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by Parthan Shiv CONTRIBUTOR (66 Reviews)
April 7th, 2020 | 9 replies

Release Date: 02/04/2020 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Sometimes you just need time

Writing this review was a personal challenge because Nara Nara Voltsong for Shower is in many ways completely alien to me. Nightmare Puppy’s auteur/mastermind, Johnny King, appears to specialise in chiptune video game soundtracks and, considering that I’ve never listened to chiptune music before and haven’t played any kind of videogame with any kind of seriousness in a long time, I was approaching Nara Nara’s mostly lo-fi digital storytelling without any kind of pre-existing framework by which to evaluate it, and to be frank, even enjoy it.

But my resistance to the album eventually yielded to appreciation. Nara Nara is more than the sum of its considerably, and surprisingly, diverse parts. Elements of post-rock, mathy prog, and even dance-y synth rock float by, creating a mélange of sounds that have a fairly cohesive identity of their own, driven by stuttering, yet driving beats, strong melodies, epic progressions and harmonies, and impressive guitar-work that’s bit-crushed and manipulated to sound like some of the greatest keytar heroism since Frankie went to Hollywood.

Nara Nara’s songs were apparently composed by King over the course of about 5 years with various influences seeping into his creative process, and to an extent that shows in the songs themselves. There are some broad stylistic jumps; from the lush enveloping soundscapes of the opener, “All My Friends are Sleeping in Trees”; to the very 8-Bit J-Rock follower, “Turn the Helicopter Lights Off”; to the straightforward synthrock—henceforth I will stop prefixing words with “synth”—of “Catastrophe of Dirty Laundry”; and back again.

However, few of the songs stay confined within discernible genres as King flexes considerable compositional muscle that twists songs around and in on themselves before they emerge almost unrecognizably on the other side. “Homewrecker”, for instance, starts with minimalistic pads over a breakbeat before being torn to shreds by the shards of a chaotic, squealing guitar solo until order is restored by a cathartic crescendo. Similarly, "Caffeine Icicle" starts off similarly simply, with suspended pad hits punctuated by bass before the skittering guitar comes in and the song acquires a driving disco beat and bassline.

Clearly, Nara Nara’s epic scope encompasses a wide range of sounds, but, some of these sounds work better than others. King’s knack for widescreen cinematicism is consistently impressive and often transcends into breathtaking beauty. When he lets himself be huge, he is capable of evoking real emotion with organic opuses that live and breathe and claw and scream at just the right moments. The majority of the second half of Nara Nara is comprised of soundscapes that you can get lost in before angular noise rips holes in the fabric to find you. The first half however, which comprises the bulk of the more chiptune-y songs, is more hit-and-miss. There are plenty of great melodic and compositional ideas, but they aren’t given time to evolve, grow and resolve the way the back half of the album is, and don’t make as much of an impact because of it. Still, it’s hard to fault this level of ambition with a one-man release. And with the amount of depth and detail contained in each track, you'll find plenty to love on every one of them, if you just give it time.

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Contributing Reviewer
April 7th 2020


Album Rating: 4.0

Meant to do this two months ago! But time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'...

April 7th 2020


Awwww, he’ll be so proud. Wonderful review and have a pos.

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Contributing Reviewer
April 7th 2020


Nice review! I forgot to tell this album's mysterious, wordy, unsettlingly sexy creator how good it is, so cheers for the reminder. Will listen again

Staff Reviewer
April 7th 2020


Woooo!!! Thanks so much for the kind words, and sorry this ended up screwing with your headspace and mid-term schedule so badly ;] Gonna spread this all the social medias as soon as the time zones line up opportunely...

All yous can get your streams/free dls here:

Digging: Boris - Urban Dance

Contributing Reviewer
April 7th 2020


Wait, where did I see this band's name before... hmmmmm...

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Contributing Reviewer
April 7th 2020


Album Rating: 4.5

Fuck man this shit is so good

June 2nd 2020


Album Rating: 4.0

Homewrecker hit hard.

Staff Reviewer
June 3rd 2020


Lol I remember having pretty much the worst fking day ever when that one came to life

June 10th 2020


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

First time listening, this is very cool shit


Digging: Ride - Nowhere

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