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Butchered at Birth



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July 18th, 2006 | 81 replies

Release Date: 1991 | Tracklist

this is my first reveiw, so it may not be the most detailed review for this album, but I'll try.

The first second of this song; "meat hook sodomy," your hit with 2 guitars going blazingly fast for about 25 seconds. then the vocalist, Chris Barnes comes in with a growl more menacing and evil than I've ever heard from him. This goes on until about a minute and 20 seconds in. Then you hear the drums and it goes to a more slower mood, but still pretty fast with everything. Barnes' vocals go back to how we heard him in Eaten Back to Life. At 2 minutes, the everything speeds up a little. The guitars go at a surprising speed considering a band such as "Cannibal Corpse." At 3:30, this is where the song really picks up. The lyrics are probably as grusome at this point, as your gonna hear in this song. At 4:40 the line that for some reason I can understand every time "razor sharp hooks, implanted in your rectum," always makes me flinch. and at 5:00, the song goes to a much faster pace and ends the song in an awesome way. This is the longest song on the album at 5:50 and my personal favorite. 5/5

Gutted: The second song on this starts again with a pretty fast opening, the guitars speeding up to about the same speed as the fastest part of the first song. This song is about killing kids by gutting out their stomach. At 40 seconds, the guitars and the drums slow down and go in a similar pattern as in Meat Hook Sodomy. At about 1:20 in, the guitars and the drums go from a "fast to slow" pattern for ten seconds or so. This is the 2nd shortest song on the album at only 3:15, its also not one of my favorites. Most of the song sounds similar to the first song. 3/5

Living Dissection: Fast and heavy opening. Drums and guitars seamlessly intertwine together for about 15 seconds, then the guitars have their own fast riff, but then go back to the drums. The drums are pretty fast in this song, which makes it one of my favorite tracks on the album. The guitars follow about 1 or 2 riffs for about a minute and a half then the drums are heard more when the guitars slow down for about 30 seconds. The vocals are just as brutal as in the first two songs, but in this one, he just sounds more pissed. The guitars and the drums continue until about 2:50 when the lead guitarist has a short solo. and then the drums and guitars follow the pattern from the beginning of the song until the end. another one of my favorite songs on the album. 4/5

Under the Rotting Flesh: Now as this title, says... it's a very dark and evil song. this one is actually slightly more brutal than "Meat Hook Sodomy" The begining has a fairly simple drum pattern while the guitars follow a low to high sound on the guitar. at about 50 seconds, the drums still have about the same pattern, but the guitar changes slightly, but is barely heard over the vocals. At 1:50, my favorite line of the song comes "Drinking from their severed neck" After the line, the drums go very slow and the guitars pick up speed, but then go to a faster version of the low high pattern as in the early part of the song. Then comes another fast solo, but it only lasts about 5 seconds. at 3:55, an awesome solo comes up and is actually longer than 5 seconds. The guitars go back to the same pattern as the drums speed up a little, and then carry it to the end of the song. Easily one of the darkest songs on the album. 4.5/5

Covered in Sores: While this song is very popular, enough to give it a live performance at the end of the album, I just don't enjoy it as much as many others. The song starts of really slow, so do the vocals, but at 50 seconds, it starts to pick up some speed. the guitars sound kinda wierd. At 1:15, the drums speed up with the guitars. at 1:40 it continues to speed up, only to slow down about 30 seconds after. then at 2:40 it starts speeding up again, which is nice. Fast death metal songs are always good. 3.5/5

Vomit the soul. starts off with a slow riff and then the drums kick in. the guitars give another slow riff and then the drums start up again. The vocals start at about 20 seconds in. At 50 seconds, the second vocalist comes in and it sounds really good, althought it makes everything harder to understand. the guitars continue at a pretty good speed througout the rest of the song, occasionaly going to a higher note in a pretty fast way. Barnes' vocals crack a little in this song, but it doesn't effect the song at all. The drums also have a very nice speed throughout the song and makes this another great song. This is the second longest song at 4:29. at 3:20 another cool guitar solo comes in, and lasts for about 20 seconds. then barnes and the backup vocalist come in for another brutal session, then another cool guitar solo, but kinda short. 4/5

