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Internal Flight



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January 14th, 2021 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A journey through the universe within

A low & constant ominous humming noise injects a feeling of loneliness and unease, giving a sense that something unpleasant is imminent, however that’s not quite the case. Around two minutes into the nervy mood emerges the caressing of nylon which makes it sing with a warm and pleasant timbre that ultimately welcomes the listeners to Internal Flight.

This is Estas’ sixth solo endeavour, and arguably his most recognised, 11 years after the release of his debut album. Internal Flight feels like a very introspective and existential journey that will have a different impact on every listener as each of our personal journeys is unique. The album consists of one track which unsurprisingly shares the same name as the album, and “Internal Flight” traverses through various crescendos and melodic ideas with the constant being Estas’ relentless finger picking that sharply reverberates against the nylon strings. The reverb and delay effects sprinkled across the piece provide an ethereal backdrop to accentuate the ominous melodies and moods that the song navigates through.

“Internal Flight” can in essence be separated into several sections, with each containing a core melodic idea or pattern which the supplementary ideas are built around. Estas likes to have the core ideas repeat and re-emerge in the arrangements rather than playing an infinite number of meandering notes that can be a problem in certain acoustic guitar based music. This repetition allows the listeners to absorb each section whilst being immersed in it. The transitions throughout are smooth, despite some varying tempo changes and the fluctuating ferocity of Estas’ guitar playing. The mood remains pretty consistent throughout the piece and there are no supporting instruments, which are a couple of the limiting factors of Internal Flight, therefore the crests & troughs in the music are dictated by Estas’ finger picking intensity as well as the shifting musical motifs. In places some variety is brought in the form of intense reverb modulation, creating an audio ripple effect that seems to almost make ones organs vibrate. Other times it feels as if there are two or more guitars playing in tandem, which creates a more layered dynamic and accentuates the feeling of vigour during those segments.

The artwork is a very fitting metaphor for the album experience as this album is best enjoyed in solitude, in an almost meditative state without any visual distractions from the external world. The production is apt for the emotions that Estas conveys in the music. It’s not sparkly or squeaky clean, but rather unpolished & organic with the most resonating aspect being the introspective disposition of the entire piece. When one talks about a journey within one can expect the presence of conflict, euphoria, tension, spirituality, loneliness, mystery, and a host of several other complex human emotions that most are afraid to face. Internal Flight feels like a guiding hand through the emotional gyrations that every person experiences to varying degrees and appropriately ends with the same humming noise that welcomed us at the outset of th record. Bringing the listener full circle and with hopefully a greater sense of insight & tranquility.

Internal Flight: f0Dhg&index=2

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January 14th 2021


Album Rating: 4.5

Been enjoying this for the past few days now. Just hits the right spot atm

Digging: Estas Tonne - Internal Flight

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