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Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Overall a good Ep

Alright, First Review,

Let's go!background info

So, for those who don't know, Vault 51 is a alternate rock band from Atlanta. Their lineup is
Vocalist Landon Jones, Guitarists Tom Jepson and Patrick Snyder, Bassist Alex Garmon, and
finally Drummer Joshua Landry. This is their debut EP, and right now the band is on hiatus (as
of 1/29/19).

The review: This Album starts off running with lead single, Thirty-Six. The songs beginning
reminds me of In Flames starting song from the album Battles, but doesn't ruin the song. The
song of a clock ticking in the background sets the pace for the song as the dual Guitarists
play out, then explode in sound as the Drums and Bass jump in. The song continues on its high,
and ends without a hitch. Next the Ep jumps into We Don't Care, the song sounds somewhat
similar to Thirty-Six, but can stand on its own. Next is Wildfire, and the opening can be
annoying when you are listening at high volumes (Which I always do), but its not a bad song.
Wildfire has the idea of finding the balance of melodic and rock sound, and marks where the
albums is less Guitar and rock heavy, and more melodic, with Landon singing more soothingly and
less heavy, early 00's like.

After Wildfire is Magnolia, and this song is the best the Ep has to offer on the blend on rock
and melody. The song itself has a hard time deciding what it wants to sound like (Similarly to
Wildfire's idea), but sounds good with Landon switching between screaming and singing "The
Angel you Love, can hurt you the most".what plays next is the ballad of the Ep, Mourning View.
and is beautifully played, with Landon abandoning his screams and using tense, higher notes to
sing out his heart. Finally, the last song on the album is Sincerely, Me. This song also sound
amazing , and starts with Landon taking a breather,then starting off with the guitar riffs and
drums. The sound evolves as Landon seems to be asking does anyone care about him, lyrically
asking "Do you recognize my name" or the pen across the page"" The sound is sound, with a wall
of sound made of drums, guitars, bass, and a little bit of techno in the background.
Symbolically, this song feels the most genuine and emotionally raw sound on the Ep, as when
Landon takes the breath in and out, the song feels authentically what Landon is trying to be

The Ep is a mixture of sound and emotions, starting more angry and powerful, and ending
emotionally raw and honest. Although a few of the songs can sound slightly similar, Kid does
not ruin what it creates.
Score 3.5

Mourning View
Sincerely, Me

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