The Black Mages
The Black Mages



by Adam Jones is GOD USER (14 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 37 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Im sure that most people who have played any form of RPG
have played or at least heard of the Final Fantasy series.
This CD is recreated tracks put into a more modern rock form

The Black mages are:

Tsuyoshi Sekito -- Guitar
Michio Okamiya -- Guitar
Keiji Kawamori -- Bass
Nobuo Uematsu -- Keyboard (Lord of all, he produced it)
Kenichirou Fukui -- Keyboard
Arata Hanyuda -- Drum

Now for the review:

Battle Scene
Not having played the first on YET I had no prior judgement.
It starts with a familiar keyboard sound, but at about 0.17,
the guitar/drums/bass is introduced in a very
Machinehead - Imperium way. The rest of the song continues
with this soon to be standard guitar riff + keyboard melodies
fashion. The fusion between the two works better than it should,
as both are distinctively different on their own. Has the first
solo 'fight' around about 2.00 in, with both keyboard and guitar
playing licks alternating. Good intro song, nothing too big yet,
and a simple beat

Clash on the big bridge
Same formula as the first song intro, but this time at 0.20,
the song kicks off into a quick pace. Lots of sustained notes
on the lead guitar and a good backing keyboard which takes the
front stage at 2.16. Another solid track that doesnt stay still
for long, and that ever amiliar main riff that is present in
most FF games (you'll know the one im on about)
3 and a half/5

Force your way
The best piece of music from FF8 and it stays true to the
format of it, although sounds so much better with the re make.
The additions of keyboard/guitar solos gives it new life, but
it still stays true to the original while encorporating them.
If ANYONE can find a tab, plz tell me, because this is one
of my personal favourites off the album.

Battle scene 2
Currently playing this one (FF2, not the music) and it is
great to hear it in non midi format for a change! Slow start
as with the original, nice building guitars, nice bass line
and very progressive. It follows the same pattern, until
2.14 where it goes into a mad quick keyboard piece, with the
smooth bass. Its then solo time again, a good keyboard one,
followed by a nice sustaining GnR reminisent one. Great bass
all the way through, but a slower tempo track compared to the rest.

The Decisive battle
Best into of the lot! Starts off with a nice spanish guitar
intro (well thats what comes to mind when I hear it), but
then kicks in with full pounding drums, and big guitar sound.
The guitar's the star here, some amazing harmonics, and a
flange solo fits in nicely. The keyboards get their say around
that magic 2.00 mark. Strangely I dont remember this piece of
music from the original, either I have bad memory or they
reworked it so much it sounds completely different.

Battle Theme
Another stunner, good guitar union, and it stays true to the
original again. Simple drum beat, but its the melody as usual
that makes FF songs so good. Obligitary solos again, these
guys can really play! Another one that can easily take the
place of the MIDI file you may have sitting on your PC.

BEST.TRACK.EVER. Well, at least from FF music. For those who
don't know the original, go download the midi now, that was
awesome. For those who do, they did full justice to the original,
and then increased its greatness. The guitars sound fantastic
all the way through, great licks and riffs appear throughout
while the keyboards play the original score with better effect.
Although the drum beat is weird for it, its still the best
on the album. No other explanation needed, hear it for yourself

Those who fight further
The most well know piece of FF music, this comes from FF7 and
is the reason why boss battles tended to get dragged out, players
wanted to listen to the music more. This is another that is
true to the original, but they added little solo sections which
go very well. The pace is constant, and, and, oh god do I ever
love this track. If you are reading this review and have never
heard any FF music before (one, why not") this should be the
track you hear first, it'll win you over.

