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Release Date: 1976 | Tracklist

In 1975, Aerosmith released their third album "Toys in the Attic" which would put them at the top. But they weren't done rockin' the world yet and in the following year they followed up "Toys in the Attic" with "Rocks". This album contains a mix of lean groovy riffs and heavy bass rythm's sure to satisfy even heavy the metal fans. Although this may be the last great album Aerosmith ever did, it would give them even more popularity and commercial success in the future. Also, "Rocks" had a rock and roll formula that would pave the way for future albums such as "Appetite for Destruction". "Back in the Saddle" and "Last Child" became popular radio tracks and the rest of the album doesn't dissapoint with the furious "Rats in the Cellar" and the heavy metal "Nobody's Fault". "Home Tonight" is a sweet song to end the album that you'll find quite similar to "You See Me Crying" from the previous album "Toys in the Attic". All that being said, let me get down to business and tell you why this album is a must have.

Band Members:
Steven Tyler (Vocals)
Joe Perry (Guitars)
Brad Whitford (Guitars)
Tom Hamilton (Bass)
Joey Kramer (Drums)

1. Back in the Saddle (4:40)
The album opener "Back in the Saddle" starts out with some guitar slide notes until the drumming and guitars pick up and let out all of the energy inside out with Tyler screaming; "I'm back!, i'm back in the saddle again!" Some of Aerosmith's most popular opening lyrics ever. Joe Perry plays the six stringed bass and the riff is a trademark classic. Rumor has it he created this riff stoned and what not while lying on the floor (Well, something like that). Also, the background noises add a superb touch to the song that give it the western feel to it. The lyrics are pure entendre, which by this time Aerosmith had perfected in most of their lyrics. After all of what i've said about this one song, heck, i'd say this album is worth buying just for this song! 5/5

2. Last Child (3:26)
"Last Child" follows up "Back in the Saddle" and keeps the rockin' and rollin' goin' strong. Starting out slow and drowsy the guitar riff kicks in with a groovy riff that even outdoes the likes of "Mama Kin". Brad Whitford and Joe Perry came up with this riff just randomly messin' 'round one time and it's one of the best riffs i've ever heard from Aerosmith. The lyrics are kind of random and don't make a lot of sense but the chorus is great with the line; "Home sweet home" being sung perfectly by Steven Tyler. The solo comes in towards the end and adds a nice touch to an already awesome song. Again, Aerosmith pulls off another classic hit with this song and you just have one more reason to get this album. 5/5

3. Rats in the Cellar (4:06)
This song is practically the answer up to "Toys in the Attic", I mean just look at the title of the song. But anyways, this song messes around a bit at the start but doesn't take much time to get to the energized and fast paced riff created by some excellent guitar playing. The lyrics are catchy with some interesting play on words while Steven Tyler sings them with a some aggression. The song kind of looses control and the band kind of jams out for the last minute or so. 4/5

4. Combination (3:40)
"Combination" starts out right off the bat with some rythm guitars and a bass playing the chugging main riff. The lyrics are again random but seem to actually have a direction, but you'll have to use your imagination a little to really understand what the heck they mean. There is some background vocals singing under Tyler in the chorus that add a lazy feel to the song. The ending is similar to "Rats in the Cellar" with the band just makin' love to their instruments and the energy building up until it hits the end and the next song begins. 4/5

5. Sick as a Dog (4:11)
I find this song to be one of Aerosmith's truly greatest songs ever. If you break this song down and look at it part by part and all of the fills and instrumetal arrangements, its really an amazing song. There's great a rythm to the song created by the use of a six string bass. So really, there's the acoustic guitar you hear in the beginning then for the rest of the song the band uses an electric, one bass and a six string bass. The lyrics are some of the catchiest Aerosmith lyrics ever and the different arrangements to this song are just amazing. In conclusion, I must say...this is a masterpiece and one of the best Aerosmith songs out there. 5/5

