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by Spikel USER (1 Reviews)
June 23rd, 2019 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2018 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Another worthwhile trip to folk inspired introspection from Mimicking Birds

Mimicking Birds, a Portland based indie/folk rock band first caught my eye due to being on Isaac Brock's (Modest Mouse ) record label, Glacial Pace. Songwriter and founder of the group, Nate Lacey, has always had an incredible ability to weave intricate, introspective patterns with the acoustic guitar. Their album, Layers of Us, retains the introspective folk of the previous two albums while also introducing some glossy new layers via synthesizers and production techniques.

Layers of Us continues in the same vein as 2014's Eons; it features the same reflective, thought provoking lyrics and beautiful acoustic arpeggios and riffs. On top of that, there is a willingness to experiment and incorporate new sounds and layers. The lead single, "Sunlight Daze", is an excellent example of this. Featuring swirling synthesizers backed by electric guitar; it sounds completely new, yet it is still unmistakably Mimicking Birds.

Listening to the album for the first time is quite a beautiful experience, and it's good to know the band can still pull off songs like "Lumens". There is a certain amount of cynical introspection that seems to be pervasive throughout their work; it is a unique strength. "Great Wave" is a highlight with its epic climax in the second half. "One Eyed Jack", a long and brooding number, showcases the beautiful moodiness their music possesses. Every song is solid, however, not every track is outstanding. A couple of the songs, "A Part" and "Belongings", almost sound too similar to each other.

Once the new, electronic shine wears off, it feels either on par with or even slightly lesser than Eons. It is hard to argue that the songwriting has gotten any stronger, and part of this is due to Nate Lacy having always been incredible at the craft. That is not to say the songwriting isn't up to par, it certainly is. However, the band will have to continue to find new ways to grow creatively as they are showing hints of stagnation. No matter what route they go, it will certainly be a worthwhile listen.

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June 23rd 2019


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

My first review everyone, its probably been 6 years since I had to write an essay. This is a great album, and I'm happy to own both this and Eons on vinyl. Also, how the heck do italics work? I thought it must be tags, but now I've created the ugliest review

Contributing Reviewer
June 23rd 2019


Italics are [i] [/]
Couldn’t put the i in the 2nd bracket without it italicizing lol but you get the idea

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June 23rd 2019


This is one of those bands that I should like more than I do. Eons was pretty great.

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June 23rd 2019


seems so long ago

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June 24th 2019


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

@NorthernSkylard "Eoooonnsss"

@Slex thanks for that, nothing works though so I'll live with no tags for now

@SowingSeason A comment from the legend! Thanks for checking out my review, since this is my first one I know I'll continue to improve. I swear I had some ideas for this review sitting in my head for like 6months now, but when it came to writing it I was actually challenged. Proofreading was obscene, I think it's because It had been 5 years since having a college level English course. I used to pump out serviceable essays pretty alright, and wanted to try this as a creative outlet to fine tuning my writing "skills". I tried not to go too deep, especially since it's a lesser known band. Heck, I love this site. I've only been on here reading reviews a couple years now, but it's my top 3 sites to see if that new album by the band I like has a review up. Not to mention discovering lots of new artists.

June 24th 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

I don't remember anything about this album, but I guess I like it since I rated it. Must've been during last year's folk binge. Nice first review, it comes off a bit choppy with all the commas, and some of the sentences feel forced like you're trying to use words like introspective more than necessary. But overall nice first review, and it's always nice seeing something without a review getting one instead of just writing the 200th Radiohead review on the site, good job man

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June 24th 2019


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

Yeah, overall it's not as memorable as Eons to me. I get really awkward trying to structure compound sentences. I figure I'll improve as I do it more. You should really checkout their album Eons if you enjoyed this one.

June 26th 2019



June 26th 2019


Album Rating: 4.0

yeah i heard this at a party and i was like "yeah"

June 26th 2019


Lol I wish people played Mimicking Birds at the parties I go to. Solid review by the way Spikel, glad someone reviewed this

July 2nd 2019


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

Thanks for the feedback WhaleDickNachos, hope to review some more neglected albums in the near future. We need to go to whatever parties TheSonomaDude's going to

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