Monster Magnet



by ChaoticVortex USER (63 Reviews)
April 20th, 2020 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Jump into the endless void, from which there’s no return.

It starts. Slow, quiet before the humming of the distorted six-strings become stronger and stronger. The rhythm is set, almost tribal-like. The squeezing, cerebral noises, effects all telling you, this ain’t Kansas no more. You close your eyes and feel yourself relaxing, more and more, almost too much. Voices cry out, almost incomprehensible, the guitars, the drums, the bass, the space noises all start to blend into a soup of psychedelic that pours into your body. The brain begins to melt, the mind opens up. This should be nothing but annoying, irritating noise, but it’s not. You feel its power, its momentum, the subtle shifts, its music in its purest, most unrestrained form. One that has its purpose. In this case to transport you into another dimension, a place you can’t describe with simple words, a place where you get carried through the music. Astral formed dance in front of your eyes, the colors begin harshly vibrate, everything is fuzzy. You fall and fall, then fly, than you transform and become one with everything else….and then the trip finally stops.

It’s safe to say, that most of us have never used drugs, but that’s exactly what feels is like to listen to 25…Tab, Monster Magnet’s unhinged, crazy and marvelous space freakout. Released as an EP in 1992, it is easily one of the most impressive accomplishments in psychedelic/stoner rock mostly due to the opening title track that runs for a whopping 32 minutes. A continuous wave of riffs, solos, guitar effects and one that never loses momentum and keeps the listener in its LSD-infused universe all the way through. You can only guess how high yet focused Dave Wyndorf and his bandmates could’ve been, to pull off such a musical performance. After this the faster paced (but also 12 minutes long) and harsher “Long Hair” and “Lord 13” is just a relaxer but they also clearly show off the diversive sounds and tones that became the band’s repertoire for many years to come. The production: Rough but dense and hard-hitting. The musicianship: Very loose yet thight as hell, and sometimes truly jaw-dripping. Sometimes you wonder what the hell it going on, but then you just let your the whole of it wash over you. A spaced out journey only few other albums could match, a true out of your body experience. All hail, the Church of Stoner Rock and its hymn, 25…Tab!

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April 20th 2020


Album Rating: 4.5

Kept this one short, as its something you truly have to listen and feel. Happy 4/20 everyone! Also as always, any constructive criticism is welcome.

Staff Reviewer
April 20th 2020


Album Rating: 3.7

Nice review! This side of Monster Magnet should've been explored more. Also, I believe this EP influenced more bands than people give it credit for.

April 20th 2020


Really glad to see this one reviewed! If only God Says No and Superjudge had one as well.

April 20th 2020


This is great. I completely forgot about this one.

April 20th 2020


Some great descriptions in here, well done. I'd edit the first part so it says 'starts' instead of 'stars.' Other than that, this is a nice, brief piece that really captures what this album is about. Take a pos

Given modern standards, seeing an EP this long is wack to me.

April 21st 2020


this looks cool

June 12th 2020


Album Rating: 3.5

it was about time 4 this one got reviewed!

dope album

June 12th 2020


Album Rating: 3.5

"If only God Says No and Superjudge had one as well"

Pretty damn sure that God Says No had a review. It probably got deleted for some reason. Superjudge belongs in the catalog of albums I tried reviewing without finishing it and so, I never uploaded it. Will try to finish it during this summer. It's a record from a classic era and needs to be reviewed and commented.

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