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Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

In Flames - Colony

Anders Friden - Vocals
Jesper Stromblad - Guitar
Bjorn Gelotte - Gutar
Peter Iwers - Bass
Daniel Svensson - Drums

Background Info:

"Melodic Death Metal band In Flames are considered as the founders of the so-called "Gothenburg Sound" along with Dark Tranquillity [both bands hailing from the Swedish city of Gothenburg], opposed to the "Florida Sound" [Cannibal Corpse inc.]. In other words, this term was created to oppose two different kinds of Death Metal styles. ...In Flames definitely shows us how to define again a new style of Death Metal: a full package of thrashy guitar melodies and both clean and death voices; and overall, a complete set of outstanding metal anthems."

Track Listing:

1. Embody The Invisible - Awesome tune that made me buy this album. The guitars really make this song. The melody will be stuck in your head forever. Probably one their most definitive songs. The lyrics are also excellent. 10/10

2. Ordinary Story - A cool drum beat fades in and then heavy guitars. The song slows down to clean singing and guitar for the verses but picks up again for the chorus. This is the most mellow song on the album, next to Pallar Anders Visa. Anders has a decent singing voice, although it sounds more spoken than sung here. There's also a short solo here and a nice brief keyboard piece. 10/10

3. Scorn - This song is heavy all the way through. I didn't like this song much at first, but it grew on me. There's not much that defines this song, it's just heavy. Probably the coolest part is when the guitars stop, but Anders voice is so low and heavy you hardly notice. The solo is again, short, but good nonetheless. The lyrics are pretty cool too. 9.5/10

4. Colony - Starts with a sustained guitar chord, keyboards and cymbals until an awesome guitar riff kicks in. The verses are quiet, except for Anders, who's voice is slightly lacking here. His vocals are much better during the chorus though. The riffage is top notch on this song and the solo is good too. 9.5/10

5. Zombie, Inc. - Begins heavy, again. Up until the bridge and solo which are amazing. Some very intricate clean guitar playing here. It just sounds so damn good. The lyrics are good too.10/10

6. Pallar Anders Visa - Whoa, surprise, surprise. After all these heavy songs you wouldn't expect an acoustic piece. This song is instrumental, it has acoustic and a short symphony part. The song somehow still fits into the album and is a very good, although short, track. 10/10

7. Coerced Coexistence - My favorite on this album, and my favorite In Flames song. Everything here is awesome. The lyrics, the vocals, and especially the guitars. The chorus is quite catchy, and the solo is amazing and fits the song so well. 10/10

8. Resin - Starts out with a nice guitar melody. From there the song is just straight up heavy. There's not really anything special here to talk about, but it's still a good song and has a sub-par solo. I'd say it's the low point for the album, but that doesn't make it a bad song at all. 9/10

9. Behind Space 99' - This song was originally from 'Lunar Strain'. The song begins with rumbling sounds until the song kicks you in the face. The drums are very cool and stand out in this song. This song has some of the best riffs and melodies. Another kick ass solo. They tend to keep their solos brief, which is good since some bands tend to drag them out a little too long. 10/10

10. Insipid 2000 - More great riffs, what else could you ask for in a band? The chorus is catchy here, with "A helpless excuse, a fallen reality." There's quite a bit of spoken word in this song, which works quite well. There's also a lot of samples compared to their other songs, and they are subtle. They seem to use this a lot in their later albums which I think kill the albums. Samples should be used sparingly. 10/10

11. The New Word - It's hard to review these songs because it's the riffs and melodies that make the songs, and it's difficult to explain them in words. This song has more awesome melodies and riffs. It also has the best guitar solo(s) on the album. 10/10

I give this album a 9.5/10. It is one of my favorite albums of all time. The guitar work is outstanding, the vocals are prime, everything just works. I would recommend this album to almost anyone, unless you really have no heart for any type of metal. It's no wonder this band has recieved so much hype recently, I feel this album is a must own for any metal fan.

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August 4th 2004


I agree with your final rating, I would give colony ( the song) a 10/10.
Great review.

September 29th 2004


I just picked up this album. I really like Ordinary Story and Colony. I plan on getting more of their CDs(but i think im gonna stay away from their latest two)

September 29th 2004


Very Very good album

Colony is one hell of a song

Dancin' Man
September 30th 2004


Awesome album. I still prefer In Flames later work but I'm a minority.

September 30th 2004


My favorite IF album, along with Whoracle.

I agree, every song is at least 10/10, except for Embody The Invisble which is 15/10.

September 30th 2004


I agree and give the whole CD a 15/10

November 27th 2004


Im downloading this cd right know.and ordinary story kicks unreasinable amounts of ***. ill give it a 10/10.

November 28th 2004


I've heard one In Flames song: "Only For the Weak", and I freaking love it. Would i be wise in purchasing this album?

November 28th 2004


I have heard 'Zombie Inc.' and I like it.

November 28th 2004


Is colony a new album?I thought that the soundtrack to your escape was their latest album?anyway Im not a big fan of death metal but In Flames are something unique.I pay big Respect to them.Nice review btw.All those 10s will definetelly make me buy that album

November 28th 2004


Album Rating: 2.5

Soundtrack to Your Escape is new; this is definitely not.

So far this is the only In Flames album I own but I love it. Embody the Invisible of course is an excellent track. I'll probably be looking at Whoracle next.

November 28th 2004


I've gotten a couple of tracks from this album and like what I hear. I'll have to pick it up sometime soon. Good review

November 28th 2004


[QUOTE=Tapeworm]I've heard one In Flames song: "Only For the Weak", and I freaking love it. Would i be wise in purchasing this album?[/QUOTE]

Very. There is not much clean vocals on this one though, but is still is one of the greatest metal albums ever.

November 29th 2004


I went out and got this album after hearing Embody the Invisible and I must say, I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS ALBUM! Also can any one recommend similar albums/Bands?

December 5th 2004


If you like this, GET CLAYMAN!

August 18th 2005


i love in flames...they're a really good band with kick ass melodies and riffs. however, i still find that sometimes, those death metal growls brings down the song...however its alright.

August 30th 2005


Great Reveiw this in flames cd comes in a close second fav to Soundtrack to your escape ( some ppl would have my a s s for saying that but its my opinion)

this whole cd is fking awsome not a dull moment at all there crunching riffs and melodies will bring the house down

Colony, Behind Space, Ordinary Story and The New World are Great songs from the album

September 23rd 2005


amazing riffs on this album

September 23rd 2005


Very, very overrated album. It's good, but not that good. "Zombie Inc." is the best, followed closely by "Embody the Invisible."
3.5/5 for me. This album gets a smile.

September 24th 2005


Is In Flames really a death metal band? I mean tons of people refer to them as melodic death metal, but I can't see how that comparison could be made, really.

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