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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Worth the $30 price tag if you like Fleetwood Mac.

After releasing Say You Will in April of 2003, Fleetwood Mac embarked on a long world tour. In late 2003, Live In Boston was recorded. Released in June of 2004, Live In Boston contained two dvds of the concert and a cd containing 10 of the tracks.

Fleetwood Mac is:
Mick Fleetwood - Drums and percussion
John McVie - Bass
Stevie Nicks - Vocals and tambourine
Lindsey Buckingham - Guitar and vocals
various other percussionists, guitarists, and a keyboardist

Each song on here is performed very well, and usually heavier than its studio album version. Stevie Nicks's voice isn't what it used to be, but in some cases that is a good thing. Here are some of the standout songs:

The Chain
Mick's drumming teamed up with Lindsey's guitar playing is sensational. The lyrics are dark and angry. As most people know, this has arguably the greatest bass guitar solo ever written. This is an explosive way to begin the concert.

Eyes Of The World
Mick and the other percussionist begin this song with some cool, crazy drumming. You start to hear a few chords and then a huge, catchy, great riff comes in. The first verse (like all the words in this song) is very hard to understand. The chorus is Stevie singing "Oh oh oh," followed by Lindsey yelling out, "Eyes!" The song ends on a wickedly awesome guitar solo. Overall a fabulous and underrated Mac song.

If you haven't ever heard this song, you've literally been living in a cave for the past 30 years. The song hasn't lost in lust either. Buckingham's guitar is fabulous as always. The harmony is picture perfect. If you listen to this song too much you may stop to liking it, but still a fine track no matter what.

Another well known song. Starts off with a huge riff followed by the eerie drums and moving bass. The keyboard part is simply fantastic and may have been overlooked in the original recording. Quite a bit longer than the original. Stevie Nicks can, unfortunately, no longer hit the high notes and therefore changes a few lyrics in the chorus. May be a disappointment for some but the whole section at the end, which is not featured in the first recording, is splendid.

Some weird jiggly sounding guitars begin this followed by a quietly sung verse by Lindsey. After the first verse ends, the entire heavy metal-like chorus begins with Lindsey screaming out, "Cuz nobody else is doin' it!" This is Mick's highlight for sure, with huge fills every few seconds. After the chorus is sung for the final time Lindsey and Mick carry the song for another 4 minutes with a wonderful guitar solo. Not bad for a band eternally tagged as "soft-rock."

Big Love
The song is performed with an acoustic guitar, unlike the original electric version. The guitar picking is totally amazing considering this guy never uses a pick. It pretty much isn't as cool sounding as the electric version though (the original had a cool solo). This is a song that does get "old" over too many listens. This guy is without a doubt the most underrated guitarist ever.

Those darn Dixie Chicks! Anyhow, this is a fabulous classic which is played out to its full potential despite Stevie coming back to the mic a second too late after the guitar solo. The lyrics are poetic and the guitar picking simply beautiful. Stevie's voice is better here than on the album version. Yet another Stevie Nicks classic.

Silver Springs
Not enough can be said about this song. Quite possibly the greatest song ever written by Stevie Nicks. A bit too personal (and long) to be put on the Rumours album despite nearly every song on that LP (maybe the greatest ever) being the same way. It begins with a beautiful piano riff followed by a recognizable bass line. The lyrics in the first few verses are wonderful and very heartfelt. Half of the chorus is sung until Lindsey suddenly goes into a solo. After the solo the chorus comes back and goes on for the rest of the song. "Time cast a spell on you but you won't forget me. I know I could have loved you but you would not let me. I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you. You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loved you." The two part harmony is incredible despite the song being written totally about the breakup of the two singing it. It then ends with Stevie singing the first lines of the song one last time. By far the best song on the album.

I'm So Afraid
Lindsey Buckingham's highlight song. Painful, angsty lyrics are found everywhere. Stevie harmonizes the song perfectly. This song shows just how perfect John McVie and Mick Fleetwood are as a rhythm section. John McVie's bumbling bass with the eerie keyboards make up for a creepy atmosphere. Mick Fleetwood pounds on the drums like there's no tomorrow. Not nearly as good as the original recording, but still fantastic. There are two nice guitar solos. The latter goes on for five minutes to cap the nine minute opus. Lindsey is a crazy maniac on the guitar and, as I've already mentioned, is the most underrated player ever. If I were rating songs here, I think I would have to give this a 7/5, but that would anger a lot of people.

Beautiful Child
Stevie's singing and lyrics are perfect here. Lindsey's acoustic guitar work really shines. Even if it's a girly song, I still love it.

Don't Stop
This is probably my favorite song of all time. It doesn't sound as good as it would with Christine in the band, but Stevie still does a good job of singing her verse. The harmony isn't that great, but still a nice song.

Stand Back
A Stevie Nicks classic from her 1981 solo release Bella Donna. The song begins with a lengthy, and a little bit boring, percussion solo that features some silly dancing from Lindsey. Just when you think the congas will never end the song kicks off with a bang. IMO way better than the original recording, due to the fact that it is way faster. Stevie still has enough energy to twirl around and sing her heart out.

Go Your Own Way
The song starts on a small guitar intro and then a Lindsey counting off. The crowd sounds a little confused until you hear the famous words, "Loving you, isn't the right thing to do." The song hasn't lost its energy, but during the chorus you can tell that Lindsey and Stevie have aged (slightly) since 1977. The song is known by every classic rock fan ever. The solo is pretty crazy which includes Lindsey walking into the crowd and letting fans touch his guitar. The album then ends out on a cool riff repeated at least 1,000 times in a row.

It would be better with Christine, but not having here around opens up the door for the band to perform songs like Eyes Of The World, Say You Will, and Second Hand News.

There are some other great songs on here too. Peacekeeper, Tusk, What's The World Coming To, etc. are all wonderful tracks. The only bad part of the entire concert is when Mick stops World Turning, takes this electronic drum thing, and bangs around on it for 10 minutes, the whole while acting like a lunatic. Being a lunatic is a good thing for drummers however. His drumming always shines.

Overall a superb cd and dvd package. I don't recommend it to those who aren't big into Fleetwood Mac, but if you are, this is like heaven on earth. This comes from a band who has endured relationship struggles and drug addictions to create some of the most fabulous music of all times. 5/5

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