Dancing Mad
Think Third eye (Tool) + Phanthom of the opera + Queen's
Bohemian Rhapsody and you may have this song. It has a big
operatic organ intro and continues in this style with the
Black/Death metal sustained chords from the guitars. At
6.34 it has a complete change of heart and becomes a quick
paced, almost upbeat sound, which then reverts back at 8.00 to
the starting sound, but includes a very 80's solo this time,
that Slash would be proud of, as it does go on for a good while,
but is pretty kick ***. Longest track obviously on the album,
but it is a tough listen, more of a one off, although it has
incredible parts, its just too long! Especially on the back
of the two amazing tracks before, its just a bit tiresome in
3/5, but 4/5 for the solo part

Fight with Seymour
Don't remember this music that well, I had beat him before I
could even notice it (Yeah I pwn FF10). Interesting song,
strange blast beats (not too hot on drumming, but I think
hats what they are called. For a change, the keyboard takes
the centre stage for this one. Very lively piece of music with
lots of changes and a nice breakdown at roughly 3.40

Although if you haven't played any FF games, reduce it to 4/5.
A good listen for those who haven't As for those of us that
have, its one way to get the memories of past Weapon
smashing/materia hunting/chocobo riding days back and pay
homage to them. These guys should tour dammit!

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August 12th 2004


I have this album on my computer, and I listen to it a lot, mainly because it pwns everything else I have. :thumb:

Nobeo is a God.

August 12th 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

Not enough music from FF7 on this album! Nobuo is indeed a god, though.

August 12th 2004


Where did you get this?


August 13th 2004


[QUOTE=Iai]Not enough music from FF7 on this album! [/QUOTE]

One reason for that is because all the songs are battle themes; either normal ones, boss themes, or special ones that only play for like one or two major battles.

I've always thought they should get together again and do an album of non-battle themes, there's so many great songs to choose from. Especially the Sephiroth theme, that would be awesome as a metal song.

But anyway... Great album. I had this album downloaded a while back, this makes me want to get it again.

August 31st 2004


Great Review, I am so buying this when I get the money. I really want to hear JENOVA.

Adam Jones is GOD
August 31st 2004


Shouldn't encourage downloading (much) but for anyone who really does have trouble getting the album (or just wants a particular song) go here

August 31st 2004


nahh I wont download.....

*clicks on JENOVA*

Black Mage Carcass
August 31st 2004


I was going to review this album before my computer died. It's fantastic, one of my favourite albums ever.

Best song - The Decisive Battle. I love the 'chorus' melody, everytime I hear it, it screams 'METAL!!! m/ m/' (To threadstarter - this track is the boss theme of FFVI, I think its in a different key though, so no wonder you didn't recognise it!)

Best key solo - Battle Scene II. The synth patch is fantastic, and the solo just makes my hairs stand up on end.

Best guitar solo - Dancing Mad. For obvious (80's!!!) reasons.

JENOVA sorta reminds me of Rush meets techno, for some reason.

Can't wait for the sequel!

August 31st 2004


This is all well and good but how do you buy the album?

August 31st 2004



August 31st 2004


Finally, someone did "Those Who Fight Further" on guitars.


Adam Jones is GOD
October 8th 2004


For those who are fans of this album, prepare for good news

A small teaser

October 8th 2004


That's really good news. Thanks for the heads up :thumb:

I should have looked for this album on Amazon, but I forgot about it and bought a Pink Floyd CD and David Gilmour DVD instead. Oh well...

October 8th 2004


I listened to "Those Who Fight Further" and was disappointed.

My version kicks SO MUCH MORE ASS. There's too much techno BS in theirs. Makes me mad.

The Depressed
October 8th 2004


Jesus H Christ, me and a friend of mine were talking about The Man With The Machine Gun being 'Mage'd' not too long ago. Sounds pretty swish.

But that singing on Skies Above is bloody terrible.

Adam Jones is GOD
October 8th 2004


[QUOTE=The Depressed]
But that singing on Skies Above is bloody terrible.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, its very off putting. Instrumental is tight though, but those vocals....

October 24th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

[QUOTE=SubtleDagger]I listened to "Those Who Fight Further" and was disappointed.

My version kicks SO MUCH MORE ASS. There's too much techno BS in theirs. Makes me mad.[/QUOTE]

So. Post yours, then?

October 24th 2004


how can it be 5/5 if some songs are 3?

October 24th 2004


[QUOTE=epifreak2002]So. Post yours, then?[/QUOTE]
If you really like crappy sound quality, sure.

Adam Jones is GOD
October 24th 2004


[QUOTE=JAStewart]how can it be 5/5 if some songs are 3?[/QUOTE]

based on individual songs heard for the first time, without prior FF knowledge. hence why there are varying overall reviews

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