Everything's Strange Here



by Peter Meister USER (99 Reviews)
June 26th, 2020 | 10 replies

Release Date: 06/26/2020 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Supermarket 2.0

This trend of established hip-hop rappers turning to alternative as a means to “experiment”, and venture away from the bass-boosted, uptight sounds of their usual art, has seem to become the new aesthetic in the landscape of mainstream music. Memories of the colossal disaster of Kid Cudi’s 2015 psychedelic effort, “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven”, and last year’s cheeky, comical “Supermarket” by another established artist in Logic, are invoked in horror. Even Machine Gun Kelly has taken the route to heart, yet has been the only one to have successfully navigated the transition, with his rap-rock hybrid “Hotel Diablo” earning widespread marks. The truth is, the road taken by these well-cemented rappers for their “experimental phase”, has only ended in laughs and sheer bafflement. Solely, because it fits nowhere near dear to their identity. It’s essentially, the easy option for hip-hop artists to jump out of rapping, and attempt a sort of versatility and showing the world that “Hey guys! I’m more than just a rapper!” Unfortunately for Oakland’s very own G-Eazy, the bewilderment continues in top, comedic form with his debut to the alt-sphere in “Everything’s Strange Here”.

The pairing of clever wordplay, and shiny West Coast beats that have done G-Eazy due service over the past decade, are nowhere to be found. Instead, it’s been viciously scrubbed by generic, emotionless acoustics, along with undoubtedly, the worst vocals by any rapper who’s ever taken this brief route to date. The closest we ever get to just even a typical G-Eazy track is in the radiant, reminiscing “Nostalgia Cycle”, which feels more of a scrap-off from his upcoming album, “These Things Happen Too”, rather than actually fitting itself into this experiment. The entire track-list reeks of Logic’s own Supermarket, with similarities between the two revered constantly throughout the snooze fest. The woozy, heavy Mac Demarco-inspired “Free Porn Cheap Drugs”, a boring take on his need to break free from the bustling lifestyle of being a rapper, is eerily similar, if not identical, to the Mac Demarco-produced chill bender “Vacation from Myself” by Logic from Supermarket. Both in premise and in its druggy, head-spinning production. To put it awfully blunt, it is as if G-Eazy plagiarized the foundations of that project from the artist most closely associate him with, and tried to spin it to make it his own. Might as well smack off the actual title and rename this “Supermarket 2.0”, because that is exactly what this is; a carbon copy.

Nothing about “Everything’s Strange Here” bears any coherence to continue past its initial play. The ultimate eyesore that beats it all out of this insufferable corpse is the Marshmello-produced, Charlie Puth rip-off “Stan By Me”, a dreadful effort at contrasting love towards the obsessive tendencies of fandom. The dolefully sung lines of, “But your love’s for sale, you got Only Fans’/you sent three DMs when I found your ‘Gram”, is the testament to the bull*** and misery that this 35-minute nightmare of an attempt is engulfed by. Those two lines alone should be tagged, bagged, and sent to the fiery depths of hell. The damning epitome of G-Eazy's take on the alt-sphere, is more than enough defined by those two horrific lines alone. It in fact, manages to outpace and outdo every other awful take attempted by hip-hop artists on the genre to date. It is the ultimate compilation of how to rip apart a whole genre from the waist down, and terraform it into something horrible, to something completely void of heart and emotion. Once again, another victim of the “rapper goes alternative” phase has been woefully sacrificed.

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June 26th 2020


Album Rating: 1.0

It's been two years since writing my last review, and since I've got a lot of time again this summer, thought it was time to get back to writing a little bit reviewing like this. A goal is to definitely finish up the rest of Eddie Murphy's discography and review that, just like I did with the last album years ago, and then write more on new projects of course as time flies by.

Feedback, criticism, thoughts on the project and G-Eazy as a whole, are more than welcome. Glad to be back writing!

Contributing Reviewer
June 27th 2020


ew that album cover

June 27th 2020


this clown has always sucked

Digging: Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor?s Version)

June 27th 2020


Holy fuck is this that bad? Never liked him but I know like 2-3 bangers

June 27th 2020


this guy has like two good songs and both of them are only good because of the feature

Digging: Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet

June 27th 2020


Album Rating: 2.5

A minimum of bits, a maximum of melody. But here, not everything is good. This melody, in my opinion, is of no interest if he makes some kind of 'touching' ballads, but nothing like that

June 27th 2020


Now there's a familiar face. Cool to see you write again.

Digging: Greta Van Fleet - The Battle at Garden's Gate

June 27th 2020


It's funny because some of the production isn't that terrible, and with a different creative direction and different artist could be good. G-Easy's autotuned, artifically raw, and almost comically bad vocals completely kill this album.

Also G-Easy's real name is Gerald lol

June 27th 2020


Stan By Me is as bad as it sounds...

January 6th 2021


"G-Eazy, the white Macklemore, you know him"

The most savage diss in hip hop history prob

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