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Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Deep Purple was an english hardrock band that formed back in 1968 under the name Roundabout. The band came up with their current name because Ritchie Blackmore's grandmother loved the pop song named " Deep Purple". Deep Purple, along with Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath are on of the bands that have defined what hard rock is all about.

Lineup 94- Current
Vocals- Ian Gillan
Guitar- Steve Morse
Keyboard- John Lord
Bass- Roger Glover
Drum- Ian Paice

1. Hush- The wolf's loud howl and Ritchie Blackmore's screeching guitar introduce this magnificent song. The keyboards give the song a soulful feeling while the harmonies are right on key. Rod Evan's gives the song a Neil Diamond type of feel with his calm and collective voice. Even though this is a cover song Deep Purple made the song their own by putting their own spin on it. 5/5

2. Kentucky Woman- Rod Evan's emulate's Neil Diamonds smooth clear and concise voice. The band help him out as well with their spooky harmonies. Powerful pulsating guitar riffs, accompany the vocals with percision. The song is a Neil Diamond cover song and is about a woman who shines in her own kind of light/ She looks at you once and what was wrong is alright. 5/5.

3. Black Night- New singer, who doesn't sound a bit like Neil Diamond. Heavier rhythm section louder vocals and guitar give this song more of an attitude than the previous two. An added plus is that this is Deep Purple's first original song. With that being said I have no idea what the song is about. 4/5.

4. Speed King- Now Deep Purple is starting to sound like Deep Purple. This song has a lot more energy than the three previous tracks. The song also combines lyrics from Elvis Presely and Little Richard Songs. Every instrument sounds great and the overall rhythm and beat of the song are excellent. 4.5/5

5. Child in Time- The tempo starts out slow. Very dramatic almost like an opera piece. Cool sounding screams from vocalist Ian Gillan. The tempo shifts with a sudden burst of quickness. The screams get louder and sound like a banshee. This song is a jam. Although the long drawn out song may aggravate some just wait because the song only gets better as you listen. Like Deep Purple's Black Night I have no idea what the heck they are singing about 3/5

6. Strange Kind of Woman- A song about Ian Gillan's love of a particular whore. This isn't the first time a rock band has written a tune about cheap love, Vanilla Fudge did the exact same thing with their song " Street Walkin' Woman", which is probably where Deep Purple got the idea. This song is a straight ahead rocker and proves to the world that Deep Purple was serious about becoming the primere hard rock band of the 70's 4/5.

7. Fireball-Faster, louder , Deep Purple is starting to distinguish themselves from their peers. The listener may become confused because Gillan keeps on screaming " Magic Woman" when in fact the song is called " Fireball". Looking past this trite error the song is exciting and one of Deep Purple's best songs besides "Smoke on the Water" 4/5.

8. Demon's Eye- This song represents a key factor in the rock n' roll scene: total debauchery, not caring how much cocaine you could snort, how much booze you could drink or how you could instaneously destroy yourself and not even know that you destroyed yourself. The song is the typical rock song with a heavy sound that describes how a rocker doesn't care what a woman does as long as she pleases him in the process 3/5.

9. Highway Star- A loud full throttle song that anyone can bang their head on. The Song actually does its job well in that it makes you believe that you are driving in your car while you listen to it. The guitar solo and the keyboard solo make it seem like you are cruising down the highway full speed without a care in the world. An excellent song. 5/5.

10. Smoke on the Water- The ultimate Deep Purple song about a recording studio in Montreux going up in flames. Out of all the Deep Purple songs this song has to be considered their best, it has all the ingredients for a classic anthem, a great rhythm section , the famous guitar riff and the bashing drum sound that makes this song a classic . 5/5

11. Space Truckin' - Alot of imagination, even though I doubt that anyone would be able to exist on any planet in the solar system. Then again I cannot verify this statement because there is a possibly that extraterrestrial life may exist may exist in outer space. Heavy organ sounds heavy everything , Ian Gillans voice propells this song into orbit. But the downside is you would have to be stoned out of your mind in order to find any source of meaning to this song. The " C'mon's " are a nice touch as well. 3/5.

12. My Woman from Tokyo- A good steady beat, a rock solid guitar riff and you gotta love that organ. This song tells the story of a woman from Tokyo , (Duh!) who turns the boys from Deep Purple's head's upside down. Gillan's voice is amazing in that he can change the notes from being very high and loud to being very soft and melodic. Great song 4/5.

13. Burn- Heavy, never lets up and we have a change in the lead singer posistion for the third consecutive time. David Coverdale takes charge as the new lead singer of Deep Purple. Unfortuanetly for him while this is an awesome song he makes it sound like a song from his latter band Whitesnake. Other than that the song is electryfing. 3/5.

14. StormBringer- Catchy, a good rhythm loud bombastic an amazing song about a mystical being who will bring death and destruction to the entire world. A good change of pace. For some strange and unexplainable reason Coverdale's voice works better in this song than it did in the other song. Extraordinary imagery, brash and bad to the bone. 4/5.

15. Knockin' at your back door- I love the fake violin intro. Gillan returns once again as Purple's lead singer. Dramatic vocals, a whole lot of sexual innuendo,( Mainly because is about getting some action in the anus.) Like " Storm Bringer", the song is a loud bombastic extraordinary song about a band that has sex on the brain and will do anything just to get some action. Dirty song but then again it's coming from Deep Purple. 4/5.

Conclusion: If you are looking for every song to tell a story you need to go and buy a Harry Chapin, or Don Mclean C.D. If you are looking for a dirty disgusting delightful devious band who doesn't give a crap about what people think of them then I would highly recommend purchasing this C.D. you will not be disappointed.

-Justin Chopin

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June 28th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Highway Star is a very good song.

December 21st 2006


Did anyone hear a song called and the address? My guitar teacher told me about it but I can't find it on here.

December 21st 2006


and the address is the opening track on Deep Purple's first album - shades of deep purple. It is an instrumental song - kind of bluesy and laid back.

I enjoyed the review - didn't know some of the meanings you gave for those songs (kind of naively assumed knocking at your back door was a bit more innocent). I have read that child in time is about some blind crazy guy shooting Ian Gillan's daughter. The screaming is Gillan's way of lamenting the event. Don't know if that is correct or not, but it fits the lyrics.

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