Lene Marlin
Lost In A Moment



by Isola USER (17 Reviews)
July 18th, 2006 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A really big step down from her last release, "Another Day". Very generic, very dull and only got a few songs worth the money.

Lost In A Moment by Lene Marlin

This CD struck down rather sudden for me, I didn't really know about it until I accidentally stumbled upon it at my local record store. I'm not surprised though, her last record "Another Day" was in no way any success, with only about 600 000 copies sold worldwide. I am somewhat of a fan boy for this beautiful singer from Norway so I just had to pick this one up. Although my expectations weren't very high after a somewhat disappointing follow-up to the incredible "Playing My Game" debut I was still convinced that "Lost In A Moment" would at least weight up to the standard of "Another Day". Sadly, it didn't. Although her voice still is shining bright, the music becomes more and more generic for every record. It's a shame really, because with her voice so many great things could've been accomplished. Even though I'm disappointed, it still has a few highlights. The opening song "My Lucky Day" is a great example. This song is one of her greatest songs from all of her catalogue and it's the only song here that really deserves to be compared to the "classics" from "Playing My Game". It opens up with picking acoustic guitar and Lene humming, followed soon after by drums and electric guitars building up the intensity to amazing levels. For the verse it slows down again but the drums keep pounding. The chorus is a perfect written power-pop-ballad and works really well. The lyrics are also worth mentioning, because they are also very standout and good for a pop song. "All I Can Say" is very generic sounding and doesn't weight up at all to the previous track. This is much slower and even though the singing is good and it has a few good lines it's nothing special. Next up is "How Would It Be" which actually turns up the volume a bit and it works okay. It's a good effort, her faster songs becomes better and better for every record. "Hope You're Happy" is another step back, it's just slow and dull with annoying guitars. Nothing really happens in this song except from some nice harmonics in the chorus. Luckily, after this another highlight arises, called "What If". It's a kind of a soft song, maybe a little cheesy lyrics. It's at times slow, but Lene's singing makes up for it. She has a good pace and the guitars works really well together with her voice. The chorus is more upbeat and very appealing. A pure pop single is what it is.

"Leave My Mind" opens up dark, with slow drumming and picking guitars and a really sad-sounding Lene. Her vocals are brilliant, as always but the song itself is way to generic and dull to be of any interest. Following is "When You Were Around" which rides on the same soft wave. Acoustic guitars back up a slow singing sad love song. This song is a real ballad, with just the acoustic guitar and Lene all the way through it. It doesn't appeal me the slightest, it's just boring actually. "Never To Know" is a little more upbeat but still way to slow for me. It got some nice moments, like the opening with strings and some lines in the pre-chorus but other than that, a skip. Next up is "Eyes Closed" which finally leaves that ballad-sounding trace. It's nothing fancy though, not even the chorus which actually is a bit upbeat and featuring some strong singing. The lyrics and the rhymes are very cheesy here. "It's True" is the first piano-tune on this record and piano plus Lene's voice usually is a success. It's a decent song, but far from the best ones on this record. The piano is a nice touch though, most songs here is just accompanied by guitars, mostly acoustics. The ending track, "Wish I Could" opens up with Lene singing harmonics until drums and a catchy acoustic guitar comes in. It's a upbeat story, from verse to chorus. As said before, her faster songs grows on me and becomes better and better for every listen.

Overall this record is very generic sounding. The acoustic guitar plus great voice might work on one or two records, but on a third it's just becoming annoying. Half of the songs here follows this formula and really ruins this record, because the upbeat tunes are actually quite good, most of them.

This record is recommended to you that...
...enjoys slow pop ballads.
...is really into vocal harmonics.
...liked the faster songs on her previous records.

This record is NOT recommended to you that"
...can't stand some occasionally cheesy lyrics.
...was disappointed by "Another Day".
...is expecting something revolutionary for the genre.

Overall rating: 2/5

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August 20th 2006


varför så många frågetecken och skumitetiskt i texten?

January 19th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

I've heard of Lene Marlin, and I absolutely love her! She is my bread and butter when I'm in a chill out mood. I didn't listen to the whole "Lost In A Moment" album but the tracks I heard are great! I love "Leave My Mind" it's just beautiful, how can anyone not like that song!? "What If" makes me feel good all over! It just wins me over from the start with a fantastic guitar. I'll listen to the whole album and get back to you...

January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

Well, both her other albums are great but this one is like I said, "Poor".

February 1st 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

I listened to the album and I must say that I disagree with you. I honestly like all the songs! The ones I especially like are:

Eyes Closed

Never To Know

Hope You're Happy

The rest are also very listenable, I can listen to Lene reading my homework and it'll still be artistic and likeable. She has a good voice, and a good personality... I think. I have become a fan now. Till now I just gave her a go because I liked Playing My Game very much. If I told you how many times I listened to Playing My Game you would stay away from me... (joke).

Here are a couple of songs I found out on the net that aren't on her original album releases:

-I Know- (it appears as an 11th track on the Taiwan edition of the Playing My Game album, and it is lovely. Softly spoken, a mellow track)

-Enough- (appears on the japan edition of the Another Day album as an 11th track, and its a good song)

-Avalon- (this is a duet with the band called LOVEBUGS. It is a very good song, I listen to it a lot. It is featured on the Lovebugs album.)

-Still Here- (appears as a 12th track on the Taiwan edition of the Lost In A Moment album, I like it, but it is sort of average and it gets lost in my mind, what's to say, it's forgettable but nice)

-Blanket In The Park- (it has good music)

February 5th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

Man, I want those songs. The only non-album Lene song I've found is a live version of "The Way We Are" which is absolutely stunning. You wouldn't happen to use MSN? I'm having a hard time finding these songs :/

I still claim that my low rating is justified though. This record is way to generic to work in this genre, her earlier records at least had some substance in them, this one offers nothing new at all and the songs are way to dull to stand on their own.This Message Edited On 02.05.07

February 7th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Hi! I have yahoo, and yahoo messenger will that do? I can send you the first four songs I listed. Blanket In The Park was on my downloads but I had only one source (on Shareaza) and he/she bailed on me, so I had to erase the song. It was up to 80%, I know the sound and structure of it. Can you send me the live version of "The Way We Are"?

I would like to hear an acoustic/live of "Playing My Game", I found out there was one as a bonus track.

I made a mp3 cd collection of all Lene Marlin songs and their lyrics for an ex and she loved it! She says that when she listens to her songs she is reminded of me, because I used to play Lene's songs when we snagged in bed.

My e-mail is bojanlovesdelta@yahoo.com. Your's?

By the way read my review of Delta Goodrem's "Mistaken Identity" album here at sputnik and tell me what you think...

February 9th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I actually got the live acoustic version of Playing My Game I have added you to my MSN, it should be compatible with Yahoo Messenger. See ya there

February 9th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Great! I want that song! I like "Playing My Game" its a mood song! See you on yahoo messenger!

April 8th 2009


this is the same chick who's song is in a kinder surprise commercial. and it sounds boring as shit even on that.

April 8th 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

So, you're basing your opinion on a 30 second commercial that contains a song that obviously has 3 minutes (or more) cut out of it?

Looking at your ratings and pie chart it's a wonder you even stumbled across this.

Digging: Adimiron - Et Liber Eris

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