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November 26th, 2018 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: An introduction to balkan melancholy.

Somewhere back in time, in the dark '90s in the Balkans, I lived with the sound of Block Out, a Belgrade dark rock band, talking about cruel experiment called transition. Transition was the name for everything that happened to us in Serbia , Bosnia , Croatia and elsewhere in post communist societies. Poverty , war , corruption, destruction of social tissue and solidarity . Yes we transited to consumer society. Block Out was the loud witness of this times , sane poets of insane times. Their music was the mixture of Nirvana fury , Radiohead sensibility and glimpses into past of Yugoslav independent rock EKV ,Idoli, Elektricni Orgazam. But ther was something Joy Division-esque in the way this band talked about gray times , horreur of war , mediocrity and lack of courage .

25 years later Nikola Vranjkovic who was the guitarist and songwriter of Block Out comes back with double LP called VERONAUTIKA. Almost 15 years of work on this new material is stuffed in hour and half. Album is voyage in the past of all the lost souls of Balkans chaos and madness . But more than this , the great inner journey of a poet , who speaks for all of us (I felt like he is saying the things that we need to hear and want to tell) who left for outer or inner space . The sound is great “melange”of rock at its best dreamy , enthral and sometimes at limit of post punk, Gothic solaire. Nothing is too much in this LP , every sound is in it place. Every tone is invitation into introspection and victory over depression and balkan huzun(deep sweet melancholy), or just imersion into the same huzun.The lyrics are the pure poetry inspired by all that Nikola lived and experinced , hi is a poetic sketch artist of grey world in witch we live …
But also he find a strength and salvation in everyday trivia , in photos where the dead still lives , in a Danube currants , memories.

Like in “The secret life of basement”:
“I went down to the secret life of the basement
Down where the drawers are inhabited by those long gone
Burst of memory, dust from childhood
Poisoned dog, pictures, albums , letters ..
Time numbs out what does not cure
By the way, it kill everything that stands in the way!”

Vranjkovic knows how to tame the inner demons , how to make the perfect alchemy of words and music.
His art is on the peak and every single sound make listener feel pain and pleasure in the same time.
Non serbo-croat listeners should try to enjoy this fine piece of serbian “glad to be sad” music,it could be a fine entry to 40 years of Balkan rock. Discover chef d'oeuvre of melancholy and l poetry.

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Staff Reviewer
November 26th 2018


Informative/decent review, despite some spelling/grammar errors.

I am always on the lookout for post punk and music related to the dismantling of former Yugoslavia, is this streaming somewhere?

November 26th 2018


I love the fact that sputnik is teaching me about USSR more than school ever did.

Contributing Reviewer
November 26th 2018


Yeah, this was an interesting read, first paragraph got me hooked. You want to have someone check and edit this because there is a lot of grammar issues. Try the proofread thread in the forums, I can help you out there if you need it.

Digging: Deafkids - Metaprogramao

November 27th 2018


Album Rating: 5.0

Sorry for my bad english . I will try to get better ... could write better in french or serbo - croat ...You can listen Nikola Vranjkovic on YT

Contributing Reviewer
November 27th 2018


No worries man. If you need your next review checked or even this one if you wish, you can ask for a proofread here:

Thanks for the YT link!

November 27th 2018


Album Rating: 5.0

Like almost everything Nikola Vranjkovic has recorded, this is also a masterpiece!

Powerful and haunting lyrics delivered in a minimalist manner, and music that just grabs you and does not let go for entire duration of this album. Nikolas' guitar-playing sensibility in unmached...

A masterpiece indeed!

November 29th 2018


Hello, I am a native Bosnian. Moved to the US at age 6 just before the turn of the century with my parents and sister. I'm not into the old folk music or modern Balkan pop music that my parents are into, but I can fucks with this heavy. Thanks for exposing Nikola's music to someone like me and all the others. It's cool to see people commenting about being interested in learning what happened to our region.

December 2nd 2018


Album Rating: 5.0

I am happy to contribute and talk about balkans and culture from former Yu... More to come...

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