6. Nobody's Fault (4:25)
With some volume pedals the guitars play some notes that add an unsure feeling to the first twenty or so seconds. But if you're thinking this song is goin' to be some quiet passover, get ready for a suprise. When the :27 second mark hits the song explodes into a war of anarchy. If you were to measure this song with a richter scale, it'd break for sure because this riff is practically the equivalent to an earthquake. The lyrics are again catchy and capture your interest with story on mankinds demise and the destruction of the world. Also, a personal favorite line of mine; "California showtime, five o'clock news, everybody's concubine, was prone to take a snooze" always gives me a chuckle (Has there ever been a song to use the word "Concubine"!"!"). The drumming in this song is some of Joey Kramer's best and i'm sure you'd agree as well. Finally, they're some great solos and leads played by Joe Perry and really, this song has one of the heaviest riffs of all time, as far as rock and roll goes. 5/5

7. Get the Lead Out (3:41)
Starting out quickly with a riff that at times seems similar to that of "Last Child". But that ain't a bad thing at all, oh no..."Get the Lead Out" contains some random lyrics again, but you mgiht not ever notice with such an awesome riff being played. It also finds the band jamming out towards the end like they do in a few other songs earlier in the album and soon enough you're on to the next song. 4/5

8. Lick and a Promise (3:05)
With some quick drum beats the catchy guitar riff kicks in and Steven Tyler begins singing the lights out. The lyrics are about the rock and roll lifestyle, somewhat generic but they got their hooks, especially in the verses where the guitar riff shines. It also has some "na na na na's" included that make this a great live performance. It's the shortest song on the album but don't worry too much, it ain't easy to tell just by listening. 5/5

9. Home Tonight (3:16)
Similar to "You See Me Crying", the finale to "Toys in the Attic", but "Home Tonight" is much shorter with less lyrics. That being said, it's still a great song with some nice guitar leads and emotional in the vocals. Energy and emotion builds up in the song 'til it finally dies and ends. I think this may be the closest thing to a let down on the album but it's still a great song. 4/5

Well the album lives up to its name and does a little more i'd say. "Back in the Saddle" and "Last Child" are branded classics while "Sick as a Dog" and "Nobody's Fault" are two amazing songs that make this album a bona fide classic. I've already told you the influences this album has put out and due to its great success, Aerosmith became one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever, espeically in America where at the time was dominated to death by the invasion of the great British bands we all are quite familiar with. Besides the four songs I mentioned, "Rats in the Cellar", "Combination", "Get the Lead Out" and "Lick and a Promise" all have a sound of their own and keep the rock and roll alive throughout the album. The only weak spot may be the album closer "Home Tonight" but that being said, it's a fine song never less. So now that you've read this review, I think you should go buy this album if you don't have it yet.

Pros (+)
+ Amazing rock and roll (Aerosmith trademark for sure)
+ Great riffs laid down by the guitars, bass (Even the six string bass gets a lot of spotlight!)
+ Steven Tyler sings to perfection on all of the songs
+ Every song has sounds of their own (Especially listen to ("Back in the Saddle" and "Nobody's Fault")
+ Some lyrics can be random but most of them are excellent

Cons (-)
- The only weak spot may be the album ender "Home Tonight" (But pretty much a sweet song anyways)

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July 2nd 2006


be a little easy on me for this one please, i'm experimenting around with my reviews...This Message Edited On 07.02.06

July 2nd 2006


actually i dont like going to re-do it and do it the way i like to do my reviews

July 3rd 2006


k there, that's how i want it...any feedback now?

Cygnus Inter Anates
July 3rd 2006


The only Aerosmith album that everyone should hear.

July 3rd 2006


i disagree with that

March 25th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Not bad, not bad, fairly good actually, the only bit that had me like 'what the fuck?' was underating 'Home Tonight', you need to take another hard listen to that one, it is arguably better than 'You See Me Crying'.

March 25th 2007


Home Tonight is easily the highlight for me...

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