2006


how the heck is a rapper under the rock genre??

July 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

A friend of mine bought this album for incredibly cheap at a drug store. Back then I thought my friend made a bad purchase, but when I looked at the back of the case and saw "Bawitdaba", "Cowboy", and "Only God Knows Why" on there, I decided to give this a spin and realized how talented an emcee Kid Rock really is. Not only do I like the three singles, but I also enjoy "I Am the Bullgod" and "Where U At Rock?". The most suprising track was "F**k Off" and the only low points I could find on the disc were "I Got One For Ya" and "Somebody's Gotta Feel This". They just didn't stand out as much.This Message Edited On 07.19.06

south_of_heaven 11
July 19th 2006


Cravinov13...I honestly have no idea what you meant by that comment...
But good review. I have mixed feelings for Kid Rock. At times, I want to like his music, and at others, I want to shoot him for making it.

July 19th 2006


I remember buying Eminem's first album over this when they both came out in 1998. In retrospect it was a lose/lose situation.

July 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I bought both, lucky me.

July 20th 2006


Cravinov13...I honestly have no idea what you meant by that comment...

I meant this review is on another account, in which I am going to be doing a lot of reviews that are not metal.

how the heck is a rapper under the rock genre??

He's not really a rapper. As he says in one of his songs, he makes punk rock mixed with hip hop. Kinda liked nu-metal, only rock instead of metal.

September 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I don't care what everyone else thinks, this album is absolutely brilliant. Kid's gotten worse since then, but Devil Without a Cause still rocks.

Zesty Mordant
September 29th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

this album's really not as bad as people make it out to be.

September 29th 2006


I dunno, I still like it, but I know it's not a 4 like I originally gave it.

April 22nd 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Album deserves at least a 3 in my opinion, but a good review.

"Only God Knows Why" is a favorite.

October 21st 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Only god knows why and "Fuck off" are both excellent songs, the rest is enjoyable, but some is admittadly, pure wank.

August 15th 2008


When he screams "my name is Kiiiiiiiid Rooock" on the first track, he should have been screaming "I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad raaaaaaaaaaaapper!" Annoying motherfucker.This Message Edited On 08.15.08

June 23rd 2009


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

Kid Rock is the shit fuck all yall haters

June 23rd 2009


Kid Rock sucks nuts.

Contributing Reviewer
January 28th 2010


How is rated so low, we all know we loved Kid Rock when this album first came out.

Bawitdaba dabangdang diggy diggy diggysaidtheboogie said upjump the boogie

or something like taht

Digging: Ariana Grande - positions

January 28th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Great party album. I take Kid Rock for who he is, not the most talented musician but a decent song writer and the kind of dude you'd like to have a few beers with. Nothing wrong with that IMO.

April 16th 2010


From what a friend of mine who hung with him said BigHans, apparently all he did was talk trash about other people and bum cigarettes. So maybe not so much.

Staff Reviewer
April 16th 2010


Album Rating: 5.0

i bet this is the sort of garbage that theacademy listened to.

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