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July 2nd, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

The Sex Pistols. A foul-mouthed, dirty clothed, drug fuelled, talentless punk four piece, who barely had it in them to release one studio album, and furthermore; only survived three years as a band. Arguably true, but the boundaries the Sex Pistols broke in the 70"s are undeniable. Driven by the media and politics, The "Sex Pistols" were the first ever band to openly speak out against the monarchy, creating a shockwave of hatred across the nation. The Pistols took music to the point beyond, where youngsters could voice their opinions, and make themselves heard. Funnily enough, 25 years later and the things the Pistols sung about then, make a great deal of sense now, maybe even more so than it did previously. Regarding today"s situation, what better way to celebrate the Queens golden jubilee than with the "Sex Pistols" Silver jubilee album. It just goes to show, that the "Sex Pistols" have stood the test of time.

The Sex Pistols jubilee is a collection of Sex Pistols songs spanning the short time they were together. The album is split up into two eras. The Johnny Rotten era, and the post-Johnny Rotten era. The change is very apparent, yet the quality of music stays consistent and genuine. The first four tracks are the singles taken from the "Pistols" first album, "Nevermind the Bollocks". The sex Pistols in bloom, and at their short-lived peak. "God Save the Queen" kicks the album off, despite being the second single. Steve Jones guitar slides in, and the Sex pistols signature slide power chord formation is born. The Pistols political stance is confirmed with the words "God Save the Queen, she ain"t no human being". Probably the most universal punk song ever written. "Anarchy in the UK" follows up with Paul Cook pounding the toms and Steve playing a downward progression. Arguably the Pistols best effort, due to Jones" catchy hooks and jam filled riffing. Unfortunately, AITUK only made it to number 38 in the singles chart before EMI stopped production after a T.V interview with Bill Grundy. Next comes "Pretty Vacant", another punk masterpiece with an extremely memorable intro. Rotten sings the chorus, audibly changing the word vacant to va-cunt! Jones" bluesy licks remain top-notch, although the song is more repetitive than other Pistols work. The last song from the Rotten period is "Holidays in the sun". The song has a great rock-steady riff and wonderful background chanting in the chorus. Yet another simple and effective solo, wrapping up the Pistols glory days.

The post-Rotten era leaves much to be desired, but is still a solid effort from the rest of the band. Sid Vicious takes frontman duties on two Eddie Cochran covers; "Something else" and "Come on everybody". Vicious" impersonates Cochran flawlessly, and does a great job in showing he is musically able. Apparently, Vicious was a huge fan of Cochran"s work. Sid also does the vocal work for the Frank Sinatra cover "My Way". He sings the introduction like a hormonal adolescent, and then comes the proper English punk ramblings. Great Stuff. Steve Jones plays his own version of the old English rugby chant "Friggin" in the Riggin"". This is definitely one of the highlights, with Jones throwing vulgar statements into the microphone, and a great punk-rock sailor riff. Jones yells "Gimme some Bollocks!" and the song breaks. Some great verses make this song, such as "The second mate was Andy, by Christ he had a dandy, "till they crushed his cock on a jagged rock for cumming in the brandy" and "The captain boy was flipper He was a ***in" hippie, he stuffed his arse with broken glass and circumcised the skipper". Jones also takes lead on "Silly thing", originally titled "Silly C***". Written by Paul Cook, the song is about Jones" growing drug problem. A fairly generic catchy punk song.

A handful of bonus tracks are included, such as the great rock "n" roll swindle. Tadpole Tudor"s vocals are horrible and whiney, which lets an otherwise great song down. The Swindle B-side "(I"m not your) stepping stone" is one of the last tracks recorded with Rotten. It"s a slightly darker and heavier track, which gives an impression of what a second Pistols studio release would sound like. The Pistols 1996 reunion is also captured at the end of the disc, with a live cut of Pretty Vacant. They seem to be a lot more assured of themselves whilst playing, probably because of Glen Matlock"s return.

"Nevermind the Bollocks" is a classic punk album. Out of the entire collection compilations/live/unreleased Pistols album, this is definitely the one to own, especially if you want to here some alternation in the band, whether it be musically or vocally. This record truly does show a different side of the Sex Pistols, and one that should be heard.

Track ratings
1.God Save the Queen 4/5
2. Anarchy in the UK 5/5
3.Pretty Vacant 4.5/5
4.Holidays in the Sun 5/5
5.No one is innocent 2/5
6.My way 3/5
7.Something else 4/5
8.Friggin in the Riggin 4.5/5
9.Silly Thing 2.5/5
10.C"mon Everybody 4/5
11.The great rock "n" roll swindle 3.5/5
12.(I"m not your) Stepping stone 3.5/5
13.Pretty Vacant (live) 5/5
14.EMI (Unlimited edition) 3/5

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July 2nd 2006


i have never heard of this ever. pretty good review. i didnt know they went on with out rotten. i might check it out.

World Burns To Death
July 3rd 2006


the sex pistols sucked.

July 4th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Great comment. Be funny If you were to die soon.

July 4th 2006


no, they were cool, still are

July 7th 2006


World burns to death, go burn to death.

The Pistols were revolutionary.

It is a great cd, my only problem with it is the fact that if you own jubilee and bollocks, you get many repeating songs. This qualm is made up for by the other tracks though.

My Way - A great intro and build up to Sid's official song, as it were.
Rock'.'Roll Swindle - Great melody and chorus, verses somewhat bland, Tadpole Tudors voice ruins the magic Rotten could hav put on this song.
All of the other covers are interesting, specially if you know the original tracks.

I wish it had Roadrunner on it, does anyone know which Pistol's album has roadrunner?

July 7th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

^^Thank you very much for the insights . Glad you agree with a lot of the review. As for roadrunner, you can probably pick it up from a live set.This Message Edited On 07.07.06

December 15th 2010


hi Vacant Regime.
Roadrunner Is on The Great Rock n Roll Swindle album.

December 15th 2010


I love the sex pistols, but let's be honest they only have one album. Great review though dude!

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