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by iChuckles USER (28 Reviews)
March 5th, 2021 | 193 replies

Release Date: 2021 | Tracklist

Review Summary: identity crisis personified

I’ve always had a mild soft-spot for A Day to Remember’s puzzling blend of mainstream pop-rock sensibilities and eye-rolling metalcore br0downs that are always prefaced by a corny one-liner about disrespecting one’s surroundings or proclaiming that "this is a battleground". It always felt so befitting of the band’s young age at the time and the era in which they rose to stardom; taking the Warped Tour-scene by storm and teenagers Tumblr profiles all the same and now enough time has passed that I’m able to look back on even the cringiest moments found on the band’s earliest albums with rose-tinted glasses. 14-year old me really vibed with Homesick back in 2009 and the passage of time likely won’t ever undermine that.

Fast forward to (not 2012, but rather 2021) and the long, long overdue You’re Welcome arrives with god knows what mission statement. It’s not a throwback to the band’s early years, nor is it a continuation of 2016’s noticably heavier Bad Vibrations. Instead, the band’s seventh record fumbles all over the place, both doubling down on the band’s pop-punk aesthetic with "Degenerates" & "Mindreader" albeit without any of the charisma or charm that sent ”All I Want” soaring to the billboard charts back in 2010. Luckily, the Will Putney produced ”Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)” harkens back to the metalcore tenacities of the band’s sound with pleasing results, complete with crunchy guitar riffs, an earworm chorus and surprisingly competent growls from frontman Jeremy Mckinnon. Similarly, the strong presence of electronics on "Resentment" keeps it from sounding like typical heavy-cut on an ADTR-record and the chorus is strong enough to incentivize multiple listens. Even so, my biggest gripe with A Day To Remember’s sound – which has persisted all throughout the entirety of their career – is that their transition from sugar-coated pop to full-blown metalcore is rarely (if ever) smooth and the way in which this record alternates from Imagine Dragon-like choruses found on "Bloodsucker" and "F.Y.M." (the latter has a hook which reads ”Wait'll I get some *** you money”) feel as clumsy and hap-hazardly as it did during the band’s heydays. Even more puzzling, on You’re Welcome, the band juxtaposes their blend of metalcore and pop-punk with full-on Top 40 pop songs such as ”High Diving”, which sounds like something that was grabbed from the cutting room-floor from a Maroon 5 writing session, complete with shockingly inept lyrics that are likely to make you wince.

”It's hard to practice what you preach
When life is a beach
I'm high divin'”

The instrumentation on You’re Welcome is one the few areas that has seen a positive overhaul. The band wisefully incorporates a broader spectrum of sounds such as southern-sounding guitar strumming, pianos and occasional 808-beats on "Looks Like Hell" and varied percussion plays a bigger part overall throughout the album’s 14 songs – a positive change of pace from all the trite chugging found on the band’s previous records. Unfortunately, Jeremy Mckinnon’s vocal performance is a constant hit-or-miss; sounding straight up deflated and stuck on autopilot on the opening song "Brick Wall", which is a disjointed mess of fluctuating tempo-changes topped off with the laziest outro you’re bound to hear all year. A few pleasing vocal melodies rear their head here and there, like on the ballads "Only Money","Everything We Need" and the head-bobbing pop-punk grit of ”Re-Entry” but from the lyricism to the less-than-inspired choruses that are omni-present throughout, Jeremy sounds noticeably unenthusiastic as he half-heartedly belts one tired vocal melody at a time.

You’re Welcome is A Day to Remember’s identity crisis personified, as the band simultaneously wants to imitate massive names in the industry while also cater to their core audience who have fond memories of crowd surfing to the sounds of "The Downfall of Us All" while supposedly sporting a black tank-top and khaki shorts. It’s too all over the place even by the band’s own standards as they seemingly can’t commit to one type of sound for more than a song or two, with results that range from average to laughably half-baked. A few catchy moments coalesce into making this a passable listen, but even so, this is easily the clumsiest release thus far in the band’s long-running history. Back to the drawing board you go.

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chugachugachuga45 (1.5)
A Day to Remember releases an album that everyone will probably want to forget...

ian b (0.5)
Words fail. Ratings fail....

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March 5th 2021


oh adtr you really didn't have to

great review!

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 2.5


March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0 | Sound Off

Bloodsucker might be the worst thing ive ever listened to. This album is beyond insulting. A five year wait for one decent song, lol.

Nice review tho Chucky :]

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 2.5

HAHA yessir that and "High Diving" had me wheezing almost.

Thanks man!

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0

This makes the new Architects album sound like a magnum opus

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0

I knew this album was going to hurt but oooooowwwwww.

Honestly after the reaction to the first single you'd think they'd take a step back and re-evaluate where this album is going. Then you see fueled by Ramen records. Joy...

March 5th 2021


Been a fan since 06. A lot of mixed feelings that i'll just spew out in no specific order...

Why is the production so stale and sound worse than their records from 15 years ago?

Has Jeremys voice changed or he is just trying different things?

Some really fun and classic ADTR moments and choruses are still present.

Why do bands keep releasing the final song on new albums as pre-release singles?

I'm not generally someone who thinks that 'heavy = better', but the heavy songs are the best parts of this record.

This isn't the album you make your fans wait 5 years for.

March 5th 2021


I skimmed the album and yeah it seemed pretty fucking bad
This makes the new Architects album sound like a magnum opus [2]

and I still liked a lot of the songs off Common Courtesy and Bad Vibrations

March 5th 2021


Don't expect to like this

March 5th 2021


Guess the next one will just be a clinical ass pop record considering most of this already is

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0

2.5 is a beyond generous gift.

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0


March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

Bloodsucker and F.Y.M are offensively bad. I thought the singles where underwhelming but maaaan. Always had a soft spot for these guys but this is awful.

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0

Gonna listen to Homesick and cry

Staff Reviewer
March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.5

great write up

for enhanced readability you may want to chop up those big paras (the final para, for example, could be chopped in two after "one tired vocal melody at a time."). otherwise it's a cracking job. 'identity crisis' is the vibe im getting from this too

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 2.5

Mindreader, Bloodsucker, and Only Money are great tracks but everything else just feels bland as all Hell.

These guys are trying hard to be the next Imagine Dragons and failing.

March 5th 2021


ah, a new day to forget album. nice.

Staff Reviewer
March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 0.5

The ability to evolve and push boundaries has never been more important than it is now. While the mainstream becomessafer,thedynamic,genre-bending acts are driven underground, to be discovered by a whole new generation of music fansnotcontent with the identikitbandspushed at them through the major media. It is this hallowed place that A DAY TOREMEMBERhas not-so-subtly been taking over, fromstereosto mosh pits across the world. While the music industryscrambles to discoverthe next big thing, A DAY TO REMEMBER has beenbecoming it,showing that with the right amount ofhard work, strong songs,an unfaltering self-belief, and that indefinable spark of somethingreallyspecial, anything is possible

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 2.5

who fucking wrote that lmao

March 5th 2021


Album Rating: 1.0

last chance goes top titty but thats about it

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