Butchered at Birth: The title song. Very fast openening. Drums are very fast and heavy, the guitars, while fast, aren't as heavy as I would be expecting. The drums and guitars follow a very fast pattern for most of the begining of the song. at about 55 seconds, the guitars both have a short little standout. the drums continue while the guitars follow a high to low note pattern for about 40 seconds. then they both share another standout bit. After that, the song speeds up to the fastest in the song. The guitars follow a simple pattern for the rest of the song. 4/5

Rancid Amputation: very fast and cool opening. one of the only songs that keeps the speed through the entire song. The drums are decent, not that fast though. The vocals are probably at thier best in the album. at about a minute in, the drums really kick in and make for one of the best songs in the album. The guitars both have their own pattern to follow for a cool guitar section. If there's one song on the album to headbang to, its this one. Everything is really fast and does not slow down. The guitars and drums are excellent. 2:30, the fastest guitar solo so far and make it for the best headbangning song on the album. Vocals are excellent, as well as everything else. 5/5

Innards Decay. Another fast opening song. Drums sound simliar as in Meat Hook Sodomy. the guitars sound great with a neat higher sounding note pattern than usual. Vocals aren't the best in the album which is a dissapointment for a last song, plus, Barnes sounds like he's kinda late for some of the lines. the guitars don't slow down in this song. At 1:15, another solo opens. its probably the best on the album, and one of the longest 15 seconds. Drums and guitars speed up and just continue to. The last 2 minutes of the song is probably the fastest minute of the entire album. at 3:20, the last guitar solo of the album comes in and although its short, its pretty awesome. at 4 minutes, the song does slow down a lot, but the vocalist leaves you with cool groan. the second longest song on the album at 4:38. 4/5

Well, there's my first review. Hope it was helpful and you found it somewhat entertaining.

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July 19th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Maybe I tried to hard on the review... XD

July 19th 2006


Good review. Great for a first. Tomb Of The Mutilated is way better than this.

July 19th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

Good first review, pretty good information about the songs but I so NOT LIKE the band. (except for their Metallica cover)

July 19th 2006


These guys are ridiculously lame and their song titles are completely unoriginal and thoughtless. They just make them gruesome to get attention.

July 19th 2006


oh god, am I the only one who hated that review for doing nothing but telling us what happens during the course of the album???? I wont neg it because its a first, but dude, review the music, dont tell us what happens every second during the album.

July 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

A pretty good first review; I liked how you simply wrote it rather than conforming to a set format. What would make it better is a more overall view of the album rather than a running commentary.

You either love this band or you hate them. Personally, they are amazing at what they do...and the people who just comment on the reviews to say they hate the band...that in itself is rather pointless in my opinion.

Good album - George Fisher totally eclipses Chris Barnes to be honest. Kill is an incredible album.

July 20th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I've neve listened to this album in its entirety, but I don't really have any desire to. Their old material just doesn't do it for me at all, although I really enjoyed their new album.

Whiskey On The Rocks
July 21st 2006


i cant really take this band toooo seriously...good music but i crack up at song names like "i cum blood" great review!

August 31st 2006


Note to Metallicaman. This is death metal, not Metallica. They are trying to get listeners to listen to the music they have written, not build an image completely around the track titles and lyrics.

October 7th 2006


this album is really sick a good album before TOTM

November 4th 2006


another note to Metallicaman: how could you say that their lame and unoriginal when they are one of the founders of american death metal along with death , obituary and deicide etc.

November 4th 2006


another note to Metallicaman: how could you say that their lame and unoriginal when they are one of the founders of american death metal along with death , obituary and deicide etc.

Ha, I'll admit I my comment further up the page isn't correct. I posted that long, long ago when I was newer and dumber etc.

November 7th 2006


i actually think that their older material destroys their newer stuff i mean, compare TOTM or this album to something like the Wretched Spawn or Bloodthirst, which, dont get me wrong are good records in and of themselves but they just dont have what albums up through the bleeding have to them

November 24th 2006


sweet album art these songs scare the sh*t out of my sister.

November 30th 2006


Im a death metal fan but these guys competly suck

December 20th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

These guys are fucking sick album covers make me want to vomit............................................................................................................And I love it

January 2nd 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Great album. Meathook Sodomy, Covered With Sores, and Vomit the Soul are CLASSICS! The best album next to EBTL with Chris Barnes on Vocals.

October 18th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

By Far The Best Cannibal Corpse Album!!!!!!!!!!

October 18th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Yes it is, Innards Decay changed my life.

October 26th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

This is one great album

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