Slow Motion Daydream



by Patrick USER (37 Reviews)
June 27th, 2006 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Very underrated album. Too bad it was the end of the road for the old Everclear.

After releasing three highly acclaimed albums from 1995-2000 Everclear released the second part of Songs From An American Movie. It was called Good Time For A Bad Attitude and was basically believed to be a mistake. Three years later, they created the ultimate atrocity known as Slow Motion Daydream. Why was it such an atrocity" Instead of releasing a great track known as "The New York Times" as the first single they decided to release the silly, naughty, but not single worthy "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom." Because of this, they lost many fans. But was the rest of the album really a total piece of poop" No, actually.

Everclear is:
Art Alexakis: Vocals, guitar
Craig Montoya: Bass, vocals
Greg Eklund: Drums, vocals

1. How To Win Friends And Influence People
The album begins with some sounds you would expect to hear in a big city. Then the guitar comes in and Art yells out, "It's a beautiful day!" The lyrics to this song make absolutely no sense and are as worthwhile as crap. Art says the first line of the song at least 1,000 times just to annoy you. 2.5/5

2. Blackjack
Basically in this song Art sings about some random character and some guy named "Scary John" who wants to kill his son. This song has some political message about a real guy, which I'm unaware of. The song has some good guitar parts and a few decent lyrics. The chorus is pretty catchy and sort of simple. This song is basically just an average Everclear song that could be considered a "filler." 3/5

3. I Want To Die A Beautiful Death
Yet another obnoxious and slightly annoying song. I find that this song is eternally stuck in my head and will never leave. I guess that means the chorus is catchy and fun. The lyrics don't make much sense, just Art singing about how happy he is with his life but can't wait for it to end and wants it to end in a "pretty" way. Another very very average effort from Everclear. 2.75/5

4. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom
This is probably the song that destroyed Everclear. For the first time on the album, the lyrics actually make sense, and oh boy, do they! The song is about a very naughty lady who ended up becoming a porn star. Later on in life she settled down and became a middle class suburban mother. The message of the song is actually pretty good, it asks the question, "What happens to all of those naughty people you see on TV"" Art has also said that it is about how you shouldn't label or group people. 3.9/5

5. Science Fiction
At the end of Volvo Driving Soccer Mom you hear some giggling which starts off this song along with some creepy strumming of the guitar. Crank the volume up and you'll hear a guy using the f-word, and I'm guessing it's from some movie. It's hard to tell what exactly Art is trying to describe in this song, but you know it's something very serious. The lyrics are simply wonderful, "You need to remember, life is always getting better." There is no bass or drums, just guitar and violin. A very underrated song, and by far the best song on this album. 5/5

6. New Blue Champion
Another great song, New Blue Champion starts off on a some slow keyboard riff, making you think it's another ballad. This song is about all the pain and problems in your life and just wishing they would all just disappear. This is classic Everclear at their best, the song begins somewhat quiet and just gets louder and harder as the song goes on. This continues the string of good songs. 5/5

7. TV Show
TV Show has basically the same idea as New Blue Champion, except he compares his life to TV. The keyboards during the chorus are simply fabulous, along with perfect lyrics. "I wish I could come home to a life that works like a TV show." The song is definitely about a guy (Art) who's very depressed and almost a little suicidal. The song ends on a beautiful piano part being played. Another hidden gem on an album perpetually dismissed as terrible. 4.6/5

8. Chrysanthemum
A very creepy sounding song. Weird accordian playing adds an odd touch. The guitar picking is a little spooky sounding. Art's lyrics are perfect, as he sings about some person named Chrysanthemum that he's searching for. N/A

9. Sunshine (That Acid Summer)
In this song Art reminisces about all his happy teenage days before he discovered the downside of heroine. "That acid summer we were wasted and happy." The title of the album comes from this song, which must have something to do with getting high. There's also a reference to Cheap Trick. Overall an ok song. 3.8/5

10. A Beautiful Life
This song begins with some percussion instrument (marimba") and some violin. The beginning sounds somewhat like Science Fiction. Art's singing is one highlight of the song. "I just wanna be where the sun shines down." The song gets louder and harder in typical Everclear fashion. It also fits in with the rest of this album very well. 4.4/5

11. The New York Times
Explodes in with a big riff that basically sets the tone for the rest of the song. The chorus is great. "I want to believe in a world that does not seem real when I read between the lines." It was written as a tribute to the only paper that Art respects, after reading about the whole Lacy Peterson deal. Greg's drumming is actually pretty good in this song. If only they would have chosen this for the first single... 4.8/5

12. White Noise
If you're listening to this for the first time, you'll expect The New York Times to be the final track, but after it ends this song begins with one minutes worth of nothing. It is a very fast pace, punk-like song with lots of great drum fills. "I just want to catch you when you fall down." The song is about how Art wants some person to get down so he can help them when they are. This is overall a standout track. 5/5

There you have it, the full review. Most people probably won't agree with me that this album deserves a 3. But I really do think that it was at least decent. I really wouldn't recommend this if you're new to Everclear. Go for So Much For The Afterglow or Learning How To Smile. 3/5

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June 27th 2006


I used to like Everclear, infact I still like a couple of their older songs. I've never heard this album in full, but I've have heard the single and didn't really like it. I'll check out the ones you gave high scores though.

Digging: Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here

June 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I liked your track by track. I love this band. This album is lacking as it simply repeats what they have done before, doesn't do as good a job of it, and it doesn't come together as well. I must say I disagree about SFAAM#2 being a mistake. I think that's a great record. I think SFAAM#1 is an excellent pure pop album, but it was also supposed to be an Art solo album, so I think that was more the mistake to release as Everclear, however excellent it is. And it is. Whatever the case, this is a fair rating. I like some of the tracks you dislike and vice versa. But that is the kind of album it is. Oh, and "Blackjack" is not about cards but rather it is a social/political rant about former Attorney General John Ashcroft, lol. Just for FYI....Nice review....

June 27th 2006


Well I didn't say songs pt 2 was a mistake, i said it was believed to be a mistake, since it didn't sell well. thanks for the thing about blackjack.

June 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0


Yeah, in that case one or the other (Vol 1 or 2) was a mistake. I think they confused the audience. Never want to do that. And Vol 1 didn't do as well as So Much For The Afterglow, either. So by the time Vol 2 rolled around I think people were just meh. A bit confused. Seemed to be two Everclear's. I still think Vol 2 is the better "Everclear" album. Good Witch Of The North, Overwhelm, Rockstar, Misery Whip, All Fuc.ked Up, When it All Goes Wrong, the title cut, etc....Great cuts one and all. But I think Vol 1 is the better overall album. Like I said, confusing. But Vol 1 is a small pop gem, IMO. Oh, and I didn't mean to show you up with the "Blackjack info. So hope you didn't think I was trying to. Just from one Everclear fan to another.....This Message Edited On 06.27.06

June 27th 2006


damn i wish i could actually find vol 2 in some store somewhere. none of the cd stores have the good old cds that i look for.

June 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I can pack it up and send it to you via yousendit. I'd be happy to. I see you have a hotmail email address, if that would be the right one to send it to. I'm not home right now, but you can have it by morning if this works for you. It would be my pleasure.....This Message Edited On 06.27.06

June 28th 2006


ok that's the right hotmail address if you want to

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