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August 12th, 2018 | 0 replies

Release Date: 2018 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Some of the best pop/jazz since Steely Dan released their last album.

I’ve no idea what the answer to that question could be. Probably nobody can really give it at this point in time, and this question and its answer as such certainly belong in the category of whether artificial intelligence can completely take over anything from humans. Turn us into any of the visions Kraftwerk were expressing through their music some forty years or so with their visionary album “The Man Machine”.

As AI is being developed, its lighting speed of development and capabilities of taking over human traits have left the debate mostly split into the camps of those who think it will enhance us and those who think it will destroy us. And that certainly includes our ability to think, create, write.

The AI is here, it certainly will not go away and it is obviously taking over human traits at a staggering pace. That is also quite obvious in the field of what we call creative arts, visual, musical and writing will be no exception. Still, it will up to humans to steer the development of AI and the direction it takes.

Yes, quite possibly the dangers are there. AI can maybe ‘take over’ human creativity, it can come up with better writers than we are ourselves. It will possibly make no grammar or syntax mistakes, it could possibly synthesise and digest all the ideas it comes across.

But then, there are two questions that arise here as far as writing is concerned - can’t the human writers actually benefit from all the advances AI brings in, turn it into some form of a parallel writing competition, that will, in essence, make them better writing, in essence, better humans, if you will"

And then, there’s maybe that more important question - isn’t actually that human fallibility, that is the essential ingredient of brilliant writing or any writing at all that element that will keep the humans over the top"

Or, if the AI picks on the fallibility too, it will not be any better or stronger than us, will it" Writing will possibly show.

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