Jonsi and Alex
Lost and Found



by Xenophanes EMERITUS
October 21st, 2019 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2019 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A meaningless moment through a meaningful process.

As I cross over into my 30s and turn the page on this decade, I’ve learned that the most impactful albums have a nostalgic resonance with them. Riceboy Sleeps the 2009 debut album from ambient side-project of Jonsi and Alex Somers, is in itself a contained exercise in nostalgia. Even then, the record’s wistful sounds felt lived in. Often somber, the album achieves an emotional connection through imaginary shared experiences. Experiences of youth, love, and loss. For albums like Riceboy Sleeps the human connection is everything. Warm, organic tones can be subjectively beautiful, but when untethered, they detach themselves from the listener. Lost & Found, Jónsi and Alex’s unexpected follow-up, is a pallid anniversary celebration with nothing connecting its dulcet tones sounds to feelings it wants to convey.

To mimic nostalgia, Lost & Found reworks nearly all of Riceboy Sleeps. The songs “Boy” and “Stokkseyrar-Disa” on the former are reworkings of “Boy 1904” and “Stokkseyrar” on the latter. These samples act as fond reminders, but perhaps with different intentions. The haunting chorus on “Boy 1904” is remixed on “Boy” to something more hollow and inorganic. “Stokkseyri,” with its compelling minimalism has been watered down then washed away. These observations belie an opinion which is anathema to quality music criticism--Lost & Found is basic. Jonsi and Alex have taken a lush and majestic album--unique within the ambient field--and reduced it to something much more remissive. The human aspect, the keys, strings, and eerie vocals have all been buffered out resulting in a humdrum “ebb and flow” style more akin to Hammock. However pure their intentions, Jonsi and Alex have failed to capture that same magic from ten years ago.

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Riceboy Sleeps

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Staff Reviewer
October 22nd 2019


You have a way with concise reviews Xeno, I don't have anything really to add to this album in terms of topical conversation but I couldn't just let this sit here without any comments.

October 22nd 2019


It seems like Sigur Ros and it’s members are trying to do everything except release a new album at this point. Seriously they just keep rehashing old works.

October 22nd 2019


Album Rating: 3.0

Waiting for the shitstorm to pass and people to forget about those drummer allegations

Demon of the Fall
October 22nd 2019


'It seems like Sigur Ros and it’s members are trying to do everything except release a new album at this point.' (2)

Yeah I'm getting a little tired of waiting by this point, Kveikur was so insanely good. Having said that I appear to have missed the original version/release of this i.e. Riceboy Sleeps - should probably give it a spin.

October 24th 2019


I don't really need my ambient music to be particularly nostalgic or emotional these days, so I'm glad this exists as another thing to put on in the background.

Iamthe Nightstars
October 24th 2019


I didn't know this was being released. The first album was awesome so I'll definitely check this out.

Staff Reviewer
October 25th 2019


"I’ve learned that the most impactful albums have a nostalgic resonance with them."
Correlation or causality? Nice review, will avoid this but appreciate the reminder to check Riceboy

October 26th 2019


i hope this review is wrong because their first album was really good. Thanks for letting me know about this follow-up, though, regardless.

October 30th 2019


I see what you did there with the review summary

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