A Dark Machine



by pizzamachine USER (221 Reviews)
November 21st, 2020 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2019 | Tracklist

Review Summary: An unholy abortion.

ShockOne is one of the only dubstep artists I can listen to repeatedly. Yes, technically the artist utilizes a wide variety of genres, but I don’t care. If it womps it is Dubstep. If it breaks all the windows in the church down the street in another country, it’s probably Dubstep. This is the effect of this magnum opus. I am fairly certain after listening to this album, you will never walk again. This kind of PTSD isn’t typical after listening to music, but ShockOne isn’t typical. Every song is unfairly catchy, as if to say “take that you sodding nanny whacker!” This album laces your blood with venom, after listening to it you may accidentally yell at everyone you see due to losing 90% of your hearing and then you will kick them in the face because of your PTSD, I have this down to a science.

The album begins with a bunch of people yelling at you as if to say “you will listen to this, and you will enjoy it bitch”. And being the bitch you are, you actually love the album. The first song is basically a practice run, a warm up for the real show before it blasts your brains out. It’s a fun song, but the real star is the rest of the album. ‘Bleed Black’ is the token rap track, but what a track it is, those beats could make your grandma shake her booty, which I enjoy watching. ; ) ‘Lost It’ is probably the best track, but that’s like saying the best part of pooping is ***ting. There are other songs but you will be too traumatized to be able to notice. All you will hear is the reverberations of the shrieking spirits eating your soul as the antichrist chops your skull in with an axe - or maybe that’s just the sound of 2020. Either way, you’ll need an album to survive the rest of this year, so it might as well be one that sounds like the death of all things holy.

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Staff Reviewer
November 22nd 2020



Digging: Fushitsusha - Live I

November 22nd 2020


Album Rating: 5.0

Is my magnum opus

November 22nd 2020


hahaha this guy is from my city and he's something of a meme among my friend group because he's always fuckin playing shows so we often say 'I can't come sorry boys I'm going to shockone' on like a monday afternoon

I can't tell if you're being completely sarcastic either

November 25th 2020


Album Rating: 5.0

Haha nice 😆

Yeah, bout this review...

I like this album. There’s your sermon in a sentence for ya.

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